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Klingon Name Generator & Backstories

“I am Vigur Irr! Feared throughout the sector! Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. Vigur Irr requires tribute if you wish to live. And any who dare call me pirate will pay in blood and pain!”

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Mobud Mnibh

Ekuvi K’mporgog

Ak’olli Drartirco

Esh’aki Kedahi

D’biluno Nizha

Atawi G’gornis

Drar Mnomrac

T’eger G’gemelt

Jelg’olla K’tav

Ch’magus Cirr

Atsor Sempabh

Ebas K’gexelt

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Klingons are a humanoid species with an incredibly warlike disposition, native to the planet Qo’nos (pronounced Kronos) in the Beta Quadrant. A major galactic power, Klingons are proud, often tradition-bound, and much concerned with honor.

Klingonese is a robust language which uses many guttural syllables in succession to communicate complex meanings. It’s good to keep this in mind when designing Klingon names!

Good Klingon Names

Good Klingon names are guttural and complex, but with an initial syllable or two that can be used for an easy nickname amongst other species.

  • T’uklarrd Warmuj
  • Udow Xonserk
  • Esex D’ghozacti
  • Oshorgh Wovac
  • Kurlum K’tong
  • Pohox Rrog
  • Trosh K’turstot
  • Yaca D’ghollossa
  • Echexa Girgucx

Ayahk Kikect

Ayahk is known for honor, though his skills on the battlefield are somewhat lacking. It has not happened yet, but someday and someday soon someone will comment on his lack of skill and he will be honor-bound to challenge them to a duel. It is unlikely to end well.

  • Utrax Khassung
  • T’eger G’gemelt
  • Shurorrd Resh
  • Trirut Ak
  • Galat Quch
  • Moll Varsharga
  • Klak Vranjack
  • Asash K’mponnurno
  • Unorgh Dolvudh

Obord Sirdel

Obord Sirdel rules her family with an iron fist, as is her right. She harbours dreams of greater power, however, and wishes to one day ascend to the Klingon High Council. It will not be easy, but Obord likes to think she is bloody minded enough to accomplish her goal.

  • Nuhowi Osh
  • Tsapoll Furghi
  • Negal Sarni
  • Pintol Ecki
  • Grord K’gassali

Female Klingon Names

Female Klingon names are just as complex and guttural as those of their male counterparts.

  • Akluyr Mremarn
  • Ut’ayr Zoderk
  • Eyosa Grumrecx
  • H’uhur Trillesso
  • W’stakmiyr Krecx
  • Latbom Oso
  • Grellijo Das
  • L’trahusta Irgh
  • T’man Sak’Mura

L’gaja Kormadho

L’gaja applies Klingon philosophy to her approach to science. Relentless, take-no-prisoners, and single-minded in pursuit of a goal. It has led to great gains in Klingon botanical studies, but as of yet her efforts have received little praise or attention, and that is beginning to grate.

  • Udrig Dohnorv
  • Ekuvi K’mporgog
  • Anoh Vrenog
  • Ach’ir Barmad
  • D’biluno Nizha
  • Trat’oja K’tas
  • Melkolla Klugh
  • Yoxussa D’ghoti
  • Bih Timpon

Vosh Drargum

Vosh disobeyed her family to attend Starfleet Academy. Though she now holds an honourable position as Chief of Security, it still rankles that her family has cast her out. She just prays she never has to face any of her siblings in a conflict.

  • Agrav Treltirni
  • T’asivi Druckoz
  • H’worgess Eck
  • Yihlahl Ditho
  • Tsonnev Meho

Male Klingon Names

Male Klingon names should be complex and guttural and keep in mind the warrior inheritance of the culture.

  • Usahl Trandlirg
  • Ak’olli Drartirco
  • T’achol Ortog
  • K’lapaq Vurv
  • Gehmil Mvidh
  • Shomod Shuch
  • L’chulam Xork
  • Chuki Zamecki
  • Huz K’mpammarc

Ubogh Duckig

Ubogh was a skinny and awkward child, given little attention and no respect by most. He worked hard though, and has begun to gain in stature and prowess. Soon, he may even catch the eye of the warrior he has loved for years.

  • D’ostohk Mnanjict
  • Adragh Emmed
  • Et’as D’ghexidh
  • Wirpow Krach
  • Shudahl Oth
  • Ch’vorrad Wih
  • Bobess G’od
  • Klas Larorv
  • Dil Guntak

L’ukraxo Arsix

Honor is for those too timid and weak to seize victory by any means necessary. This creed has served Arsix well in his career as a pirate and interstellar mercenary. Klingon High Command, however, is unimpressed with what Arsix’s actions do to the reputation of Klingons as a whole. And they aim to resolve the issue with extreme prejudice.

  • Ebas K’gexelt
  • Mobud Mnibh
  • Vahl’ox K’mpozh
  • Purgh Vrebal
  • J’trad Unjaghi

Who is your favorite Klingon? What inspired you to make and play a Klingon character? Do you have any tips or tricks for coming up with Klingon names or for practicing Klingon pronunciation? Let us know in the comments!

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