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“Sejar Dis, you have been selected to undergo Joining. Do you understand the grave responsibility and incredible gift that is this process? Are you prepared to accept this supreme honor?”

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Sejar Dis

Kina Natniahl

Bihju Kauseers

Jauzaus Panud

Vana Ben

Vrumbloss Primohn

Kilom Linom

Jaless Vaudun

Tejeg Riad

Gissull Voeer

Vraagiss Grogars

Viahjag Pruaul

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Trill are native to the planet Trill in the Alpha Quadrant. Culturally, the presence of a symbiont that bonds with a minority of Trill is given great importance. Those caring for the symbiont hold a high place in the spiritual life of the society.

When a Trill joins with a symbiote the Trill’s surname is replaced with the name of the symbiont they’ve bonded with. For example Ezri Tigan joined with the symbiont Dax and became Ezri Dax.

Good Trill Names

Good Trill names incorporate both a given name and a surname, each of 1-3 syllables. The letters K and X are popular.

  • Vradrem Diaan
  • Graarvog Vasors
  • Ehjuss Lis
  • Gradi Nenial
  • Komu Teeol
  • Todreg Meen
  • Himblim Kigraag
  • Morul Maurraar
  • Yaamblur Proleehn

Kigo Loex

Rejected as an applicant to join with a symbiont, Kigo turned to StarFleet as a second choice. While she has enjoyed it so far, a part of her still years for something more, something that will broaden her horizons. But she’s already on a starship. What broader horizon could there be?

  • Vrumbloss Primohn
  • Aajo Vix
  • Vana Ben
  • Kajog Lellaurs
  • Rirjem Viros
  • Sorzig Tignem
  • Yaadra Tisig
  • Viahjag Pruaul
  • Caaron Kurs

Vanid Vabaurs

Vanid enjoys the simple life on Trill. He farms, keeps to himself, and has a few friends. He is content. He has no use for offworlder or exploration or adventure. Hopefully adventure feels the same about him, though…

  • Vedrod Gredom
  • Jumul Del
  • Didress Deed
  • Grarjoss Kutnehn
  • Rerzor Pivaurs

Female Trill Names

Female Trill names are very similar to male Trill names, with a slight instance of the letters B and J being more popular.

  • Idzall Gruraar
  • Vausia Rur
  • Kasru Belaal
  • Miara Vegnis
  • Kilaul Grovum
  • Gillaun Mebahn
  • Nadria Rigrag
  • Serum Miim
  • Nezra Kisud

Jezrum Vageg

Jezrum wants off Trill. If she can do so by joining anyone or anything she’ll do it. Unfortunately her first opportunity is with a less than reputable Ferengi trader. Does she take the chance and go, though?

  • Genhed Tazud
  • Madres Mamars
  • Sosum Malleers
  • Jires Visaud
  • Bodzu Mezor
  • Nima Bigreem
  • Hazad Praagrex
  • Dibull Baom
  • Beenau Liun

Auzrau Lurs

As Ambassador to Bajor, Auzrau frequently finds cause to call upon the memories of the other hosts that have carried Lurs. Even with her great store of knowledge, however, the troubles facing Bajor are no easy thing to navigate. Especially as she is growing older.

  • Nibu Lemirs
  • Beria Biburs
  • Sodzal Baadas
  • Rodzo Priabahl
  • Vadzu Rers

Male Trill Names

Male Trill names are very similar to female Trill names, with a slight instance of the letters N and D being more popular.

  • Debom Kauben
  • Kobiss Grox
  • Tejeg Riad
  • Kobaal Kig
  • Yaarvess Tex
  • Bogir Lemuhn
  • Vehjun Mudan
  • Nirzen Grellil
  • Kaamod Men

Caniag Kubud

Caniag knows it’s an honor to be selected as a Guardian, to care for the symbionts, but still he feels unworthy. This causes him to try excessively hard, and make more mistakes than he would otherwise, leading to a vicious cycle that someone, hopefully, will break him out of.

  • Milul Vaaux
  • Tubu Ramurs
  • Goniam Miavud
  • Yemag Roaad
  • Kilom Linom
  • Jenin Reeig
  • Bihju Kauseers
  • Jehjil Kadur
  • Yidial Bosaur

Vraagiss Grogars

Vraagiss likes to know how things work. That’s why he became an engineer. But there are a lot of biological processes that can be hardnessed to improve technology and he can’t help thinking what discoveries might be possible by experimenting on a symbiont…

  • Molel Loohl
  • Yinoss Rogram
  • Duhjir Grug
  • Tejod Ralud
  • Yomblaass Kelug

What was your first introduction to the Trill? Do you prefer playing bonded Trill or Trill without a symbiote? Do you have any strategies or tips for coming up with good Trill names? Let us know in the comments!

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