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Charr Name Generator & Backstories

So, will I need to fight all of you at once, or are you brave enough to face me one on one? Heh, no need to answer, I know you are spineless and honorless cowards who like to pick on the weak, so I am here to tell you it all ends today. I am Kagurn Ripshot, and I am your prosecutor, your judge, and your executioner.

Generate Names

Trupo Poisondancer

Rusticus Steamstrike

Servilia Rapidguard

Numonis Farbringer

Waklolu Slapblade

Salvianus Painjustice

Vemuz Faithfoe

Genesia Drakesinner

Vitalinus Sparweld

Elaklok Swiftsmoke

Gturan Ruindancer

Tasius Scribesoul

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Charr are robust savage feline humanoids that are raised as warriors starting from birth itself. Having renounced all gods, declaring them false, they serve themselves and lead a more brutal and cynical life where warfare is what everyone strives for.

These fur-covered creatures have a lion-like head, two sets of horns and sharp teeth and claws, and while they prefer to hunch while standing they are known to stand tall as well, especially in the times of war where they put their strength to good use.

As their culture developed into a military state where martial exploits are worn like badges of honor, they will do anything to make their names known, names such as Lupinus Scorchclash, Lucana Coinheart, Plotius Gutblade, and Fidelis Drakesoul.

Good Charr Names

It is said the last name is often more important than the first, as it serves to show the Charr’s place within the society, their clan, and much more.

  • Caesia Woodguard
  • Barrius Grizzlefirre
  • Maursus Spiritshot
  • Colaaro Dragontracker
  • Wuloozz Sorrowslayer
  • Vagnia Keenbreaker
  • Caeparius Woodreave
  • Wogouw Cowlsplitter

Marcipor Darkmaker

Having witnessed his smithing skills firsthand, the general of the army requested his presence in his personal armory. For the last five years, he’s been working tirelessly, following the war camp as they went on, thinking how better it would be if he didn’t have to move so much and instead focus on work itself.

  • Daturorn Grizzlehammer
  • Pontidia Stripereave
  • Eturug Baelcoin
  • Aeaca Rapidcatcher
  • Doturrurg Rapideye

Maolga Woodtracker

As one of the elite scout groups for the vanguard, the very tip of the army spear, their task is to detect the enemy, inflict any casualties but only if there would be no survivors, and return to warn their leader as soon as possible.

  • Commoda Deepstrike
  • Agricola Strainedclash
  • Geurrala Pyreshield
  • Festus Dragonfang

Teudork Sparfirre

While being one of the lesser-known magicians in their ranks, his potential is vast and seemingly endless, and it is no wonder the archmages have already taken full notice of him and are indirectly instructing his current and future education.

  • Wuktaruzz Rapidrazor
  • Volaginius Chainmind
  • Dandurg Scorchbound
  • Zuraddogo Dragoncatcher
  • Priscian Bladefoe

Female Charr Names

The females are often described as a bit smaller than their male counterparts, more lithe and agile, and with much smaller teeth. Despite these differences, their sharp claws are just as dangerous for anyone who dares to try any funny business.

  • Eeloow Timberbound
  • Garudulu Keenrend
  • Mallia Woodsmoke
  • Pamphilia Chainwill
  • Olennia Bassstorm
  • Sisinnia Burnfirre
  • Laurentia Drakeseeker
  • Mytuddalo Rapidtooth

Cedomo Sharpfur

While you couldn’t see anything special just by looking at her, when she wrestled someone she looked very much in her element and, like a fish in the water and a bird in the sky, she could outmaneuver any opponent to the point where they can’t remember when it all went wrong for them.

  • Motarrugo Coincatcher
  • Wurtarrowo Keenbreaker
  • Worudula Gutwill
  • Luctaca Doomstep
  • Festinia Painsoul

Virona Riptongue

While her martial abilities are certainly up there with the rest, her specialty is stealth and subterfuge where she prefers to stay hidden till the very last moment before striking the unaware enemy from the shadows, ambushing without mercy.

  • Scribonia Forgeguard
  • Floria Hawkclash
  • Eluadduk Burnripper
  • Eliadduza Roanfang

Siorraru Forgestep

After being all but fatally injured during one of the battles in his youth, she had to rethink her profession after losing her left leg. Luckily for her, she soon discovered she had a knack for imitating other people’s handwriting, including deciphering coded messages, and has been doing both ever since.

  • Voradduwu Steamreave
  • Soturralo Gutguard
  • Appuleia Cowlhunter
  • Urgulania Relicsmoke
  • Felicissima Shadowstone

Male Charr Names

Ever since the day they are born they are taught how to fend for themselves but also the importance of unity, discipline, and tactics, and the years have made them all efficient instruments of war.

  • Returazz Sharpmuzzle
  • Comitinus Fiendaxe
  • Ecdicius Cowlreign
  • Titiedius Strainedfur
  • Trebonius Scrapheart
  • Aloron Ragesoul
  • Dudturor Legionstriker
  • Asokmork Faithjustice

Papinian Goreripper

There is nothing sweeter than the sound of bones breaking beneath his trusty mace, the armor crunching under the force of the blow, and the enemy cries and yelps as the fatal strike is dealt.

  • Alarudark Jawwalker
  • Cocceius Roansharp
  • Mercurialis Roantongue
  • Litumaris Drakebreaker
  • Fidelis Drakesoul

Eburnus Swordshield

A true soldier must be ready at all times, and a true soldier he is. No matter where he goes, or how mundane the task might be, he travels fully armored and armed, his trusted heavy shield and sword at his side.

  • Vtarrat Ghostbearer
  • Asturuz Ghostsoul
  • Ruradnat Wildheart
  • Kiturad Ruinbreaker

Tadalrm Neartongue

A good punch can solve many situations but a couple of carefully placed words can unlock what even a hundred punches can’t, and he recognized this after being bullied a few times during his youth. He now serves as a diplomate for the main army, frequently visiting enemy camps where he tries to use his wits to win the war.

  • Dio Shadowfang
  • Proxsimus Blightsaw
  • Hostus Poisonclaw
  • Metellus Strainedsinger
  • Egnatius Painwelder

These furry feline humanoids are rather savage creatures whose main purpose is warfare and everything that comes along with it. Their culture is oriented around war, and everything they do in life supports that notion one way or another, while harvesting crops and other non-warlike chores are left for the weak, the wounded, and the old. While every Charr has sharp claws, they still prefer to use weapons, and their military technology always tries to stay relevant. Think about where the character was born, what clan they belong to, what are they known for the most, what might be their future goals and plans, and think of a name worthy of the savagery they bring no matter where they go.

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