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Guild Wars 2 Name Generator & Short Stories

“There are many warriors at our disposal, from every land you can think of. No need to worry about who they are, or what they did before, as all you need to know is that we’re vouching for their competence as well as their loyalty, providing you have the coin. Captain Markon, step forward. Now, show this gentleman what he gets for such a generous price.”

Generate Names

Urgulania Fairguard


Mogun Brimstone

Attuner Slidde


Rufinus Emberbringer


Wilf Mournclaw

Vurruzz Legionsinger

Beastmaster Ceggo

Ratna Chofa Vaprikt


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We traveled to the darkest places of Tyria to find the best names for your characters.

While Asuras were very cooperative with sharing their names, gathering Charr names was a hell of a challenge. But it was worth it!

How to Find a Good Name for a GW2 Character?

A good name should start with the chosen race in mind, as each has vast lore and history behind them, and having a fitting name serves to deepen the immersion, so we should all strive to create one that enhances the world we’re all eager to explore.

You can always modify any existing names, such as changing the first or the last name, adding a nickname, or perhaps even having a nickname only, where the real name is hidden and serves some secret the character is desperately trying to keep.

After choosing a race, and perhaps a profession as well, think about what will the character be, what kind of a personality will they have, and how they behave among friends and strangers, and use it all to guide you towards that perfect name you want.

Good GW2 Names

A good name fits the character by using their race, life profession, abilities, and any nicknames they might have to present certain insight into who and what the character might be, offering lore in such a way that it enhances the story at hand.

  • Rodrekr Farsword
  • Dydof Woodcaller
  • Cornelius
  • Hans Merdosk
  • Sumarlidi Rockbreeze
  • Thorri the Ancient
  • Otto Sesk
  • Tarrak Roanhammer

Jarnskeggi Stonedream

This Norn chieftain has a monumental task ahead of him. Unite the clans, even the ones that hate each other, and have them travel several hundreds of miles while working together and preventing any fights to escalate.

  • Per Mournclaw
  • Warley Rockbreath
  • Cai
  • Giolla Deacair
  • Darrion Lehrihpafk

Brayton Biltram

Leading the caravan for more than two dozen years, he knows the roads probably better than anyone in the whole kingdom but what he and his company are about to witness will shake their very belief in life itself.

  • Baird
  • Amhlaoibh
  • Guolg Grizzleslayer
  • Asaaddaz Havocblade
  • Asetarack Doommaker

Female GW2 Names

While there are certainly some differences, physically or intellectually, between males and females of some races, there is usually no real distinction when it comes to their abilities, skills, and any professions they might have.

  • Aine
  • Alyssandra Hefuhmol Bahlod
  • Zukdura Swordfur
  • Jeanice Shei Jie
  • Thjoogeror the Mystery
  • Gokrawa Gearhunter
  • Arnora the Restful
  • Conwenna


Having sprouted no more than two weeks ago, this Sylvari is learning the ways of her community, and the whole experience so far has been nothing but interesting, inspiring, and full of life to say the least.

  • Kari Son Fedrastu
  • Gunnhildr the Covenant
  • Alokadnun Hawkslayer
  • Jenny Gustkin
  • Sarmolice Strongsmoke

Bjargey Pyrestride

If you asked her, she couldn’t begin to describe how happy she is she’s free to go wherever she wants, visiting town and places, meeting new people, and soaking up new and interesting experiences. Remembering her slave life as a child, this was a much better reality even with all the dangers lurking behind every corner.

  • Geneve Setul Pahlad
  • Kady
  • Hanriette Uavd Rumisqo
  • Gorawen
  • Eytadnara Timberspecter

Male GW2 Names

Many races have males doing most of the fighting, and thus it is no wonder we find all sorts of warriors and fighters among their ranks, where many different styles of fighting can be witnessed.

  • Bernhardt Mournspire
  • Paton
  • Verullus Gorereign
  • Cicero Spiritwrencher
  • Trahern
  • Duararm Brimmind
  • Joreior Hastingkin
  • Ulfrun the Deceptive

Julius Thunderdown

Retiring from adventuring after taking one too many arrows to his left knee, he decided to use the accumulated riches to open a tavern in one of the towns on the edge of the territory where he can share his stories of the past, and it has been going great so far.

  • Maxwell
  • Catonius Fierceheart
  • Tiran Mirthscribe
  • Fregeror the Wretched
  • Gruffin

Samy Stug

He was always a simple man, preferring honest work, good intentions, and a live and let live type of mentality when it comes to life itself. Alas, after losing his whole family to an ugly disease, he surrendered to alcohol and it seems that he will never be the same person, no matter what he does next.

  • Hilde Longflayer
  • Thorodda the Phantom
  • Badden
  • Hein Dodatsk
  • Alaktarrark Domemind

Elonian GW2 Names

Elona was once a mighty human kingdom that got divided into three factions, after years of bloody civil war, only to get united again by a lich, turning into a land for the both living and the dead and making it all but inaccessible to the outsiders.

  • Dahni
  • Mehinu
  • Kanyama
  • Goldai
  • Tahon
  • Hamar
  • Ehiyah
  • Morik


Living in a world where monsters are real, magic is present, and dangers are lurking in every corner has made him reluctant to socialize or communicate with other people, and after finally finishing his house in the wild, as he calls it, he keeps staying there for a longer time every time he visits.

  • Iyemab
  • Sehyal
  • Nasera
  • Timahr
  • Shakashi


If he is to follow and chase his dreams of becoming someone important, he knew he had to leave his home and his family, and while it wasn’t easy nor has he fully adjusted to this new life he still knew he made the right choice as he felt his heart sing with happiness.

  • Rahlon
  • Dajwa
  • Midauha
  • Kargah
  • Chitundu

Funny GW2 Names

Sometimes the humor is needed, and a funny name can provide lots of entertainment and opportunities where the character’s name can be used to add a bit of fun to the mix.

  • Tree Person
  • Shanks Much
  • Charrman Meow
  • Brita the Purifier
  • Princess Charrrming
  • Yarnball Kittenfit
  • Eric Charrtman
  • Rampant Rabbit

Winston Charrrchill

This fine older Charr gentleman has a refined taste for fine beverages and the finest herbs for his pipe while going over the latest war reports. As one of the leaders, it’s his responsibility to find the enemy’s weak points and exploit them with any means possible.

  • Charr Le Main
  • Im Medicinal
  • Charrmander
  • Johnny Charrson
  • Thistle MacThornbody

Arid Humidity

No matter what she might say, or how she might try to explain or justify herself, the truth is she’s a walking contradiction. She likes to travel but doesn’t really like walking, she likes to swim but doesn’t like to get wet, she likes the adrenaline of a dangerous encounter but feels miserable afterward, and many more similar situations where the people who don’t know her begin to suspect something’s wrong with her.

  • Sekon Altzheimer
  • Chuck Nornis
  • Leopardo Davinci
  • 50 thousand names later
  • Thick McRunfast

Humans, Charr, Elonian, Asura, Sylvari, Norn, and many more, all these races have different cultures, customs, and approaches to life, and one can find all sorts of personalities, as well as future villains and heroes among them, and the stories that involve them are stories of hope, perseverance, survival, and ultimately life. Think about what race is the character, where do they come from, what kind of a land is their home located, what were the hardships as they grew up, what was the most important lesson they learned, and what might be their current plans, and create a name worthy of a character whose actions will make sure they are remembered for years to come.

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