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Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“Do they exist? What kind of a question is that!?” – the old dwarf stopped in his tracks, turning around to his pupils with an almost horrifying look on his face. “Ayndierth the Stubborn, Dotheg the White, Raidoalth the Warm, Ivreonut, Lord of Fire…all are dragons I’ve seen with my own eyes!” – he exclaimed, though truth be told, not everyone seemed to believe him.

Generate Names

Frygodieth – The Dead

Zeogeontan – The Life Giver

Ramyrurth – Champion Of The Red

Miergag – The Evil One

Zarrusso – The Bright

Deku – The Eternal One

Carse – The Deathlady

Daermy – The Insane

Sammen – The Skinny One

Pogayss – The Black

Uroisdeoss – The Redeemer

Xurrailth – Lord Of The White

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Dragons are essentially magical winged reptiles of great power. Depending on their type, they can be greedy, vain, proud, just, cunning, intelligent, wise, and very powerful indeed. They fall into two main groups, Chromatic and Metallic dragons.

Chromatic dragons are evil creatures, known for their greed, envy, and pride, while the Metalic dragons tend to be more good-natured, willing to protect others rather than attack. However, they all equally possess and like their own treasure hoards.

Each of them is unique in their own way, possessing extraordinary strength and magical power. They can be the epitome of goodness or evil, and all possess a true name. Examples of good Dragon names are Fraygiephoarth, Roirrayss, and Odhossyn.

Female Dragon Names

Female dragons are equally strong to the males and, depending on the type, they are the ones to guard the eggs most of the time.

  • Pyzziornarra
  • Cuvoranth
  • Lynnaynoass
  • Dynnothe


A notorious red dragon of the north, also known as Fireclaw, she rules over the dragonborn empire, slowly uniting all clans and types, while she prepares for war against the western human kingdoms.

  • Tainnephathre
  • Nyrlesvindir
  • Vargaenath
  • Lezzentunth
  • Shyvaphyr
  • Dennyllaethra
  • Uvnoastheath


An ancient white wyrm, so old that her powers have started to stagnate. While there are many different rumors, the truth is that she decided to work with a lich who’s helping her become immortal by becoming a dracolich.

  • Eldrothnakis
  • Durrirkilrim
  • Ceoldreoss
  • Tykirraitnla
  • Ersuphenth
  • Latororeth


A cunning and sadistic black dragon, she’s has all of the lizardfolk under her spell by now. Numbering more than a few thousand, they are all ready to march out of their swamps into the northern lands of the soft-skins, as they like to call them.

  • Bymrinnae
  • Zethossinth
  • Matoarahx
  • Shenossleis
  • Gypithrirth

Male Dragon Names

From evil and cunning monsters to honorable and wise justicers, they always make a difference wherever they might live. Protecting their treasure hoard is something all of them do and to come near their lair spells doom for all but a few lucky ones.

  • Qorlunth
  • Reitythiaer
  • Geleondiryr
  • Chionulrel


As an adult silver dragon, he spends most of his time polymorphed into a knight, using the alternate form to make his way across the land without hindrance in order to learn what’s happening in the east.

  • Frarrytisnir
  • Neotophurth
  • Iennialaed
  • Daendrialeis
  • Bersudmilneir
  • Nemrirth
  • Nikug


Deceiving green dragon, one that could make a fish jump out of the water with just a few carefully selected words. The testament to his wits and charms would be the fact he managed to persuade an orc to not only stop attacking an elf but to gladly leave him in peace, almost apologizing.

  • Rothyn
  • Meoturilnir
  • Zirissniopar
  • Gilbontorth
  • Albanyrth
  • Sermoith


A rather large blue dragon who lives atop of the highest mountain in the whole region. As the lesser races wage their wars, he’s yet to decide whether he wants to get involved and how.

  • Miemrieg
  • Xevoaren
  • Vievrael
  • Ughiass
  • Cudrontrath

Cool Dragon Names

Some dragons are known for their deeds, some for their temper. No matter what the reason might be, they are usually known far and wide, even across the continents.

  • Ancalagon the Black
  • Dagurashibanipal
  • Tathamet, The Prime Evil
  • Glaurung

Palarandusk the Unseen Protector

Preferring to remain hidden, even in combat by using invisibility and other powerful spells. He loves to eavesdrop on a gnomish community which he protects for a while now.

  • Rhimnasarl the Shining
  • Balerion the Dread
  • Vermithrax
  • Kilgharrah
  • Natsunomeryu

Deszeldaryndun Silverwing

He spent most of his life as various notable humanoid creatures, making a difference where he went. Having a whole cave of edible fungi and pools of fish, he rarely needed to hunt, though he very much liked to hunt and eat hippogryphs, deer, and horses.

  • Alduin
  • Alexstrasza, The Life Binder
  • Draigoch
  • Sermoith

Zysyss the Eternal One

An ancient golden dragon, he’s been the beacon of light for generations upon generations of humans and other lesser creatures, making sure goodness always prevails, no matter what.

  • Saphira
  • Deadheart
  • Jörmungandr
  • Jergintarth the Firestarter

Dragons have always been mythical creatures worthy of fear and admiration. They have proved to be essential figures in stories, myths, and legends, time and time again, providing ample amounts of inspiration and awe.

Even if a certain dragon isn’t evil and won’t intentionally harm you, teasing or provoking them is never a wise choice to make. Whenever they make something their business, they make sure it’s done properly.

However, some are known to prefer to be the power behind the throne, working from the shadows and the unknown. Each of them has a true name, regardless of whether it’s known to others or not.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Dragon name.

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