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Scores of half-orcs had been conceived through cross-border trysts, yet both sides refused to home the children beyond a scrappy camp at the dividing wall. Reasoning that no one could own the sky, the half-orcs built upwards, until the tower city of Orakdoludam dominated the landscape for miles around.

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While the many worlds created for Dungeons and Dragons have plenty of cities dotted around, nothing beats adding some creative personal touches. If you decide to design a city, it’ll need a strong and intriguing name, whether you’re building a complex metropolis from the ground up or just adding a few map markers.

Good D&D City Names

Many strongholds across the realms were established by groups connected by race, species, religion, or tongue. As knowledge of the outside world spread, so too did people, leading to diverse cities such as Baldur’s Gate. However, city names have a way of sticking through history, so the linguistic conventions of particular groups can provide excellent inspiration.

  • Evereska        
  • Tiru’Tel’Sige        
  • Dhedrud        
  • Mount Rune        
  • Dvallinholr        
  • Felundor        
  • Sabatam’Dur        
  • Fernfennas        


Raised in the ashes of a devastating war, Jaraforn had since become a glorious capital of the Northern clans. Those unstudied in history would find no trace of the battle-torn landscape at its foundations.

  • Noggord        
  • Yst Falas        
  • Garmazgar        
  • Vroban        
  • Oggug        
  • Drageska        
  • Acrodzi        
  • Dawcelon        
  • Gurn Tarihr        


Prisoners taken in the wake of Orcish victory seemed to disappear from all mapped lands, which suited the captors perfectly. Their tower prison, in the city of Lugsnaga, had yet to be discovered by prying strangers.

  • Mórëmindo        
  • Otoshashnax        
  • Frodemount        
  • Oshu’Gun        
  • Cenerea        
  • Jaraforn        
  • Halr Halls        
  • Minassë Fána        
  • Ost Gaw        


For travelers of any other kind, approaching elven settlements for hospitality was a gamble. The valley city of Lailathimrath was no different, with the eerie sounds of elven laughter that hung in the air around its gates.

  • Artahlínë         
  • Minboramm        
  • Grom’gol        
  • Cerais Imlad        
  • Myth Kerym        
  • Orakdoludam        
  • Erbredkokh        
  • Telmëtúrion        
  • Minas Cilya        


Adventurers who brave the passage to the Underdark may yet tremble at the gates of Loicolícuma. Here, the corpses of intruders offer a fiery warning, in a pyre kept eternally ablaze by the grace of Lolth.

  • Snjólfurgan        
  • Ilelesterûn        
  • Falgr Woods        
  • Bhildaral        
  • Myth Avae        
  • Ruaholme        
  • Skareness        
  • Y’felona        


Following a map to Mírëlós would lead only to a meadow carpeted with wildflowers. To reveal the airborne city cloaked among the stars above, visitors must have curried favor with its highly secretive inhabitants.

  • Lilótëandor        
  • Tiru Teuivae        
  • Myth Ahnvae        
  • Mount Snörök        
  • Mikkilríki        
  • Dhamdorallur        
  • Otokamflax        
  • Qinoqqun        
  • Romrúmeneg        
  • Bigdohr        
  • Zatiru        
  • Pawothronn        


The streets of Draugrborg once teemed with life, but now only the dwarves too old or stubborn to join the evacuation remain. They spend their final days drinking through the mead stores, keeping the roaming spirits at bay through force of will and fire.

  • Ber Kuldor        
  • Druzgerd Vrugh        
  • Geislheim        
  • Ulorknaethul        
  • Tyrendel        
  • Bodgal Krodh        
  • Thimae Tiru        
  • Curudaith        
  • Nathquor        
  • Runehold        
  • Holimion        
  • Ilwëfalqua        
  • Shilmista        

What did you think of these names? Are they fit for your next campaign? Let me know in the comments, plus any ideas you have for adding these cities to your world. Feel free to share this article with your players too, so they can bring their backstories to life with creative D&D city names.

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