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Cyberpunk Name Generator & Backstories

Erasmus paced around his server room at the Library of Data—there had been a hack. His prize system was crumbling around him and with it his whole reputation. Erasmus would show these meddling criminals that he was nothing to be trifled with.

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Terra Luna


Neuro Osmosis


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A cyberpunk name has to be reflective of the world you are trying to create. It needs to give a sense of the future, but also acknowledge that this future has a past. But don’t forget you can still have fun with a cyberpunk name, and still create a serious character around it.

Good Cyberpunk Names

A good cyberpunk name should carry a universe within itself, casting into your mind a thousand different relations, romances and betrayals. They should sound like what you would name your children if you had taken hallucinogens every morning every day of your life.


“Chip me in,” Nebulaea barked at the andro-droid who guarded the ports. “Please, you’re hurting me” it bleeped back. She fastened the screws. “Chip! Me! In!” she screamed.

  • Vampyros
  • Don Gun
  • Bishop Byte
  • Curzon
  • Schemes
  • Minius
  • Nivium
  • Erasmus
  • Mythos


“Don’t worry, it’s fake” he preemptively replied, referring to the sabretooth head draped over the top of his own. “400, if you want it. 700 for two.” The young girl nodded. Her mother tugged her from the market stall.

  • Anastesia
  • Hax
  • Neuro Osmosis
  • BlockJane
  • Zeno
  • Node
  • K.A.R.A.T.E.
  • Crack
  • Kizmet

Female Cyberpunk Names

Cyberpunk women may be beautiful and even vulnerable, but it is a categorical imperative that they kick as much ass as their male counterparts. Each should give the impression of a haunted, fierce and capable fighter.

  • Vapa
  • Mother Board
  • Coda


That neighbor teaching themselves the drums, or the trumpet, whose tuneless practices begin endearing but wear on the patience, that was Cacophony. She was every bad flautist in the room next door, every flat singer separated by only a dividing wall. She was worth every penny to the debt collectors who employed her, because she could always time her snare hits to the blows.

  • Stardonney
  • Miazma
  • Skilla
  • Wix
  • Alloy
  • Pix


She floated two foot off the ground, vapor pouring from her mouth falling beneath her like the train on a wedding dress. As she inched down the street, horns blaring, cars constantly overtaking overhead, nobody denied her beauty.

  • Nightmare
  • Kowbelle
  • Uvonia
  • Rain
  • Zamantha
  • Criz

Male Cyberpunk Names

Cyberpunk men can be brawny and bulked-up or tiny armed wiry nerds, but they are always tough. After all, it is the same universe that made them. Each should have their own skill, and vice.

  • Recurso
  • The Fix
  • Gunson Burner
  • Plem
  • Wizmo
  • Smash
  • King Kong
  • Crypton Jon


He tossed the motherboard onto his bed, thick with figurines, soda cans, comic books and disposable vaporizers that purport to cure everything from nicotine addiction and asthma to anxiety. It was useless: it was fried. He needed a new one. Turning to a rotary phone, he called up the army. They were the only people who had what he needed.

  • Plazmodius
  • Zim
  • Javascript
  • Space Demon
  • Astero
  • Skeev
  • Keyz
  • Kazpa
  • Micronius


He had spent his life selling fast fun simulations on the street, he hardly ever fried anyone’s cortex out by installing them wrong. But years of this lifestyle had left Wiki jumpy, nervous and ill at ease in the real world.

  • Killer
  • Chip
  • Vladimir
  • Detective Inspector Android
  • MatHorizon
  • Plasma
  • Q-Alan
  • Firewall

Cyberpunk Last Names

To have your name remembered in the vast cyber universe is no mean feat. Each of these last names represents a dynasty, a trade and a criminal organisation.

  • Science
  • Sumption
  • X


Transparency is an interesting concept. The totally transparent are also totally invisible. And invisibility had been the business of the House of Glass ever since the last civil war.

  • Scythe
  • Blot
  • Pup
  • Blunder
  • 12
  • Xanderton
  • Halkias
  • Rush
  • Hernandez


The irony of the name of the cruelest crime family was lost on everyone who heard it, such was the extremity of their crimes.

  • Random
  • Tech
  • Steel
  • Port
  • HallOfMirrors

I hope you enjoyed this article and have picked up a few hints and tips that will inspire you to create your own cyberpunk universe. Whether it is gene-hustlers smuggling samples through outer space or a simple spacecow herder trying to make a living, we believe that you have the ability to make your world real. Please leave a comment below with any names you liked, or any of your own creation, and share this list with your roleplaying friends if you have found it useful.

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