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Black Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” – the halfling asked as they traveled through the ankle-deep swamp water. “When is hunting a black dragon ever a good idea, my little friend?” – the dwarf answered yet provided even more questions. “It’s Arlauthra, Talon of Darkness, we’re talking about. Best keep your eyes and ears open or this journey will end much sooner than we’d like.”

Generate Names

Horsailth – Champion Of Dragons

Shyvaphyr – Champion Of The Yellow

Hogolo – Eater Of Sheep

Norgeli – Champion Of Men

Aygonth – The Bright

Varo – The Black

Fraersa – Eternal Fire

Cundug – The Bright

Olloath – The Insane

Tainne – The Victorious

Rummieri – The Rabbit Slayer

Shurass – Lady Of The White

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Table of Contents

Black Dragons are cruel and vile creatures, more slender than the rest of their kind. Apart from black scales, which can turn almost purple at a very old age, they are recognized by their horns which protrude forward, along their gaunt face and jaw.

Living in swamps and marshlands, Black Dragons are strong, though they prefer ambush over direct fighting. When needed, they can release a jet of highly corrosive acid from their mouth which quickly eats through pretty much anything it lands on.

They are dangerous and ruthless, and they often have names of their own, using them to strike terror into hearts. Some good black dragons names are Alglaudyx, Boglarmanthor, Nizidramanii’yt, Ueurwen, and Voaraghamanthar.

Black Dragon Female Names

Females choose their mate, and it is usually based on the size and strength of the male in question. If two female black dragons choose the same one, a fight occurs high above the lair of the male Black Dragon who watches on eagerly.

  • Ormyphess
  • Aenyphelth
  • Pairorrelth
  • Qyrgophorth
  • Symrirraenth


Having heard of the presence of a prominent male in her vicinity, she’s making her way towards him, ready to mate. Unbeknownst to her, another female does the same and so promises a merciless fight between the two.

  • Chieraphos
  • Ommeontuth
  • Frezentylth
  • Lynnaynoass
  • Lezzentunth


Currently protecting her egg that’s resting at the bottom of a pool of acid in her lair, one that she made herself. If she intends to keep the egg, she will have to either flee with it or try to lure away the green dragon that’s making his way towards the lair.

  • Rumryphylth
  • Hoarranterth
  • Vazzessys
  • Zuphontinth


She had a potential mate in her grasp, one that would secure her future and allows her to reach the goals she had. Alas, another, stronger,  female showed up at the last moment and managed to defeat her. Lying in her own pool of blood, she is now taking her last breaths.

  • Nogheorryss
  • Lenneralth
  • Riondissylth
  • Freommaner
  • Rummussunth
  • Sarsoanoth
  • Lovepharth


Thanks to her kobold spies, she is more than ready for the upcoming party of adventurers who are confident they will be the one to ambush her, securing a sizeable reward in the process.

  • Frendressur
  • Forvuntyt
  • Byzzadirth
  • Dutheleilth


A week ago she relinquished a considerable amount of her treasure hoard in exchange for a certain spellbook. Avoiding combat seems like a wiser decision, as the former owner of the tome would be a most dangerous foe.

  • Otassainth
  • Cikeissa
  • Indontuth
  • Agyrraes
  • Vazzessys

Black Dragon Male Names

As part of their sly, unreliable, and self-serving nature, they tend to boast and brag about their wealth as they hope the rumors will reach the ears of a female dragon.

  • Bommianth
  • Chemresdiss
  • Vinnaentoin
  • Vepaydoiss
  • Geirvointieth


The great swamps of Ergnix are his new home, a place where he managed to influence the lizardfolk native to the region. Doing his bidding, he uses them to achieve his goals, or at least get closer to them, without revealing his presence.

  • Froirrurer
  • Frievrerry
  • Qundryrrynth
  • Fraygiephoarth
  • Gyndrossoig


Having lost two eggs recently, along with his female mate leaving, he’s gone on a rampage across the land. It’s so brutal and reckless that whole armies are on the move, hoping to find and kill him once and for all.

  • Baizzaessainth
  • Iodophyrth
  • Xukaephon
  • Neotophurth
  • Daendrialeis


Feeling on top of the world as he killed a green dragon a few days ago, taking his lair and hoard in the process. Having smelled blood, a large pack of dire wolves is closing in, one which will prove too big of a match for his current injured state.

  • Tymrantayss
  • Memraranth
  • Grezziesdud
  • Gudraydyss
  • Choaneilth


He was strong, vicious, and killed without remorse. Today, for many years now, his skull adornes the King’s main hall so that all may revel in its splendor.

  • Choazurrunth
  • Chughucred
  • Grighirranth
  • Friathaintaig
  • Qommerinth


He came from an egg that a powerful lich found long ago. He wasn’t exactly tamed, but for some reason he feels compelled to listen to the lich, no matter what.

  • Chondrycrirth
  • Caghosdyrth
  • Murrysdiess
  • Deimbadoss
  • Niegiorth

Vicious, arrogant, deceptive, and dishonorable, they will do anything to preserve their own life. In the end, they are dragons, and as such possess immense power, something that no one should trifle with. They look to strike fear into hearts and a mere mention of their name brings fear and terror upon others.

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