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“It’s good to see you, boys. Today, we’re all in this together, so I expect everyone to do their jobs and behave as if we were the same unit. Lieutenant Raines, gather your men, the right flank is yours. And keep your eyes open, the enemy can and will be everywhere.”

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Mari K. Eder

Danelle Barrett

Ellington Julia Christine

Brown Porsha Shauntal

Defilippo Christopher

Donna Feigley Barbisch

Camille M. Nichols

Cerqueira Nicole Sara

Foster Ian Michael

Ahkee Fiataugaluia

Carney Alexander Leighton

Garcia Aaron Daniel

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A soldier is a person serving in an army, regardless of whether they were conscripted or voluntarily enlisted, or the rank they might have, as the rules they abide by are more or less the same for each and everyone one of them.

Unfortunately, the world has always needed soldiers, and while they can live in a different country, serve a different army, follow a different objective, and use different weapons, things like training, courage, willpower, and skill in battle remain the same.

As the backbone of any army, soldiers get into all kinds of dangerous situations, and when they manage to overcome their fear, the deeds they do make them famous, with names like Marcus Cassius Scaeva, William Marshal, and Turenne.

Good Soldier Names

Every country in the world has soldiers, and it’s normal the names are very different from one to another, yet the deeds those soldiers perform in war contain courage and have marked their names for all but eternity.

  • George “Grey Wolf” Crook
  • Desmond Doss
  • Audie Murphy
  • Simo Häyhä
  • Davy Crockett
  • Horatio Nelson
  • Crazy Horse
  • Carlos Hathcock

Lyudmila Pavlichenko

A sniper in World War II who was credited with over three hundred kills, a record that made her the most successful female sniper in history. She was injured by a mortar shell but managed to survive and recover, and proceeded to continue her service by training new snipers.

  • Alvin York
  • Doris Miller
  • Erich Hartmann
  • Hans-Ulrich Rudel
  • Kazimierz Pułaski

Henry Johnson

Despite suffering almost two dozen wounds, he single-handedly stopped an enemy group of more than twenty soldiers from breaking the line, where he killed several and wounded the rest, and as if that wasn’t enough, he saved a fellow soldier’s life in a life-threatening situation.

  • George S. Patton
  • Tibor Rubin
  • Lewis Millett
  • Arrow Dorfan
  • Leigh Ann Hester

Roman Soldier Names

Roman soldiers served in the famous Legions, fought as organized units wielding shields, spears, and swords, and they were a part of a great empire and a time in history when anything seemed possible.

  • Paullus Curtius Crispin
  • Spurius Cloelius Marsus
  • Numerius Paesentius Lucullus
  • Septimus Gratidius Farus
  • Placus Hortensius Ursacius
  • Marcus Loreius Grattus
  • Mamercus Tuccius Augustus
  • Amulius Vibidius Margarita

Gaius Festinius Aruns

Having been through two wars and numerous battles, he’s one of the greatest veterans the army has. As a part of the reward for his loyal service, he’s been given a piece of land where now his wife and three children eagerly await his return.

  • Secundus Socellius Pelagius
  • Herius Bruttius Pennus
  • Mamercus Salvius Trifer
  • Numerius Ceionius Rufinianus
  • Manius Veturius Tibullus

Numerius Quirinius Varus

After narrowly escaping a lethal ambush, he and another three soldiers were one of the rare survivors, and after seeing such carnage they decided to abandon the army and start a mercenary band. Today, they travel the roads in search of a better fortune, hoping they don’t meet anyone who could recognize them.

  • Caius Dexsius Decianus
  • Flavius Antius Calvus
  • Decius Fadius Fructosis
  • Galerius Octavius Irenaeus
  • Secundus Veturius Hirpinius

Greek Soldier Names

In ancient Greece, for example, soldiers were called hoplites, and they fought with round shields and long spears and had a servant or a slave to carry their weapons and equipment.

  • Minoas Athanakis
  • Evripidis Gerotis
  • Manousos Xeniadis
  • Nikos Biratos
  • Sakis Spirelis
  • Emilios Zervoglou
  • Savvas Agnopoulos
  • Grigorios Logoglou

Alexios Sidereas

As a member of an elite unit trained by the general himself, he enjoys a great reputation among his fellow warriors but also enemies as well as his unit is known to be made of some of the toughest, bravest, and strongest warriors of his time.

  • Stefanos Gianas
  • Vasso Nanakos
  • Aristarchos Christallis
  • Raphail Saleas
  • Marinos Mattelis

Michalis Barbellis

After losing his eye in battle, his recovery took longer than expected, and by the time he could return the war was all but over. Nowadays, unemployed and down on his luck, he’s searching for anyone needing protection or in the need of some muscle so that he can put his skills to use and forget about the past.

  • Filippos Christallis
  • Athanasios Zerveas
  • Vissarion Thanellis
  • Theofylaktos Matakos
  • Serapheim Zerveas

Badass Soldier Names

Some soldiers perform such feats that they get noticed and heard about, oftentimes receiving a medal, reward, or some other type of recognition for their bravery and resourcefulness on the battlefield.

  • George “Grey Wolf” Crook
  • Ragnor Lodbrok
  • Alexander the Great
  • Spartacus
  • Davy Crockett
  • Saladin
  • Crazy Horse
  • William Wallace

 Hannibal Barca

He was a great general who is best known for having made his way all the way to Rome, only to be stopped by the lack of food and resources. His strategies have also been studied for a long time, and continue to be so by many modern researchers.

  • Genghis Khan
  • William the Conqueror
  • Achilles
  • Richard The Lionheart
  • Simon Bolivar

Miyamoto Musashi

Aside from being the most famous swordsman in history, he was also a strategist, philosopher, and writer, and he was undefeated in all of his 61 duels. He also invented his own style of fighting, and the two books he wrote about life and swordsmanship are still studied to this very day.

  • Julius Caesar
  • Sitting Bull
  • Sun Tzu
  • Leonidas
  • T.E. Lawrence

Whether they are a part of a standing army, volunteers, militia, or special service, soldiers make up the main part of any army, and while only men used to fight in the past, nowadays both males and females can. Various different roles are filled by the soldiers, and each of them possesses certain expertise and knowledge that can turn the tide of battle at any point in time. Think about where the character was born, what kind of life they had, what life values they learned while growing up, did they have any training and where, are there any special achievements they’ve done, and think of a name worthy of the courage needed to function on the battlefield.

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