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“I say, the party is just marvelous. And the tapestry, and the food, oh yes, delightful. Although, I will say the beverage could use some work, and the gin I had the other day would be most splendid for this kind of occasion. Don’t worry, Rupert, I will connect you with the man, and you too will finally have a proper drink.”

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Quentin Redmond

Franklin Harrods

Leo Ross

Freddie Forge

Leo Mavis

Theodore Federline

Sylvia Leighton

Amelia Alden

Liam Marfont

Araminta Jenkings

Charlie Watson

Horatio Selfridges

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The term Posh was used as a street name for money all the way back in the 18th century, and in today’s world, it has a strong upper-class connotation, where the term usually refers to richness, class, and sophistication but also snobbiness as well.

While the word was used for several similar yet still different reasons, the association with the ability to spend money was always there, and we can easily imagine such high-class people enjoying themselves and having the time of their lives.

Regardless of where a posh person comes from, it’s easy to imagine them owning many assets, being well-dressed, and living a life of a wealthy person, where some of their names are Alastair Humphries, Rafferty Benson, and Mansfeild Harrington.

Good Posh Names

When we imagine someone posh, we often visualize an upper-class person, and good names provide that sense of elegance, grace, and dignity, traits that are often associated with nobility and people alike.

  • Montgomery Quentin
  • Spence Jenson
  • Brock Smythe
  • Isabella Herington
  • Araminta Jenkings
  • Gabriella Mast
  • Ethalind Lovell
  • Ernest Travers

Helene Millington

Mrs. Millington, as she instructs everyone to call her, has had it easy all her life. Inheriting an absurd sum of money, she’s always had someone to do her bidding, whether it was cooking, cleaning, or any other chore, and it’s no surprise that her arrogance stems from her general incompetence.

  • Reginald Rowan
  • Annabella Hillingham
  • Ian Mortcombe
  • Lillian Conwyn
  • Frederick Danvers
  • Kate Frinton-Smith
  • Sophia Finn
  • Reginald Harridan

Cassandra Mortcombe

Living in a nice and safe part of town, and having everything she needs has long made her oblivious to other people’s problems, and it shows in her every action. Arrogant and acting high-all-mighty all the time, she’s been looking down on almost everyone since her teenage years.

  • Spence Alnwick
  • Olivette Covington
  • Albert Curnow
  • Jonathan St.Claire
  • Christiana Brewer
  • Lorelei Newmont
  • Cordelia Stoneshire

Lorelei Farrington

As a duchess, she’s very much used to being catered to, although she never shows any sign of superiority, something that has pleasantly surprised everyone on the estate. Still, there are those who mistake kindness for weakness, and she doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind if the situation demands it.

  • Hector Asquith
  • Quentin Redmond
  • Margaret Alden
  • Isla Carlton
  • Charlene Coombes
  • Francine Curnow
  • Theodore Federline

Quinten Riverty

Owning several businesses at different locations doesn’t stop him from successfully agitating all of his employees just by being there. His ideas, while good enough, are far from optimal, and his disregard for anything but profit is greatly affecting the lives of all the workers.

  • Bianca Hillingham
  • Albert Larson
  • Franklin Harrods
  • Alastair Keswick
  • Annabelle Keswick
  • Blaine Sherriden
  • Diane Newmont

Benjamin Topwells

Successful from a young age, he was at the top of his class with excellent grades. And while everyone loves him for all of his accomplishments, no one realizes he cheated throughout his whole life and that fact is starting to gnaw on his consciousness.

  • Abbington Mayer
  • Kenneth Chamberlain
  • Verity Kingsley
  • Marianne Abel
  • Camille Bradford
  • Daniel Ravenswood
  • Sylvia Leighton
  • Maxwell Galashiels

Arabella Coombes

This young baroness is living the dream life and all thanks to marrying the right person, and this is the main reason why no one seems to take her interests as seriously as she’d like to. Still, she remains steadfast in her goal to become integral in all of her husband’s dealings.

  • Liam Marfont
  • Bradley Covington
  • Hamilton Younger
  • Helene Tucker
  • Abbington Leighton
  • Christopher Allencourt
  • Jessalyn Campbell

Daphne Jeffries

As if it wasn’t enough bad luck in the past few months, her stagecoach was robbed with her and her servants being left to the mercy of the road. She’s currently lodging in a farmhouse, thanks to the welcoming yet poor family, and the downgrade in the lifestyle she’s experiencing is overwhelmingly disturbing to her.

  • Josephina Whitehall
  • Lorelai Wilde
  • Freya Ross
  • Marcus Larson
  • Maisie Kendall
  • Martha Dewitt
  • Johnathon Beckett
  • Archie Burton

Charles Gedge

Despite having a reputation as a true gentleman, it is all a facade and his true feelings are left for chosen people and situations only, where he’s always carefully planning his next move regardless of the topic or situation at hand.

  • Asher Jenkings
  • Elizabeth Savoy
  • Rafferty Addison
  • Zachary Farbridge
  • Leo Ross
  • Sabrina Clarkin
  • Sebastian Sherington

When we talk about posh, we usually refer to money, wealth, stylish clothing, elegance, and noble-like behavior, where the term has been used for more than 200 years, and while its meaning has somewhat changed over time it was always alluding to the higher class, in one way or another. Think about the time and the world the characters lives in, what could be considered posh then and there, where and how was the character raised, what personality they have today, and think of a name worthy of the sophistication and splendor that follows their every step.

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