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Gripping their weapons even tighter, one of the adventurers spoke up – “We are the Autumn Blades. Come forth, creature, your judgment is here!”. A sudden burst of ice and snow erupted from the back wall, as a white dragon flew through and landing in front of the party. “By the Gods..” – the same person said with terror in his voice – “’s Ingeloakastimizilian…Icingdeath”.

Generate Names

Olranth – The Bunny Killer

Symrirraenth – Redeemer Of Men

Bymoiss – The Gifted One

Bindun – The Clumsy One

Jorvirth – Firebreath

Zello – Braveheart

Noilbem – The Voiceless

Cilli – The Strong

Jundoir – The Victorious

Gyrsyrreor – The Hungry

Chynniath – Bringer Of Death

Zirit – The Powerful

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Table of Contents

White Dragons are the most feral among their kin, and smaller in size. They would act rather than talk and speak rather than listen. Avoiding more powerful creatures, they exact their frustration on weaker ones.

They can breathe such an icy breath, a man can freeze in an instant, and their claws and teeth are deadly. Those who have wronged them will be hunt down till the ends of the earth as their exceptional memory fuels their grudge and anger.

White Dragons have multiple eggs, out of which only up to a third survives. Their name is often given by a mother, after observing them for some time. Some good examples are Arauthator, Ixintil, and Icasaracht.

White Dragon Female Names

A female lays eight to ten eggs, which incubate for about fourteen months. They don’t tend to it diligently, but they make sure they are well hidden and secured.

  • Nyrsiora
  • Darginth
  • Gyrmeo
  • Zerga


She lost a fight to a frost giant but gained a worthy ally in the process. Though perhaps more as a servant, she gets to release her anger at their foes as freely as she can.

  • Zellinn
  • Shona
  • Forvuntyt
  • Byzzadirth
  • Cyzarun


Four wyrmlings hatched recently. She intends to help them grow strong, winning their affection from start in order to create powerful weapons who could exact her will.

  • Epon
  • Sarmylth
  • Olloath
  • Deson
  • Nendri


One of the three dragons in the snowy northern region, she’s currently hunting as many preys as she can, making sure she has enough food frozen in her lair in case of emergencies.

  • Ymradys
  • Ildrephu
  • Irsa
  • Ivel
  • Relleth


Weaker and frailer than most, she grew up to be wise before even reaching adulthood. While not as strong, she has an affinity for magic, being able to cast several potent spells.

  • Nyrorth
  • Enneiah
  • Nieriath
  • Irrath
  • Bomredo
  • Edhenul


Protecting certain barbarian clans in the north, she happily accepts tributes from their raiding, while also occasionally reminding them who’s in charge by eating some of the men who brought it.

  • Immy
  • Humrenth
  • Morvelth
  • Qersirth
  • Qavyn

White Dragon Male Names

They don’t like to see anyone else other than a white dragon of the opposite sex. Even then, quickly after mating, they leave and go back to an isolated life.

  • Ma’fel’no’sei’kedeh’naar
  • Glacialamacus
  • Ingeloakastimizilian
  • Wintercloak
  • Arauthator


Stalking a knight and his men for days now, this white dragon is out for revenge. The banner and the smell of the knight can never be forgotten, and the wounds he suffered from would never be forgiven.

  • Arveiaturace
  • Xaerrior
  • Ghaulantatra
  • Glazhael
  • Cryovain
  • Freezefire


This ancient wyrm commands a whole army of frost giants who are about to invade the western lands bringing fury and blood. The biggest battle of the history of the continent is soon to commence.

  • Gelidon
  • Rimetooth
  • Ixintil
  • Arkrhyst
  • Logrivich
  • Lydek


He has been fighting a nearby silver dragon for days now, with neither of them managing to prevail. Withdrawing is out of question while staying ensures great danger and possibly death itself.

  • Sjohvor
  • Poguro
  • Dogirym
  • Qezysde
  • Chirrun


Has a whole clan of kobolds working for him, creating the most magnificent lair anyone has ever seen. Traps, hidden rooms and tunnels, it has everything the dragon will need, and more.

  • Bilzranth
  • Zidrays
  • Ymysriv
  • Chargug


One of the few white dragons who returned to her mate to ask about the eggs, he was angered to see both the female and the wyrmlings were slain. Going into a fit of rage, he is now flying towards the familiar scent of a blue dragon, ready to kill or be killed.

  • Bryndrat
  • Penduda
  • Nezzarred
  • Gryndrias

Vain, aggressive, spiteful, and rather animalistic, a White dragon is a dangerous creature. Despite their smaller size, compared to other dragons, their claws tear through metal, and their cold breath freezes anything in its path in a blink of an eye. Weaker creatures often worship and obey them.

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