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“A new script landed on my desk today for you, sir” said Dr. Anaud’s secretary, “I thought you might like to know; it was apparently written by one Shawn Tempest.”

“So, he’s finally writing again..” came the reply. There was a short pause, before:

“Very well, bring it through.”

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There are many reasons why an author might want to use a pen name, for secrecy, for the mystery it adds, or to protect themselves. Either way, picking a good pen name is a tough decision, here’s a few of our suggestions for you to try out:

Good Pen Names

Finding a good pen name means mixing a believable name with an edge of the mysterious. It should be something that is both unassuming but intriguing to a reader.

  • Francis Brown
  • Ross Chase
  • Freddy Mac
  • Jeremy Cooper
  • Tony Leigh
  • Ricky Dane
  • Gerald Reed
  • Shawn Tempest
  • Gary Sierra
  • Russell Chase

Kris Neptune

Kris Neptune was an acclaimed writer of children’s horror stories, totaling over 120 books written. One day, however, they mysteriously vanished without a trace.

  • Morgan Cliff
  • Brett Williams
  • Jaden Little
  • Cory Crash
  • Shay Bear
  • Kiran Palmer
  • Haiden Carr
  • Jo Kidd
  • Glenn Hammond
  • Addison Kerry
  • Sydney Madison
  • Robyn Rogers
  • Anna Grant
  • Danielle Mill

Author Pen Names

Author pen names usually take inspiration from having their surname be a noun of some kins, such as bone, or ash. This lets people subtly know that it’s a pen name while still keeping plausible deniability.

  • Elizabeth Vale
  • Brooke Orange
  • Lea Love
  • Georgia Blake
  • Alana Argo
  • Neil Cooper
  • Clyde Birch
  • Brad Roberts
  • Stanley Tanner
  • Christopher Khan
  • Ethan Ash

Derek Stewart

Derek Stewart wrote a series of widely panned mystery novels that brought together different aspects of world mythology. Despite their critical reception, they all went on to be best sellers.

  • Walter Bone
  • Billie Webb
  • Francis James
  • Abby Paul
  • Susie Blade
  • Alice Ellis
  • Lisa Castle
  • Stacey White
  • Carolyn Stevens
  • Ella Lynn
  • Joy Hammer
  • Abby Iris
  • Kristie Jordan

Funny Pen Names

Sometimes it’s not enough to have a secret name, you also want to make it funny. The key here is to really over-exaggerate the name in order to make it obvious that it’s a fake.

  • Benjamin Duncan
  • Junior Mill
  • Peter Adams
  • Darryl Quest
  • Dwight Bravo
  • Lester Gibbs
  • Glen Dusk
  • Christian West
  • Ash Bones
  • Lester Moon
  • Alisha Hill
  • Katelyn Cotton

Annie Legend

A good way to let people know you’re an author using a pen name for the series of myths and legends that you’re creating is, of course, to name yourself Annie Legend.

  • Sue Bennett
  • Emily Joyce
  • Eileen Prince
  • Sarah Havoc
  • Lila White
  • Kelsey Arthur
  • Amee Colt
  • Dane Young
  • Reggie Lord
  • Gabe George
  • Tanner Clare
  • Casey Everett

Thus concludes our suggestions for some great pen names. We hope you found something here that you can use as inspiration for your own games and stories. If you did, please leave a comment down below and be sure to share the article with a friend!

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