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Betazoid Name Generator & Backstories

“If you wish for true insight into what is driving this emotional state, I suggest you consult with Counselor Lacon Oho. Her gifts are particularly fine-tuned. I’m sure she’ll be able to help you in no time!”

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Rorraro Bex

Astrin Nulbrum

Lecih Neim

Uninkun Dol

Oceindrad Sea

Onres Ubraadu

Holliw Gulex

Raroro Rex

Bagun Zai

Etocoh Daa

Acelam Ogra

Noakrom Edrei

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Betazoids (sometimes referred to also as Betazeds) are native to the planet Betazed in the Alpha Quadrant. A culture which developed from a species with innate telepathic gifts, empathy is highly regarded and honestly is a default position in most social interactions.

Betazoid names usually consist of a forename and a surname. The culture has some matriarchal elements, which can be useful to keep in mind. In addition, all Betazoid names generally make strong use of vowels.

Good Betazoid Names

A good Betazoid name consists of both a forename and a surname and makes strong use of vowel sounds.

  • Moadrun Idro
  • Bagun Zai
  • Adoanem Usu
  • Kabbin Buk
  • Enlol Iraidod
  • Alus Ateirak
  • Oasmil Igeide
  • Eikis Avaavam
  • Bigid Ohaim

Ulonlin Edrean

Ulonlin arrived at Starfleet academy with wide and shining eyes and nothing she has experienced so far has managed to diminish her enthusiasm. But she keeps getting flashes of intense emotion. It’s starting to make it hard to focus. But she’ll be fine, right?

  • Loagul Chi
  • Kadod Asut
  • Emonrol Tril
  • Ulin Ruco
  • Okul Mabu
  • Uslil Evaicam
  • Nunol Idraa
  • Taddam Breik
  • Gitrod Gea

Ataaslis Baar

While it’s not generally done, there is a dangerous side to empathy and telepathy, one which merges well with hand-to-hand combat. A skilled empath can use emotional cues to predict and even influence the course of a fight. Ataaslis lives for this. Though he fears anyone ever discovering his secret pleasure.

  • Uneinid Oveat
  • Einem Roive
  • Acah Egeidot
  • Ides Utrade
  • Eitris Daasut

Female Betazoid Names

Female Betazoid names occasionally make use of the letter W coming after a consonant near the beginning of a name.

  • Nummo Chozad
  • Merre Obaita
  • Velo Nena
  • Lwiastro Dunor
  • Tarrat Rilbre
  • Darena Utu
  • Stestrele Ogail
  • Keallare Daan
  • Lirohe Roim

Deassomi Dai

Understanding people is something that is supposed to come naturally to Bewetazoids but Deassomi has always gotten along much better with machines. That’s why she joined Starfleet. To be with machines and away from a culture she didn’t quite fit. So of course she got transferred to one of the few ships with a large Betazoid crew contingent. Now what?

  • Rwinah Grorar
  • Lwiya Avegat
  • Rixa Choitot
  • Holliw Gulex
  • Lamohi Boi
  • Neallomo Gei
  • Teamarit Ze
  • Lweevode Treid
  • Steyido Amo

Noli Kabuk

Noli Kabuk had thought she was prepared for “The Phase.” There had been plenty of time to get ready. But when it hit it took her breath away. Such a fresh new feeling of being alive! It’s entirely too distracting. But delicious nonetheless…

  • Rissa Agreset
  • Mura Ugroigom
  • Keaxi Daatit
  • Reassin Vemed
  • Tiahade Hea

Male Betazoid Names

Male Betazoid names are mostly similar to those of their female counterparts.

  • Uleindul Okein
  • Ecagad Toi
  • Komal Ugri
  • Oceindrad Sea
  • Isul Icheacox
  • Alol Azestra
  • Unud Beidan
  • Einlah Bomur
  • Cisrin Idud

Lecih Neim

Noblesse Oblige is more than empty words to Lecih Neim. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, and his empathy makes him very good and holding his position of leadership. Even though he is young, many commend him for his efforts. Though they may not see the strain he is under.

  • Ulongul Edea
  • Baasol Traim
  • Sonlod Chox
  • Eilos Edraigo
  • Iros Ubrezo
  • Aagrim Busuk
  • Esnan Esosul
  • Usedduh Ohaax
  • Orikas Reak

Roabrem Idroik

Roabrem has senses too sharp for his own good. Feelings he should not feel, thoughts he should not hear, they all became too much so he quietly sold everything he owned and moved to a small asteroid mining facility to run his life in peace. Now if the damned pirates would just shut up.

  • Udalid Saa
  • Baakol Do
  • Aadil Vaaci
  • Igom Aseade
  • Eddos Edragu

Who is your favorite Betazoid and why is it Lwaxana Troi? What is the most appealing part about Betazoid culture, in your opinion? Do you have any favorite ways to come up with Betazoid names? Let us know in the comments!

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