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Sylvari Name Generator & Short Stories

Come, we’re close now, just behind these bushes. Watch your step. I’m telling you, it’s like it’s a woman but a plant at the same time, some kind of a magical human tree of some sort. But she won’t harm us, don’t worry, she told me her name was Glynis and that she welcomes anyone with good intentions.

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Instead of being born, this young inquisitive race of omnivorous plant humanoids sprouts, awakening from their pre-life Dream from which they keep the glimpsed knowledge and use it in their future journeys they all are so keen to go on.

They are eager to learn and usually take a direct and honest approach, taking things as they are. When it comes to religion, they prefer proof over belief while being perfectly ready to accept the new reality should any new evidence happen to appear.

The knowledge they acquired while dreaming has been but a taste of what the world offers, and their curious minds make them go on adventures where their names become known, names such as Caedmon, Melrone, Davina, and Amyneddgar.

Good Sylvari Names

Sylvari names aren’t given, either at birth or later, they are simply known by the owner when they awaken from the pre-life Dream.

  • Dwyer
  • Kavan
  • Caradog
  • Kaourantin
  • Breena
  • Camedyr
  • Ragnell
  • Anwir


Having sprouted only yesterday, she is still getting used to this new reality that somehow still seems to be less real than the dream she was in. This is only a temporary issue, as she has been told, and so she is anxiously awaiting better days.

  • Gwendolyn
  • Jestina
  • Bride
  • Rhianwen
  • Isolde


He made it clear he wasn’t the one to have much experience on traveling but is more than willing to learn, and he actually welcomes anyone who wants to guide him during this whole ordeal.

  • Saorla
  • Eivyonydd
  • Gwen
  • Elwyn


After many years of adventuring, visiting new locations, meeting new people, and ultimately gathering numerous stories along the way, he is now making his way back to his home to settle for good and share all his acquired knowledge with younger generations.

  • Gavyn
  • Brendan
  • Seva
  • Annraoi
  • Melyor

Female Sylvari Names

Slyvari look upon sexuality as a natural part of life, believing love to be a spiritual matter, eternal, where gender doesn’t play a significant role in any way.

  • Davan
  • Bahee
  • Deirdre
  • Ashling
  • Siobhan
  • Franseza
  • Mhari
  • Mair


She’s been thinking of leaving her home for almost a year now and it doesn’t seem she’s any closer to a decision, no matter what kind of arguments one might provide or how many months have passed since the thought was entertained.

  • Mairwen
  • Lynessa
  • Seanait
  • Brendolyn
  • Nolwenn


If there’s one thing she’s never doing again, it’s traveling away from home. For a day, or two at best, sure, but longer than that is a big no for her ever since her family was ambushed on the road, leaving her as the only survivor of that gruesome incident.

  • Fianait
  • Winnifred
  • Fionnghuala
  • Honora


While still in her pre-life Dream, she began hearing a certain voice calling to her, all but guiding her towards this bright light that slowly but surely continues to come closer and closer, and she truly believes it is time for her to receive the greatest gift so far.

  • Rhedyn
  • Christal
  • Garia
  • Adenydd
  • Cody

Male Sylvari Names

When going to war, or when some other situation requires it, they make weapons and armor out of organic material, and sometimes even grow protective bark and spines from their own body.

  • Gromer
  • Perceval
  • Euan
  • Carrow
  • Adam
  • Bran
  • Dubhdara
  • Kywrkh


Protecting others has been the most fulfilling job he ever had, and he hasn’t changed it since the first time he started it. Today, with a lot more experience, he’s running his own business where he offers seasonal guards for caravans and any other travelers in need of protection.

  • Twrgadarn
  • Trynt
  • Gryphin
  • Baeddan
  • Margh


After getting rescued by a group of merry travelers, he decided to join them as they were going in the same direction. As the days went by, he realized they were a rather good and fun company, and they felt the same, so they all decided to welcome him into their ranks for good.

  • Aibne
  • Ailfrid
  • Angus
  • Darby


The first thing you notice when you meet him is his calmness, even compared to his kin, something that slowly transforms into wisdom as you spend more time talking. This impression of him somehow manages to linger on for quite some time after ways are parted.

  • Shannon
  • Morgannwg
  • Macauley
  • Norris
  • Ofydd

Sylvari are a young race who recently began to come alive. While most races are born, they are plant humanoids who awaken from the Dream, a pre-life state where the past knowledge acquired during that dream stays with them. They are honest and direct, a society where honor matters and all knowledge is welcomed, and their inquisitive minds guide them towards traveling the world where they can constantly gain new experiences. Think about where the character sprouted, who might be their nearby family, is there any special task they have today, are there any future goals, and think of a name worthy of this honorable and curious approach to life this race takes.

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