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Steampunk Name Generator & Backstories

“You have me at a disadvantage, sir” said Sir Nigel Heselarton into the darkness.
“And at a disadvantage you shall remain” came the gruff reply, before a blitzing sound of lighting arced through the air towards the good gentleman.

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Wilfred Cotton Throgmorton

Jonas Philander Cook

Geneve Keturah Featherstonehaugh

Emeline Felicia Fuzzey

Zephaniah Phileas Baker

Louisa America Cleverly

Remember Orpha Mannerings

Rowland Andy Whiting

Algernon Merrill Wallace

Ada Dinah Bowyer

Dorcas Almyra Trigg

Hermione Miranda Featherstone

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Steampunk is one of the most iconic aesthetics one could choose for a setting, taking Victorian England and turning it on its head with steam, magic, and supernatural occurrences. Here are some suitably steampunk names for all your adventuring needs!

Good Steampunk Names

Good steampunk names carry with them a certain amount of pomp and ceremony, instilling a grandiose nature that befits the proud yet strange nature of the setting.

  • Nat Lancelot Cook
  • Jonas Philander Cook
  • George Isaac Cogwright
  • Zachariah James Norris
  • Geoffrey Nimrod Gooding
  • Maynard Alan Castleton
  • Emanuel Zephaniah Glass
  • Andrew Emmett Brock
  • Herbert Mavromichali Train
  • Jeremiah Roderick Atwood
  • Jessica Selina Darknoll

Rowena Nettie Yorke

Rowena Yorke pioneered technology that would later come to be known as the lasik-cannon. Using steammagic to blast pure light at her enemies, vaporizing them instantly.

  • Bernice Hettie Barman
  • Verd Laura Cogsmith
  • Deborah Isabella Sparks
  • Matilda Cicely Deal
  • Preshea Aphra Gosling
  • Agnes Frances Bridges
  • Audrey Polly Askew
  • Louisa America Cleverly
  • Theophilus Truth Cadwell
  • Nigel Zachariah Heselarton
  • Will Emanuel Anvil
  • Zeke Rowland Chandler
  • Vash Nathaniel Littlechild
  • Josephus Morris Norris

Female Steampunk Names

Female steampunk names take their cues from our general recommendations, but have a certain flow to them that begets the deadly elegance so characteristic of women in steampunk settings.

  • Livilla Ada Lewkenor
  • Ada Dinah Bowyer
  • Charlotte Zylphia Bleeze
  • Laurinda Rosalie Rowley
  • Ella Tabitha Wedge
  • Silvia Hecuba Belcher
  • Augustina Comfort Featherstonehaugh
  • Beatrice Hecuba Kingsland
  • Geneve Keturah Featherstonehaugh
  • Dorcas Almyra Trigg
  • Ava Louise Palmer
  • Abby Ada Burnet

Hortense Amaryllis Aldridge

Hortense Amaryllis Aldridge was the proprietor of an unsuspecting beauty salon on Main Street that functioned as the secret entrance to the Black Edge theive’s guild.

  • Jennie Wilhelmina Parson
  • Gertrude Adeline Windlass
  • Celia Mattie Marsh
  • Adrianna Arabella Sterling
  • Hattie Lorena Goodall
  • Silvia Rosamund Copper
  • Verity Comfort Brogley
  • Portia Bessie Cooper
  • Hortence Letitia Winterman
  • Zylphia Mahulda Pinch
  • Dora Phoebe Pocket
  • Selina Mahala Chandler
  • Amaryllis Dorcas Brownsmith
  • Zebulon Lucas Bucket

Male Steampunk Names

Prestige is the name of the game when it comes to Male steampunk names, a certain poshness is implied, but given a sci-fi/fantasy edge.

  • Alban Phillip Stonor
  • Charles Geoffrey Parsons
  • Zophar Ezra Goodenough
  • Elihu Jacob Flint
  • Patrick Bramwell Sterling
  • Philbert Ned Bridges
  • Tim Elijah Doughtry
  • Garrett Jared Brattle
  • Tim Drew Addle
  • Hiram Jeptha Cholmondeley
  • Lew Archie Radcliff
  • Barnabas Roger Catchpole

Abraham Zachariah Anvil

Abraham Anvil was master of the guard for the secretive Lord Pennywhence, and defended his estate’s grounds from many would-be intruders before unfortunately succumbing to werewolf attack.

  • Zephaniah Phileas Baker
  • Matthew Vincent Bowles
  • Wilfred Cotton Throgmorton
  • Isaiah Constant Ward
  • Jefferson Nimrod Claringbold
  • Dan Bramwell Tinker
  • Martin Frederick Whiting
  • Israel Lucius Herndon
  • Jethro Anthony Buckle
  • Samuel Perry Harriden
  • Sydney Eli Bucket
  • Alban Joseph Trigg

That concludes our list of Steampunk names, we hope you like them! Be sure to comment your favorite down below in the comment section, and remember to share this article with a friend or two if it provided you with some inspiration!

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