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“‘Tis no mere orc army, boy, but a ravaging horde unified under a single banner, all fighting for the same purpose. There’s irony in all of this, as their original goal was to raise their old king from the dead but a new leader arose along the way, one that managed to surpass the king himself, it seems, and his name is Lionfang.”

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In fantasy, last names can often seem like nicknames, names that were given by others for some famous or notorious deed, though they can also be misinterpreted as one, depending on the name itself and the person who’s making the observation.

A surname can also serve as a sort of introduction to the character, especially if the first name is still unknown, where it provides a certain dose of insight into how they might look and who they might be, all the while allowing the mystery to still exist.

Many races have surnames and they are all unique in their own way but the actions of the individual are what makes them known across countries, regions, and even kingdoms, names like Stormvale, Lighthand, Sharpfist, Blackgaze, and Stoutshout.

Good Fantasy Last Names

A good fantasy last name often contains words existing in the environment they grew up or live in, but can also be something that describes a certain exploit and deed they are most known for.

  • Covenslayer
  • Deadvalor
  • Lightningbough
  • Gloomsworn
  • Blazescar
  • Greensorrow
  • Hydrashade
  • Ashmore


Moving as silently as a cat, this elf’s skills are legendary, and she’s considered one of the most notorious individuals in the whole region, where everyone knows no one’s safe, rich or poor, should she have a reason to mark them as her next target.

  • Laughingweaver
  • Freebough
  • Oceanwound
  • Pyrespear
  • Tallbrook
  • Leafgust
  • Feathermourn
  • Noblelash
  • Proudwater
  • Deadpike


His relative inexperience in snowy terrain almost cost him his life as he fell into a yeti ambush, though luckily for him he was a part of a caravan and he managed to get away with minor wounds only. Still, the freezing weather and lack of food and water could soon become a major problem but if anyone has any chance of surviving it’s him and his famous tenacity.

  • Shieldthorn
  • Burninggrove
  • Gloomlash
  • Forestsong
  • Fistspell
  • Gloomcutter
  • Casklight
  • Flamesnout
  • Wiseeye
  • Fallenbrand
  • Axesurge


Family’s name is what lives on, and this wise old man has dedicated his whole life to that principle, where all his decisions were backed by the intention to secure a bright future for them all. Unfortunately, the family has amassed a fair share of enemies, and the future has never been as uncertain as it was the last couple of weeks.

  • Sternhand
  • Barleybane
  • Truthsnarl
  • Fuseglory
  • Mistfury
  • Cloudwater
  • Foggazer
  • Icecut
  • Runemane
  • Fulltaker


The connection to his patron, still an unknown entity of obvious great power, has been fruitful for both, as he continues to search the land for a set of ancient scrolls. Hoping to find the last one in the forgotten tomb he just discovered, he should soon be able to perform a ghastly summoning ritual where hell just might literally get loose.

  • Earthbend
  • Snakewatcher
  • Dreamblight
  • Hallowmark
  • Rainbeard
  • Proudsnout
  • Grassbender
  • Dawnspell
  • Sagehell
  • Clearshaper


Fighting with two axes, this orc is a menace on the battlefield, and with rage fueling his skills he is able to rampage through the enemy lines like a steel dagger through a thin cloth. The other warriors started taking notice, and a duel for leadership between him and the current leader is looking more and more likely by the hour, despite him looking content in his current role.

  • Axedraft
  • Fusevalor
  • Bloodtree
  • Rapidspell
  • Cinderscar
  • Spiderspell
  • Ashbrand
  • Truththorne
  • Crowshaper
  • Freesteam


While his real last name is different, he got the current one for his actions on the battlefield, in the Battle of the Bay. Charging in on his warhorse, accompanied by dozens of knights, he stormed the enemy lines from behind, completely surprising them, and wetted his lance in hot orc blood by slaying more than a hundred of them.

  • Distantbow
  • Greenpunch
  • Dirgebrooke
  • Redblaze
  • Blackglade
  • Phoenixspark
  • Frostwoods
  • Thunderhammer
  • Hazewhisper
  • Orbbow

While the first name is something that’s certainly more intimate than the last name, the surname is often more spoken of, both in a formal and informal manner, and the actions of those individuals bring as much glory to their lineage as they do to themselves. On the other hand, sometimes the last name is given to by others, and such a name often echoes throughout the ages for all the great things they managed to achieve. Think about what race the character belongs to and where were they born, what did they learn as they grew up, what skills did they acquire, what goals might they now have, and think of the last name worthy of all the renown they will surely acquire in their travels.

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