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Vagabond Name Generator & Backstories

“Sorry to bother you, ma’am, and I hope I’m not scaring you. My clothes are like this as I was, believe it or not, attacked by a badger. A vicious bugger, and if I’m being honest, I’m not sure how I survived. Anyway, may I please ask if you could spare any old clothes by any chance? And perhaps some water, please? Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Urien Waldorf, nice to meet you.”

Generate Names

Druet Coatrel

Terrick Bainard

Aelmar Stonehammer

Aubrei Rosecourt

Everill Arkwright

Isolde Yeomont

Markus Oakenhart

Jasmin Bramble

Durand Lightweather

Holger Bordeaux

Leolfric Whistleworth

Jorin Riverglen

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Vagabonds are people without a home who, seemingly wandering wherever fate takes them, are also referred to as wayfarers, vagrants, and even adventurers. Some see them as lost souls, while others envy their freedom from a safe location.

They travel the world where they want, or where they are able to at the very least and are usually the type of person who doesn’t mind not having everything they need close by, and the lure for unknown locations and people makes them continue on.

Being so used to traveling, the adventuring life suits them more than just fine, and they find themselves in situations after which their actions, and then their names, are remembered, names like Ungren Stow, Gilly Westmere, and Alyna Valenwood.

Good Vagabond Names

The suggestions found in our good vagabond name generator aren’t the only good choices, as much depends on the character’s race and upbringing, where just those things can determine the style of the name.

  • Qwen Daywisher
  • Saphirre Tumble
  • Dagmar
  • Gabriela Swiftly
  • Job Rygax
  • Rose Fairweather
  • Alanus Bramble
  • Odette Windhouse


Anyone who’s known him for a bit longer would tell you he’s a nice guy, though many still don’t understand his need or his will to live such a life, a life of constant moving and traveling where no place can be called home, no matter how long he might stay there.

  • Brynjar Yewbane
  • Rose Nightmane
  • Gunnora
  • Tenanye Claytown
  • Tankard Thumble
  • Clement Thunderbright
  • Annabelle Cookworth
  • Dandi
  • Gerrard Willowcourt
  • Giff Phaelen

Odette Yeowald

Despite finishing high school and even going to a community college for a while, she never really got it going, instead falling in with an unambitious group of people whose highlight of the day was to get drunk in the park, in the middle of a workday, and she’s currently sleeping in one, praying for a solution before the winter comes.

  • Bardol Willowcourt
  • Aldus Redmont
  • Eve Deepwater
  • Landyn Winterbottom
  • Pierce Brawnsome
  • Alyna
  • Pierce Phaelen
  • Thayer La Vache
  • Jasmin Bramble
  • Beatrix Ashworth

Isabelle Zimble

Bella, as she likes to introduce herself, is a cheerful young woman, with blond hair and green eyes, and she’s pleasing to both the brain and the eyes, and this allows her to easily meet new people, thus earning new friends in the process as well.

  • Thora Dankworth
  • Sampson Dimble
  • Conrad
  • Pascal Bramble
  • Eve Mandeville
  • Phillip Knucklebrand
  • Paulina Whytewood
  • Helga Crumley
  • Elof Thorntree
  • Wyatt Fairweather

Brody Stoneheart

Ever since he started listening to the stories about his past ancestors when he was but a young boy, he’s been captivated by them, and soon he started telling some of his own. This quickly evolved into writing, and today he’s traveling the country and writing about anything and everything he feels deserves to be put on paper and to be remembered for years to come.

  • Alvar Beaslbryne
  • Marriot Felwood
  • Durand Joiner
  • Corra Dragomir
  • Engram Godfrey
  • Aelvina Hale
  • Ragna La Vale
  • Gringiore Lanningham
  • Merrick Riverglen
  • Roland Yeohart
  • Arnaldus Tambergoggin

Alexander Grenteville

After slipping on a loose rock, he fell down a steep hill, breaking a rib and two fingers in the process, and earning countless bruises along the way. Not knowing where he was, the night quickly caught up to him, and he’s now struggling to stay alive as he keeps failing to find a way back to any sort of civilization.

  • Vitalis Rosewood
  • Simon Claytown
  • Benger Cloudport
  • Hamlin Lightweather
  • Davitt Payne
  • Baynard Dimble
  • Eleanor Battlebryne
  • Aelmar Mooncourt
  • Dane Thimblelock
  • Phelix Dodd

Randall Klauskraft

As a former blacksmith and generally strong guy, he finds work where strength is needed, often working for a couple of days and moving on afterward as he never preferrs to stay in the same place for too long.

  • Saphirre Stoneport
  • Jeph Flamebard
  • Osborn Whytewood
  • Constance Darmor
  • Mace
  • Engram Yeowald
  • Sabeline Twinstone
  • Temperance Goodfield
  • Hamlin Thimblelock
  • Jaques Lanningham

Depending on their life situation anyone can either choose to become a vagabond or be forced to do so, where the result remains the same. They are without a place they can call home, and lead a life of a wanderer regardless of any potential goals and plans for the future. Think about where the character was born, when did they become a vagabond and why, whose fault was it, how they cope with that, what might their goals be, and think of a name worthy of the uncertainness clouding their every step.

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