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By my word, by my honor, I vow to avenge all our families and bring fury down upon those who have wronged us. They will suffer what we have, tenfold, and I will not rest until all of them lay dead. I am Hordr Hardblade, and this I swear on my life.

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Joreior Hastingkin

Sigurdur Geirrodrson

Guorior the Traitor

Niobjorg Battlesteel

Hanna the Lost

Asa the Agonizer

Haki the Eternal

Hjørdis Guthfrithdottir

Hastein Hroarson

Awai Pyrewhisper

Ingrid the Insane

Thorbjorn Shadowfury

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While they resemble Viking-like humans, they stand around nine feet tall and are often described as giants, and their prowess in battle is surpassed only by their sense of honor, a foundation that makes their society what it is today.

Hunting is a big part of their culture and everyone goes on the Great Hunt, as they call it, a sort of a becoming-of-age ritual, and this is also most often the first time they either discover they can shapeshift or, at the very least, put it to use for the first time.

Norn value individual feats above all else, and many stories describe their brave deeds, deeds that have brought glory and made their names known, names such as Ulfhildr Sharpmaul, Inga Snowdream, Ulfhedin Proudsong, and Gisl the Lost.

Good Norn Names

As individual values are looked upon favorably by society, many Norns embrace the nickname their actions earned them, after which it becomes a part of their name and their identity as a whole.

  • Sumarlidi Rockbreeze
  • Gunnsteinn Deathcut
  • Aslakr Deepbrace
  • Gorm the Fallen
  • Bryn-Thvari the Insane
  • Snow the Silent
  • Rodrekr Farsword
  • Jarnskeggi Stonedream

Vermundr Stormaxe

The way he wields his two axes in battle is a sight to behold, just as violent as the wind that blows during a hailstorm, or the way a hurricane blows past pretty much anything in front, and he got his name after the very first fight, back when he was but fourteen years old.

  • Thorri the Ancient
  • Torf-Einar the Frozen
  • Ulfliotr Hellbringer
  • Hygelac Battleslayer
  • Haki the Eternal

Karr Boneslayer

The only magic he witness was foul necromancy when his family was killed, only to be raised as the undead. He vowed to revenge his family, and soon he soon did just so but it wasn’t enough, and so he continues to roam the lands, attacking any and all undead on sight.

  • Glaedir the Chaotic
  • Weland Stonecut
  • Guthfrith Deepfury
  • Hunbogi Eaglewhisper

Arnlaugr the Restless

After he lost his wife, his one and true love, his soulmate, to a horrible disease, he became increasingly nervous, impatient, and more anxious in general. This would be a problem on its own, most likely, but the fact that it has affected all his decisions lately during a war has many council members questioning his ability for rational thinking.

  • Snaekolf Wararm
  • Reyrketill Hellforge
  • Nattfari the Thunder
  • Astrador the Subtle
  • Thidrandi the Damned

Female Norn Names

Before they marry, both sides need to prove they are worthy by achieving notable individual feats during their lives, and both genders are considered equal when it comes to having opportunities to show off their skills.

  • Hjalmgeror Hellwolf
  • Geirny the Cruel
  • Asa the Agonizer
  • Signy the Agonizer
  • Halla the Traitor
  • Kaolin the Fallen
  • Bera Bjarkadottir
  • Asdis Fistdream

Asa Laughingsteel

The way the steel sings when she bangs her hammer, shaping it into anything she wants, must be the sweetest sound to her ears, and she’s very much proud of his little shop that has been growing ever since it opened, and is now one of the more famous smithies in the whole city.

  • Isgeror Skullarm
  • Ingvill Hillbeard
  • Moeior Jorundrdottir
  • Bot the Corrupted
  • Jorunn Fridgeirdottir

Julie Bankakin

Some say she is mad, some say she’s just grieving in a different way, but the truth is she just loves to fight and there’s nothing more that needs to be said. She fights whenever she can, with whoever is in front of her, and at any time of day, and unleashes the fury that has been rarely seen, by anyone anywhere.

  • Amalie the Corrupted
  • Inger Endridadottir
  • Lene Rockbasher
  • Aegileif Lonewalker

Kristina the Riddle

The mind is the sharpest and most potent weapon they all possess, or so she claims. Good steel in hand is one thing but the power she wields, magic that can heal wounds and all but raise one from the dead, is not to be trifled with.

  • Kristin Svartrkin
  • Birna Arnlaugrkin
  • Jorun the Traitor
  • Katie Snowwinds
  • Thorelfr Sotadottir

Male Norn Names

Often described as giants, these strong Viking-like humanoids keep honor in the highest regard and think of it as one of the foundations that keep their society as stable as it is nowadays.

  • Mottull Marson
  • Thorgestr Lambson
  • Weland Earthforge
  • Kar Clanshaper
  • Helgi the Just
  • Sokki the Thunder
  • Trandil Mountainbrace
  • Knorr Rocksteel

Hyrningr the Conquerer

Uniting all five clans living in the same mountains, this brave Norn went on to subjugate all kingdoms of the region before returning to his throne, back home. The years were plentiful while it all lasted, and his people flourished, but now that he’s become old the only thing he wants is to ride our one last time and die with his axe in hand.

  • Naddod Ironbrace
  • Varin Stonerider
  • Helgi Hyrningrkin
  • Hiallkarr Steinarson
  • Kolbein the Enigma

Thorleifr the Terror

His army’s chanting can be heard long before it can be seen, and this has been all orchestrated by him and his council of mages. Using their magic to enhance the voices of his soldiers, he uses it to great effect as the enemy’s morale keeps plummeting with each chorus.

  • Surtr Dawnhide
  • Saemingr Star-Oddason
  • Asgautr Ivarson
  • Thorarin the Chaotic

Oleg Strongmaul

The twohanded maul he carries is so heavy that it almost shouldn’t be possible to lift it, let alone wield it in a fight, yet his swings are like poetry in motion, as if he was a giant wielding a small magical branch that somehow crushed anything it touched, sending the poor victims flying aside.

  • Jatmundr the Subtle
  • Oscytel Valgardson
  • Karr Darksplitter
  • Skirnir the Thunder
  • Brodd Heardredson

Norns are often mistaken for giants as the average height is nine feet, though the differences are clear as soon as one speaks. They are taught that being honorable and keeping a word is the very foundation of their lives, as well as martial prowess being the most important skill for anyone to have. As a rite of adulthood, they go on the Great Hunt, and this is one of many situations where they use their shapeshifting abilities, transforming into a mighty beast that shows no mercy. Think about where the character was born, how did they grow up, what values have they been instilled with, what are their current goals, and think of a name worthy of the honorable life this character will lead.

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