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Pirate Ship Name Generator & Backstories

“Sail spotted!” came the cry from the crows nest. The anxious captain pulled out his telescope and looked towards the horizon, fearing the worst. His heart sank as he saw the distinctive sails.

“It’s The Sanguine King, get ready for a fight!”

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The Death of Pillager

The Scurvy Wolf

The Black Sea

The Cacophonous King

The Murderous Squid

The Poseidon’s Sea

The Loyal Privateer

The Mangy Demon

The Galley

The Burning Scorn

The Disgrace of the Jewel

The Drunken Killers

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Pirate stories are always enjoyable whether they are swashbuckling comedic adventures or thrilling tales of survival. Every good pirate crew needs a compelling name for their ship, here are a few of our suggestions:

Good Pirate Ship Names

Good Pirate Ship Names tend to combine elements of the sea, the nefarious deeds that they commit, or the love of gold.

  • The Happy Sun
  • The Disgrace of the Gold
  • The Rancid Killer
  • The Foul Serpent of Deceit
  • The Killers Night
  • The Most Sea
  • The Scurvy Hind
  • The Murderers Corsair
  • The Wolf’s Head
  • The Deceitful Murderer
  • The Privateers Seven Seas

The Black Coward

This ship and it’s crew were famous for being some of the most underhanded pirates to ever sail the seas, they named their ship in recognition of their own cowardly ways.

  • The Davy Jones Plunderer
  • The Howling Storm
  • The Angry Killers
  • The White Corruption
  • The Night Insanity
  • The Angry Plague
  • The Red Strumpet
  • The Sanguine King

One Piece Pirate Ship Names

One Piece Pirate Ship names should have references to the kinds of characters found in the world as many different factions search for the mythical treasure.

  • The Sanguine Plunderer
  • The Revenge Fortune
  • The Mangy Demon
  • The Silent Fall
  • The Snap Fear
  • The Cry of the Pillager
  • The Cacophonous Jewel
  • The Horrid Hind
  • The Plunderer

The Wolf

A pirate ship sailed by a group of fierce rivals to the Straw Hat Pirates, tales tell that they still hunt Luffy and his gang to this day.

  • The Evil James
  • The Lust of the Revenge
  • The Greed of the Fortune
  • The Anger of the Tainted
  • The Disrespectful Murderer
  • The Drunken Killers
  • The Deceit of Plunderers
  • The Fall of Fall
  • The Broken Disgrace
  • The Cacophonous King

Funny Pirate Ship Names

Piracy isn’t always a serious affair. Giving your pirate ships a funny or ironic name, such as the ones below, can be a good way to inject some levity into your stories.

  • The Disgrace of the Jewel
  • The Privateers Atlantis
  • The Crimson James
  • The Galley
  • The Adventure Anger
  • The Black Plunder
  • The Mad Lust
  • The Davy Jones Atlantis
  • The Dragons Pirate

The Blind Pirate

Many ships have a busty or otherwise attractive woman as their figurehead, not this one. The Blind Pirate’s figurehead is a man with an eye patch over each eye and two hooks for hands.

  • The Liberty Killers
  • The Murderous North
  • The Corrupted Sun
  • The Red Executioners
  • The Grief of the Corsair
  • The Little Pearl
  • The Pillaging Howl
  • The Fearful Scorn
  • The Good Eel
  • The Angry Fear

Badass Pirate Ship Names

On the other hand, sometimes having a badass ship name is exactly what the pirates in your world need. These names tend to focus on the darker side of piracy and are designed to instill fear.

  • The Privateers Eel
  • The Poseidon’s Plunderers
  • The Poisonous Doubloon
  • The Nights Deceit
  • The Night Hangman
  • The Death of Sun
  • The Hades Pillager
  • The Sea Murderers
  • The Black James
  • The Sanguine Servants

The Fearful Grail of Murderers

This ship was famous the world over for being able to run down any other ship on the seas, whereby its inhabitants would brutally slaughter any one on board. Even whispering its name on voyages is considered to be bad luck.

  • The Blasted Murderer
  • The Poisonous Sun
  • The Blind Serpent
  • The Angry Rambler
  • The Burning Lust
  • The Blind Princess
  • The Snap Howl
  • The Greedy Raider
  • The Hades Storm

That concludes our list of Pirate Ship names! Why not comment your favorite name down below and see if anyone else picked the same? If you found this article useful then please feel free to share it with your friends or fellow gamers.

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