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“Ever worked with your hands, made something that lasts?” Jacob Yoder asked, the glow of the setting sun reflecting in his deep-set eyes. “That’s what our life is – a carefully crafted piece that withstands the test of time.”

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Tucked away from the modern hustle-bustle, the Amish community remains a fascinating encapsulation of simplicity and tradition. Rooted in 16th-century European Anabaptist traditions, the Amish found their way to American soil in the early 18th century, primarily settling in Pennsylvania. Their quiet resilience and commitment to community-centric, simple lifestyles serve as a living testament to values and traditions that many modern societies have long since let go.

An Amish name mirrors these profound roots, often reflecting biblical influences and family heritage. The Amish, known for their humility and modesty, prefer names that are solid, strong, and uncomplicated. They often choose traditional biblical names, linking generations together through shared appellations. Surnames, meanwhile, trace back to early Amish ancestors, creating a clear lineage of family connections and shared history.

The beauty of Amish names lies in their timeless elegance and significant legacy. They eschew the trends of the time, choosing instead to bestow names that have been passed down through generations, names that carry weight and history. Each name serves as a quiet tribute to their faith, their past, and their unyielding sense of community.

Good Amish Names

What makes a good Amish name? It is the resonance of simplicity, the whisper of legacy, and the nod to their humble lifestyle. These names, steady as the people who bear them, need no fanfare to make their presence felt. Here are some fine examples:

  • Reuben Lapp
  • Tamara Gascho
  • Elijah King
  • Ruth Beiler

David Yoder

David Yoder, a humble carpenter like his father and grandfather before him, pours his heart into every piece he creates. In the quiet corners of his workshop, under the watchful eyes of his ancestors’ portraits, David’s story quietly unfolds.

  • Levi Fisher
  • Esther Esh
  • Daniel Miller
  • Mary Schwartz

Aaron Zook

Aaron Zook, the local school teacher, believes in the transformative power of education. Every day, as he stands before a classroom of bright, curious eyes, he’s reminded of his vital role in shaping the future of his community.

  • Miriam Strubhar
  • Jacob Schrock
  • Rebecca Hostetler
  • Samuel Lantz

Abana Miller

Abana Miller’s life is a testament to the power of resilience. From nurturing a bountiful garden every year to managing the daily affairs of a bustling household, she’s a silent pillar of her family, making the extraordinary look ordinary.

  • Josiah Kauffman
  • Rachel Hershberger
  • Ezra Stutzman
  • Miriam Peachey

Pediah Bachman

Pediah Bachman, the village blacksmith, carries the stories of the community within him. Each clang of his hammer on the anvil is a note in the symphony of their collective journey, a testament to their shared heritage and values.

Female Amish Names

Amish women are known for their strength, humility, and commitment to family and community. Their names reflect these attributes, bearing witness to their quiet power and unwavering spirit. Here are some memorable examples:

  • Abigail Lapp
  • Elizabeth Stoltzfus
  • Sarah King
  • Rebecca Beiler

Ada Hartzler

Ada Hartzler’s quilts are more than just beautiful artifacts. Each stitch is a part of a greater tapestry, encapsulating love, care, and years of tradition. The vibrant patterns whisper tales of togetherness, resilience, and love, wrapping the holder in a comforting embrace.

  • Aridatha Petershwim
  • Miriam Esh
  • Nazarene Keim
  • Annabelle Lynch

Rachel Zook

Rachel Zook’s strength doesn’t roar; it whispers. Whether it’s waking up before dawn to prepare meals, tending to the livestock, or nurturing the young minds of her children, Rachel’s life is a testament to the steady, uncelebrated strength of Amish women.

  • Vashti Eicher
  • Martha Schrock
  • Ruth Hostetler
  • Naomi Lantz

Emma Mast

Emma Mast has a song in her heart and a smile that can light up a room. Though her days are filled with hard work, she finds joy in the simplest of things – a sunrise, a blooming flower, or the laughter of children.

  • Susannah Kauffman
  • Lydia Hershberger
  • Eva Stutzman
  • Maria Peachey

Emmeline Holt

Emmeline Holt, the community’s midwife, has ushered countless new lives into the world. Her hands, skilled and tender, have provided comfort and care to generations of Amish families, making her an indispensable thread in the fabric of their lives.

Male Amish Names

The names of Amish men echo with strength, steadfastness, and a deep connection to their faith and community. These names, resonating with simplicity and a deep-rooted sense of identity, stand tall against the test of time.

  • Elijah Lapp
  • Zadok Stahley
  • Daniel King
  • Jonas Beiler

Barabbas Belsley

Barabbas Belsley, a gifted carpenter, imbues each creation with a piece of his spirit. His works, from the sturdiest of barns to the delicate cradle rocking in a corner, tell a tale of his dedication, skill, and love for his community.

  • Isaac Fisher
  • Reuel Brenneman
  • John Miller
  • Joseph Schwartz

Shaphan Sweitzer

As the sun dips below the horizon, you can often find Shaphan Sweitzer, the local farmer, still toiling away in the fields. His labor, a love letter to the land, feeds not just his family, but also the spirit of the community.

  • Zion Schertz
  • Jonah Schrock
  • Josiah Hostetler
  • Benjamin Lantz

Asa Nafziger

Asa Nafziger, with his well-worn hat and a smile that wrinkles the corners of his eyes, is a familiar figure in the heart of the community. As the village baker, his delicious pastries are a staple at every meal, filling their lives with sweetness and warmth.

  • Ethan Kauffman
  • Reuben Hershberger
  • Ezra Stutzman
  • Levi Peachey

Caleb Troyer 

Caleb Troyer, with his patient eyes and steady hands, is the trusted veterinarian of the community. His deep love for animals and his commitment to their well-being mirrors the harmonious coexistence of the Amish with the natural world.


Did you enjoy your journey through the lanes of Amish names? The significance of these names extends beyond the realms of individual identity; they are a reflection of a way of life, a testament to a community’s undying commitment to its values. We hope this guide provided valuable insights and inspiration for your character creation journey. If you enjoyed the read or if it sparked any ideas, we would love to hear about it. Feel free to drop a comment below and share this article with your friends, fellow writers, and game creators. Happy naming!

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