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A blast rocked the building, shaking the foundations and spraying the team with dust. Inside, The Fanatics leapt to their feet and looked towards their leader:

“Looks like they’re here” said Crimson Sword, “Fanatics, roll out!”

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The Oracle Guards

The Flux Custodians

The Rogue Troopers

The Monster Fighters

The Prime Marvels

The Fiends

The Terra Knights

The Covert Titans

The Justice Knights

The Sovereign League

The Aura Legion

The Cardinal Clan

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If you’re going to be running a story with more than one superhero in it, sometimes it pays to have them team up. When that happens, you’ll need an awesome crime-fighting team name like the ones below:

Good Superhero Team Names

Good Superhero Team names should be vivid and dynamic sounding, to help instantly paint a picture of the kinds of powers that might be on show from its members.

  • The Ferals
  • The Fanatics
  • The Visionaries
  • The Prototypes
  • The Legion
  • The Shepherd Flight
  • The Future Brawlers
  • The Rascal Custodians
  • The Maroon Defenders
  • The Omega Troopers

The Myriad

The Myriad are a team of minor superheroes rumored to number in the hundreds, who act as the unofficial police force for their home city.

  • The Outcasts
  • The Miracles
  • The Novae
  • The Gimmicks
  • The Assault Warriors
  • The Sentinel Custodians
  • The Crisis Crew
  • The Quantum Force
  • The Whisper Titans
  • The Raptors

The Maestros

The Maestros get their name from the group of composers who make up their ranks. They fight crime and save the world with beautiful, artistic superpowers.

  • The Figments
  • The Trinities
  • The Rangers
  • The Feral Watch
  • The Memento Rangers
  • The Remedy Squadron
  • The Epitome Alliance
  • The Infernal Heroes
  • The Titans
  • The Rangers

The Enigmas

The Enigmas are a shadowy, unknown group of superheroes who stay out of the public eye as much as possible. They ask for no fame or recognition for their work, and the name was given to them by the public as a response.

  • The Fiends
  • The Molotovs
  • The Monster Masters
  • The Sovereign League
  • The Future Clan
  • The Sentence Knights
  • The Juvenile Marvels
  • The Ferals
  • The Goliaths
  • The Exclusives

The Lunatics

The Lunatics made a name for themselves due to their propensity to dive headlong into trouble without a care in the world for their own safety. This affectionate name for the heroes was bestowed upon them as a result.

  • The Superiors
  • The Destiny Warriors
  • The Extreme Force
  • The Divine Oracles
  • The Visionary Syndicate
  • The Thunder Watch
  • The Crackerjacks
  • The Novae
  • The Divine
  • The Auras

The Tricksters

This group of crime fighters approaches their work from the perspective of never letting their enemies know what’s coming. They specialize in stealth and illusion powers to win the day.

  • The Prime Marvels
  • The Enigma Rebels
  • The Justice Knights
  • The Nebula Soldiers
  • The Juvenile Rangers
  • The Demons
  • The Pioneers
  • The Sanguines
  • The Freaks
  • The Legion
  • The Assault Fighters

The Golden Patrol

The Golden Patrol are a group ostentatiously dressed superheroes who refer to each other as paladins as they proudly walk the streets and interact with citizens who look up to them.

  • The Amendment Sentinels
  • The Maraud Alliance
  • The Miracle Flight
  • The Watchdogs
  • The Trinity Unit
  • The Destiny Champions
  • The Reformation Alliance
  • The Freak Pack
  • The Vertex Flight

That concludes our list of Superhero Team names, hopefully, you found some suggestions in our article inspiring! Please share the article with a friend if you did and remember to leave a comment with your favorite name below!

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