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RWBY Character Name Generator & Backstories

“Ok, ok, fine. We continue the fight at hand for now but once we’re finished, we’re going back to this conversation because you haven’t provided any arguments so far, only accusations. So feel free to forget about this for now but this isn’t over, you hear me, Bonny? This isn’t over!”

Generate Names

Van (Vanilla)

Em (Emerald)

Blizz (Blizzard Blue)

Ranger (Orange)

Frost (Frost)

Blues (Blue)

Tara (Terra Cotta)

Tenn (Tenne)

Rad (Radical Red)

Sangria (Sangria)

Graz (Grizzly)

Rom (Roman Silver)

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Using the strange element called Dust, mankind has once defeated the monster threat that terrorized the world of Remnant, a world that now stands on the edge of war with Grimm, the very same monsters that are becoming a threat once again.

The future heroes attend one of the academies across the world where the goal is to become a Hunter or a Huntress and end up in a well-trained four-person monster slayer team where their weapons and abilities are fueled by the Dust element.

With many threats coming from the Grimm monsters, as well as inside and outside of the academy life, the Hunters and Huntresses certainly have their hands full, and their actions make them known, with names like Dandee, Flore, and Berry.

Good RWBY Character Names

There are a couple of rules, or guidelines at the very least when it comes to a good RWBY name as they are either a name of the color, sound like one, have the meaning of one, or remind us of color.

  • Aera (Aero Blue)
  • Ocean (Ocean Blue)
  • Tenn (Tenne)
  • Livi (Livid)
  • Sinn (Sinopia)
  • Lum (Lumber)
  • Daff (Daffodil)
  • Laffa (Lava)

Fiye (Firebrick)

Having learned how to utilize the Dust to create a magical fire of all sorts, she is able to incinerate the Grimm whenever she pleases, and her joyful and playful character has also contributed to the overall morale of the team.

  • Blues (Blue)
  • Black (Black)
  • Zar (Bazaar)
  • Fall (Fallow)
  • Cho (Chocolate)

Ollie (Olive)

Ever since first hearing and seeing the monsters in action he is never found without his trusted weapon at his side and he is always more than ready to spring into action, regardless of the danger at hand.

  • Haley (Harlequin)
  • Lapis (Lapis Lazuli)
  • Danny (Dandelion)
  • Gundy (Burgundy)

Shelly (Seashell)

Many would say her sheer tenacity and stare are her true weapons, although she does all the fighting with her bare hands and feet. In fact, her martial art prowess is so high that it’s rumored she could very well be the champion of the world if she chose to participate in such tournaments.

  • Amaz (Amazon)
  • Vi (Violet)
  • Smo (Smoke)
  • Ming (Ming)
  • Cole (Charcoal)

Female RWBY Character Names

Other than being a different gender, the abilities and tactics the female Huntresses use are at the very least equal to their male counterparts, and, in fact, some of the best monster slayers are female.

  • Pastel (Pastel)
  • Bonnie (Rose Bonbon)
  • Orchie (Orchid)
  • Nyan (Nyanza)
  • Quicksilver (Quick Silver)
  • Lave (Lavender)
  • Amethyst (Amethyst)
  • Cobe (Cobalt Blue)

Charrie (Charcoal)

Her black clothes only serve to enhance her ability to stay hidden, no matter the situation, after which she strikes unseen, and her teammates have helped set this type of ambush on numerous occasions.

  • Tyra (Tyrian Purple)
  • Lec (Electric Blue)
  • Blizzy (Blizzard Blue)
  • Xana (Xanadu)
  • Elisa (Liseran Purple)

Lilly (Lilac)

While no one knows why she does it, she gives out various purple flowers to all the enemies that manage to survive the first minute of the encounter with her. This, however, then means that she’s about to turn it up a notch, which in turn means the fight is soon over.

  • Cerise (Cerise)
  • Maggy (Magenta)
  • Aub (Auburn)
  • Razma (Razzmatazz)

Zaff (Zaffre)

She was always interested in science, and her many inventions have saved the team on more than one occasion. In her spare time, she loves to analyze the Dust element and the numerous dark blue crystals in her possession.

  • Cella (Celadon Blue)
  • Ivo (Ivory)
  • Isabella (Isabelline)
  • Rose (Rose)
  • Mauve (Mauve)

Male RWBY Character Names

The Hunters that finish the academy become fierce fighters, though the real strength lies in cooperation among the teammates, where their abilities can complement each other and pose another level of threat to their enemies.

  • Diam (Diamond)
  • Crim (Crimson)
  • Grizz (Grizzly)
  • Mika (Mikado Yellow)
  • Shane (Sheen Green)
  • Meral (Emerald)
  • Onyx (Onyx)
  • Quinn (Harlequin)

Reg (Regalia)

For some reason, while he’s actually very good at it, he’s very hesitant to fight, no matter the situation at hand, and he will always try to negotiate his way through, a fact that his teammates still can’t completely accept.

  • Stephon (Saffron)
  • Bazz (Bazaar)
  • Mazon (Amazon)
  • Ice (Iceberg)
  • Grull (Grullo)

Hunter (Hunter Green)

As an expert in tracking, stealth, and ambush, he is a force to be reckoned with and always acts as the team’s scout where he specializes in ranged weaponry of all sorts, and his accuracy is getting better with each passing day.

  • Lionel (Lion)
  • Shean (Sienna)
  • Pewter (Pewter Blue)
  • Maze (Maize)

Rad (Radical Red)

He doesn’t talk much, especially with strangers, and this is a well-known fact among those who share his profession. On the other hand, he lets his actions speak for themselves, where he utilizes Dust-powered magic to the best of his abilities.

  • Sal (Red Salsa)
  • Pal (Pale)
  • Ruddy (Ruddy)
  • Cedric (Cedar Chest)
  • Greene (Green)

Once they finish one of the academies, the Hunters and Huntresses form a four-person team where their weapons and abilities complement each other to the point they all become one highly-skilled well-oiled monster-slaying machine. Aside from the monsters, there are other threats that need to be considered at the very least, and none can afford to lower their guard at any point in time. Think about where the character came from, which academy they went through, what abilities they have and weapons they use, who are their teammates, and create a name worthy of the slick fighting, both in team and solo, that will be required almost anywhere they go.

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