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Warrior Cat Name Generator & Backstories

“You should remember your place, young one. It is good to see you eager but wanting too much too fast only leads to disaster. Remember who and where you are, and try to heed my words for our leader isn’t just anyone. He is Stoneleaf, and you should be glad he’s on our side.”

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In the Warriors universe, feral cats live as clans, protecting their borders, adhering to their own warrior code, and training future generations. There are four main clans, ThunderClan, Shadowclan, RiverClan, and WinClan, with SkyClan appearing later.

They all believe the spirits of their dead ancestors are watching from above, being part of the StarClan, from which they contact the living ones in their dreams. This way they communicate, offer guidance and send out prophecies to those who listen.

There are many threats, both outside and within a certain Clan, and the leaders have to remain cunning if they are to keep their best warriors around, warriors that are able to make their names known, names like Icepaw, Beetlestar, and Springpelt.

Good Warrior Cat Names

A good warrior cat name will never include a word that is related to anything that is man-made, or unknown to the cats in general. It also usually consists of two words, prefix and suffix, where the prefix often describes the cat’s color while the suffix describes their personality or some skill they possess.

  • Kestrelpaw
  • Darkstar
  • Plumdusk
  • Blizzarddawn
  • Jaggedtalon
  • Mossythorn
  • Batpaw
  • Amberstar


Since birth, while his fur is a mixture of black and grey color, his right eye socket is completely white, looking like he’s constantly wearing a white monocle. At first, he was teased for it but after fighting everyone who commented on it no one dares to say anything anymore.

  • Furzespeck
  • Honeywatcher
  • Beaverjaw
  • Berrypaw
  • Rustspeck


Ever since he was little he was very good at catching various vermin, especially rats and mice, and his skill was recognized by the leader of the clan. This was also the sole reason why he was the only one spared after his parents were killed for alleged treason.

  • Shadetalon
  • Newtspots
  • Elmfall
  • Birdleg
  • Tallshine

Female Warrior Cat Names

All cats within the clan have their roles and duties, and the warrior code binds them all, regardless of gender. That said, it is true that female cats are portrayed in a smaller number compared to their male counterparts.

  • Gingerkit
  • Leafpaw
  • Beestar
  • Halfpetal
  • Redfire
  • Addercoat
  • Thawbranch
  • Leappaw


She was born with a condition where half of her front left paw is missing, although this hasn’t affected her in any way other than perhaps when the most demanding jumps and turns needed to be done.

  • Sandwhisker
  • Fernthorn
  • Springblossom
  • Tornpaw
  • Lakestar


Her fur seems to be made of all sorts of brown color tones, depending on which stripe we’re talking about, and what’s even more interesting is that more stripes seem to be appearing with each passing year.

  • Rivertalon
  • Sheepdawn
  • Lightshine
  • Rubblewish
  • Breezesong

Male Warrior Cat Names

Each warrior cat tries to do their best, rise up through the ranks, and potentially lead a clan one day but rare are those who get to the very top, and these individuals are both dangerous and shrewd in their own way.

  • Shadowpaw
  • Miststar
  • Rubblestar
  • Brindlejaw
  • Eagleears
  • Antbreeze
  • Gingerpaw
  • Lostleaf


His left canine tooth is slightly larger than the other one, as well as curled outside in a way that the tip is always visible. This wasn’t always the case, and some say he had a different name before the tooth grew large enough to always be seen.

  • Skybelly
  • Flywish
  • Redthroat
  • Rubblepaw
  • Bramblestar


The only water he gets somewhat comfortable with is rain, and the idea of swimming is just as bad as the thought about whether he should jump down from a 9-story building.

  • Pikestalk
  • Redsea
  • Foxstar
  • Goosebelly
  • Blackbrook

Evil Warrior Cat Names

As in every universe, there are good and evil beings, and the evil ones seem to follow their own rules, do as they please, and generally cause chaos wherever they can, all so that they can rule for as long as they can, one way or another.

  • Tigerstar
  • Mapleshade
  • Thistleclaw
  • Brokenstar
  • Scourge
  • Hawkfrost
  • Darktail
  • Sol


There is a small dark birthmark on his belly that only his parents saw, and he was named after it. Unbeknownst to everyone, including himself, the mark is growing slightly as he’s getting older and will be a map to a certain part of the land where cats can find anything they ever wanted.

  • Clawface
  • Bone
  • Oneeye
  • Sleekwhisker
  • Socks


Her white paws are a nice contrast to the rest of her dark brown fur, and those who know her the best also call her Snowpaw or simply Snow. That said, only a handful of cats have that privilege and the rest might be confronted in a rather bad way if their tried.

  • Appledusk
  • Rainflower
  • Slash
  • Lizardpaw
  • Jaggedtooth

Following the warrior code, these feral cats live in Clans and follow a hierarchy that has been established for quite some time. There are also many dangers outside of and inside the own clan, and the world is full of situations where conflict is the only correct answer left. Think about which Clan would the character be a part of, who are their parents and whether they are still alive, who might be the current leader, what role would the character currently has, and think of a name worthy of a legacy that all warrior cats strive to leave behind.

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