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Trivia Team Name Generator

“And now the next question, folks. What was the first feature-length animated movie ever released? The team in the back, the black table near the window buzzed in first. You are The Knowing Stones, and your answer is?”

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Last Alliance Of Geeks And Men

We Know

The Red Winning

I got 99 problems


Off One’s Tree

Snitches Get Stitches

Faulty In Numbers

Fit As A Filthy


Spitting Damage


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Trivia games are competitions where people, or teams of people, are asked questions about various interesting but mostly unimportant facts concerning topics such as sports, countries, cultures, locations, music, movies, and life in general.

Participating in such occasions can be a reward in itself, and the best way to introduce yourself and your friends is to have a catchy team name, something that will attract attention, whether it’s funny, clever, inappropriate, or anything of the sort.

Considering the nature of the competition and a potential theme it might have, you can use it as a guide to creating an appropriate team name, one that can provide memorable moments on its own, such as Comfortably Dumb or Let’s Get Quizzical.

Good Trivia Team Names

A good trivia team name is often a product of wordplay, whether it’s on a movie name, a song, or any words that can be related to such topics and be used in a witty way.

  • Quizard Of Oz
  • Herd Of Nerds
  • Quaz The Night Before Quizmas
  • Earth, Win And Fire
  • Smarty Pints
  • Victourious Secret
  • Beer Pressure
  • Jeopardy Rejects
  • Masterminds
  • Trebek’s Trekkers
  • Honey I Shrunk The Quiz
  • One Team To Rule Them All
  • Spill The Trivia
  • The A Team
  • Quizipedia
  • The Wizipedias
  • Know It Alls
  • Never Gonna Quix You Up
  • Tequila Mockingbird
  • The Tree Must Get Beers

Funny Trivia Team Names

Trivia is about knowledge but also a way to have fun, and having a funny team name can certainly make a grand introduction on its own, as well as prove you’re not just another average participant but someone who’s ready for whatever is to come.

  • Quarenteams
  • Stay At Homies
  • Haus Arrest
  • Zoom Zealots
  • Skype Scoundrels
  • Couch Winners
  • Google Geeks
  • Loser Launchers
  • Whining Winners
  • Bingo Wings
  • Quizanthemums
  • Quiz Pro Quo
  • The Right Guess
  • Let’s Get Quizzical
  • Kids Who Can’t Read Good
  • Stupid Is As Stupid Does
  • Gilligans I-win
  • Cereal Killers
  • I Am Smarticas
  • Risky Quizness

Clever Trivia Team Names

When we say “that’s a clever name”, it usually means it is a particular mix of the owner’s originality and an existing name, something that offers insight into the creativity and cleverness that can seldom be ignored.

  • Houston We Have A Mistake
  • Simple Minds
  • Googling Everything
  • Alibi In The Making
  • Know It Ales
  • Blood Sweat And Beers
  • Liver Let Die
  • The Three Must Get Beers
  • Win Or Booze
  • Taking Care Of Quizness
  • Spanish Inquizition
  • Quaranqueens
  • Smelly Cats
  • Born To Runner Up
  • Just Finished Netflix
  • Get Locked Down, Get Back Up Again
  • Flu Fighters
  • Lockdown Ladies
  • Cool Cats And Kittens
  • Lets Get Ready To Stumble

Inappropriate Trivia Team Names

Sometimes the inappropriate is what everyone is looking for and even expects, and these kinds of names can introduce another layer of humor, as well as lift everyone’s spirits from the get-go.

  • Egghead Idiots
  • Sex, Drugs & Dogs
  • Banana Strippers
  • Loss Angels Creepers
  • The Graveyard Shit
  • A Piss Of Cake
  • Need Jerk Reaction
  • By The Gross Of God
  • Ignore The Clock
  • A Junky Break
  • Whole New Balls Game
  • Milk My Words
  • Jingle Ballers
  • The Farting Carpet
  • Snow White & 7 Dopers
  • Cinderella Affairs
  • Womb Raiders
  • Walking Stalking Stephen Hawking
  • Holly Nutcrackers
  • Dad’s Dog’s Dead

Trivia games are games where we can test our knowledge, hang out with friends and other like-minded people, and have fun regardless of whether we answered correctly or not. Team names are the first things other people hear, and usually serve to set the tone for the rest of the evening, and this is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity. Think about what trivia game you’re going to, what topics can you expect, what kind of people will most likely play, what type of name could be optimal given all the information you have, and create a team name worthy of remembering for years to come.

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