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“I don’t know man, the guy gives me the creeps. I really don’t know what it is but there’s something, a feeling I just can’t shake off. He’s weird, he rarely talks, and when he does it’s..well…weird, and the way he looks and dresses just tells me something’s off. I mean, his name is Froddie Chainsaw, for Pete’s sake!”

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A good creepy name can instill insecurity and doubt in one’s mind, making one wary of the person in question, where the very mention of that name can bring a certain sense of confusion and even potential dread, offering more questions than answers.

Such names can then be used for characters that fit that eerie role that can capture the minds of readers, viewers, and people in general, and offer a new layer to the story at hand, and it’s why the setting the character lives in is important to consider.

Creepy characters with a good creepy name can easily be imagined as ones who have done shady things, legal or illegal, and such devious acts that not everyone dares to utter their names, names like Wong Foster, Gastly Zul, and Kohm Klosah.

Good Creepy Names

A good creepy name can be achieved in more ways than one, and some of them are using names that sound more ominous, have not-so-hidden meaning behind them, or appear to be something that wouldn’t be used as a name despite being one.

  • Storm Soulton
  • Lure Yueen
  • Turn Wrong
  • Ash Kane
  • Tack Crypt
  • Lenna Bethune
  • Alyce Reekey
  • Azazel

Eldritch Bloodgood

Said to be a descendant of the ancient vampire family, he’s forced to live on the outskirts of a small remote mining town, where he visits only when he absolutely needs to. The stories about him have started to circulate more consistently in the last couple of weeks, and he might just end up as another innocent victim of prejudice.

  • Badd Tayst
  • Clara Archer
  • Ichabod
  • Nekst Inline
  • Angelina Keating
  • Leigh French
  • Charles McArthy
  • Stephen
  • Vinnie Sapping
  • Layre Rex

Salem Gnash

As little as he speaks, he stares as much, regardless of who or what he may be looking at. His deep socketed black eyes serve only to enhance his already uncomfortable gaze, and when he does talk he does it quickly and mumbles through his teeth which makes it really hard to understand.

  • Steele Quinn
  • Alva Whitlock
  • Duke Skinner
  • Quota Grimsbane
  • Fleur Creaking
  • Chrom Dukes
  • Ice Cold
  • Comm Closah
  • Wong Foster
  • Buzkuch
  • Aman

Melton McPherson

While being polite and courteous at first, he tends to quickly speak his mind, where some of his ideas are controversial at best and spares no one’s feelings if it means having to hide any part of the truth, no matter what it might be.

  • Krin Scarefit
  • Thirim
  • Gustav Commins
  • Crowley Graves
  • Umbra
  • Eldia Rex
  • Angelina Cunningham
  • Mabelle Hamilton
  • Edison Simpson
  • Quasimodo

Jeronimo Crane

This old man’s best known for two things. His long shaggy white hair that almost reaches his waist, and his tolerance for alcohol. He’s been under the influence for so long that no one remembers him sober, and it has put him in many situations where he embarrassed either himself or someone else, and those are the good ones.

  • Sallie Ellis
  • Secret Maganti
  • Vidal
  • Quway Chainsaw
  • Pandora
  • Noh Answer
  • Minnie
  • Narween Wood
  • Desdemona
  • Scotts Horror

Drake Denholm

Tall and handsome, this man is never seen wearing anything but a suit, and he wears it for any and every occasion except swimming. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as bad if it wasn’t for the fact that the suits he wears are cheap, and that he also played any sport wearing one as well.

  • Thorne Brevil
  • Dogeet Dogg
  • Walter Suthmeer
  • Hope Seductive
  • Raven Vixen
  • Cloyd Curtis
  • Maykin Hedlyne
  • Elvira Holland
  • Brice Ornery
  • Chalice

Wilber Hand

For one reason or another, he thought it was a great idea to ask every woman he meets if they needed a hand, all the while thinking how witty and charming he is. Needless to say, the poor attempt at humor bore no fruit so far, and such behavior is slowly but surely getting out of hand.

  • Silen Tbells
  • Reaper
  • Bradan
  • Markandeya
  • Entrepid Journey
  • Freddie Philpot
  • Loren Chainsaw
  • Eusmil Scarletwound
  • Tick Tack
  • Bart Bethune

When we’re in a need of a character that will raise all kinds of alarms just by stating their name, a good creepy name is often the right solution to have, for it can catch the people who are interacting with that person off guard, and even bring a sense of horror into the mix. Think of where the character was born, what did they lack in life and how did they react to it, what kind of goals and wishes might they have, whether there are any true mental disturbances behind them, and think of a name worthy of the confusion their presence might cause.

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