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Renaissance Name Generator & Backstories

Hannequin Trintignant strapped down the final buckles of the harness around his waist and shoulders, and placed his feet into the makeshift stirrups. With a final glance to the wings of the device above him, he kicked off, and launched himself in the flying machine down into empty air….

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Agnola Barbolini

Baltasar de Merlo

Hugo Cailloux

Lapaccio Pisani

Adilidis Crevier

Savastian Ferrer

Eustace Lave

Arnth Staÿmer

Gavriel Villanova

Baltasara de Gareta

Lavinia Gorste

Anichino Babilonio

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The Renaissance is a fascinating period of time, overflowing with invention, adventure, and art. Here are some Renaissance names that capture the essence of this wonderful period of European history.

Good Renaissance Names

Good Renaissance Names should reflect the nature of the time period as one of constant discovery and adventure in a cultural melting pot.

  • Elert Swertferger
  • Tilcke Núfringer
  • Tilicke Rotemburg
  • Andreas Hagen
  • Konrad Visel
  • Nolte Mafftz
  • Cort Dormettinger
  • Harmen Lidringen
  • Cordt Wagner
  • Arnth Staÿmer

Otily Hirten

Otily Hirten become a world-renowned navigator when I first charted the Argani Passage and turned it into a major trade route.

  • Luke Marttis
  • Bytzel Hildprands
  • Magdalen Bletzen
  • Trubin Kúnßhain
  • Gera Endingerin
  • Reynse Zepffenhain
  • Appolonia Loffen
  • Yrmel Louffen
  • Gertrudt Brendlin

Italian Renaissance Names

Following the structure of the Italian language and naming conventions, Italian Renaissance names have a certain bouncy flow to them, check it out:

  • Anichino Babilonio
  • Lando Zustignan
  • Giannozzo Carafa
  • Guidobaldo de Abagio
  • Niccolaio Contarini
  • Bonsi Arcimboldo
  • Nencio Marcello
  • Lorenzo Luppi
  • Girolamo Veneziano
  • Baldassarr Caladri

Agnella Ghezzo

Agnella Ghezzo was head of the famous Ghezzetti, a performing troupe of dancers who moonlit as secret assassins.

  • Cicilia Gonzaga
  • Cristina Bonzi
  • Belloza de Alberinis
  • Nicolosa de Albertis
  • Agnola Barbolini
  • Marieta de Fiandkonis
  • Gemma Zane
  • Helena Dalle Boccole
  • Adrianna Giustiniani

French Renaissance Names

French Renaissance names can be very fun, thanks to the French language’s use of interesting vowel sounds, silent letters, and accent marks.

  • Dionisia Bonnet
  • Avitia Joguet
  • Lutia Charrier
  • Amable Chaney
  • Hildiarda Gaubert
  • Hathvisa Bain
  • Gratia Moitessier
  • Adilidis Crevier
  • Agnes Duchemin
  • Regina Léger

Phelippot Jacquemoud

Phelippot Jacquemoud was a bard of considerable renown, responsible for starting a new trend of Royal Satire –  for which he was subsequently executed.

  • Oudart Durand
  • Hugo Cailloux
  • Gamet Trouvé
  • Hannequin Trintignant
  • Pierrey Thibodeau
  • Perrin Le Tonnelier
  • Yvo Serre
  • Lucas Devereaux
  • Houdretus Carré

Spanish Renaissance Names

Spanish Renaissance names have a few quirks of their own thanks to a couple of unique vowel sounds and letter combinations, we’ve represented a few of them here below:

  • Jorge de Tolosa
  • Johanes de Salonia
  • Juanes de Almendara
  • Llorenco Bamonte
  • Çino de Salinas
  • Pero de Fez
  • Fulgencio de Peraça
  • Julian de Aguayo
  • Savastian Ferrer
  • Suero de Oñate

Angela de Velasquillo

Angela de Velasquillo was a mercenary who collected the teeth of his fallen enemies and had them gilded before displaying them in jars at his home.

  • Maria de Robles
  • Brianda Cotado
  • Baltasara de Gareta
  • Magdalena Vela
  • Aularia de Horduña
  • Hieronyma de Alva
  • Elbira de Cuenca
  • Dionisa de Segovia
  • María del Camp

That’s all for now on the topic of Renaissance names! We hope you found some wonderful inspiration for your own games and stories. Be sure to comment your favorite name below if you have one, and share the article around with your fellow creative friends!

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