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Ancient Persian Name Generator & Backstories

He had scaled Mount Olympus at the head of ten thousand men – the Himalayas were no different. Gurgen Sharifi quietened his mind. He had faith in the wisdom and truth of King Cyrus the Great and the great army he commanded.

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Anahita Hatami

Shantia Alimardani

Hushang Sadeghi

Shahriyar Bakhtiar

Ami Khudsiani

Shahrokh Soltani

Nariman Tahami

Shahzad Adl

Arslan Farahmand

Anahita Mahdavi Damghani

Sepideh Haghighi

Omid Taslimi

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Most Persian names have ancient roots that date back to the empire that was at one point the largest ever seen on the face of the earth. Steeped in tradition, the Persian language combines the guttural consonants it shares with Arabic and other middle eastern languages, with the soft yet extravagant vowel sounds of the Mediterranean, to create names that are both enticingly familial and yet undeniably exotic.

Good Persian Names

Whether your audience is familiar with Ancient Persia, or your character will be their first introduction, choosing a name that impresses with its authenticity is important. You may want to use names of famed rulers, or opt for something less well-known for those with more humble beginnings.

  • Rudaba Nazari
  • Shapur Kamali
  • Rayan Azimi
  • Bardiya Daneshvar
  • Roya Ghelichkhani
  • Kayvan Rouhani
  • Shirin Rafati
  • Parvīz Nazari

Barbak Khudsiani

Barbak Khudsiani was just a lowly shopkeeper selling fabric by length, or so it seemed to the public, and the royal police dotted among them. What was wrapped within his carpets they could not see, and he reasoned what they did not know could not harm them.

  • Sepideh Haghighi
  • Gurgen Sharifi
  • Jahangir Hakimi
  • Pejman Beiranvand
  • Ami Khudsiani

Yasmin Taslimi

She only wore the finest silks and softest slippers, but Yasmin Taslimi was no ordinary princess. By night she traveled by rooftop, feet never making a sound as she danced across the tiles.

  • Barbak Veisi
  • Dilawar Hakimi
  • Nariman Tahami
  • Mahzad Anvari

Female Persian Names

Thanks to a certain animated film, the image of women in Ancient Persia and surrounding regions tends to focus on beautiful and mysterious royalty. By choosing an unusual name you can add some variety and authenticity to the women in your stories.

  • Sahar Davani
  • Shadi Arvin
  • Setareh Rouhani
  • Anahita Farzan
  • Soraya Dadgostar
  • Nazanin Dirbaz
  • Sepideh Shafaei
  • Yasmin Tahami

Shantia Alimardani

Glossy black hair styled into an intricate plait hung down to Shantia Alimardani’s waist, catching the moonlight and the eye of every passerby.

  • Anahita Gilani
  • Sepideh Ayari
  • Sareh Kamali
  • Nazanin Akhtar
  • Negar Dirbaz
  • Susan Dehlavi

Niusha Monshipour

No man could match Niusha in battle, with the mere whisper of her name causing even the most ferocious gladiator to down weapons.

  • Soraya Namjoo
  • Minoo Kadivar
  • Nadia Faghiri
  • Setareh Nazari
  • Sahar Shahrokhi

Male Persian Names

Names of kings and saints have been passed down family lines from Ancient Persia all the way to Iran in the present. The names offered here are a mix of these popular and grand names, along with some more unique options if you’re looking to buck the trends.

  • Shapur Banai
  • Hushang Gharabaghi
  • Behnam Taslimi
  • Rayan Zandi
  • Kayvan Toloui
  • Shayan Gharabaghi
  • Dariush Laghmani
  • Armin Khavari

Pejman Mahdavi Damghani

A grandiose name for a larger than life character. Pejman’s middle name is something of a local mystery, but in exchange for a cup of good wine, he’d regale anyone with countless tall tales of its origins.

  • Peyman Azimi
  • Khosrow Raminfar
  • Freydun Jahani
  • Arash Ghelichkhani
  • Arslan Kamali

Persian Last Names

Last names as we know them today weren’t introduced in Persia until 1919, prior to this a person’s birthplace was often used instead. If you’d still like to include a last name in a fantasy setting, you can draw inspiration from this list or create your own using modern Iranian examples.

  • Najafi
  • Soroush
  • Nazari
  • Toloui
  • Ghodsi
  • Zandi
  • Arbab
  • Moridi


The Dehnavi family ran a commercial empire from their home city of Sardis, however their reach stretched the length of the Mediterranean. A war with Greece threatens the stability of their nation, but could it also be good for business?

  • Latifi
  • Khatibi
  • Dalili
  • Banai
  • Taghavi
  • Sorouri


The lowly beginnings of his family had been forgotten in an instance by both the King and the royal court once the bravery of Shayan Ghahreman had saved his regiment from near certain death in battle against the Massagetae.

  • Gul
  • Sadeghi
  • Sijistani

Persia is a fascinating empire, and sadly often overlooked by those with an interest in the ancient past. We hope this name generator has inspired you to put yourself in the shoes of a Persian citizen, create a backstory and hopefully an exciting adventure. Let us know in the comments what you thought of this article, and particularly any characters you have created!

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