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Lost Ark Name Generator & Backstories

“My lord, the right flank has fallen and the enemy is rushing in! I didn’t see how many but I did see many archers with them as well, along with at least three battering rams. What’s worse, their leader is none other than the mighty KillStrike!”

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Forge Your Own Name: Discover Our Name Suggestions & Backstories

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Just like in any other MMO game, how we name our character is limited to almost nothing but our imagination, barring obvious rule-breaking words, and, in theory, we can use any name we want while completely disregarding the story and the world.

However, it is a fantasy setting where certain styles of names fit more, and our choice would greatly benefit from knowing what we’re trying to achieve with the character and the name itself so that we can use that knowledge to guide us.

Sometimes some names don’t strike us as anything fancy, and certainly, nothing to be remembered, yet the trail of actions of those characters makes those names known, names such as SilverSerpent, BlackBlade, and NoMercyQueen.

Good Lost Ark Names

A good name often has a meaning behind it, whether it was given to the owner for some heroic deed, or a nickname people know the character for, and we recommend using our generator to get inspired and come up with a good Lost Ark name.

  • StormBreaker
  • Erina
  • GrimRipper
  • Nephinae
  • ImmortalGift
  • Phinara
  • TormentedSoul
  • PieceMaker


Luck would have it he would be the one to find the mysterious iron clump, which later proved to be more than ideal for the creation of an exquisite dagger, so fine and strong that it can even pierce plate armor at times, and it was no surprise the people started calling him the same name he calls his weapon.

  • DoomCreator
  • Delimira
  • ImmortalChaos
  • Amedee
  • Syvis


She never liked most of the games other girls played, instead preferring to run, jump, climb, and generally compete with the boys in anything and everything, including sword fighting. After much begging, she managed to convince her father to let her practice, and today, many years later, she’s one of the finest warriors in the region.

  • Minuvae
  • Sylvis
  • Thessaly
  • Demonclaw
  • NoBrokenBones

Female Lost Ark Names

Some female warriors, assassins, and mages are so powerful that most are either well-known for their accomplishments or numerous crimes they’ve committed, and whoever the person in question might be, she is not to be trifled with.

  • SilverSiren
  • TerrorGoddess
  • Infinityxo
  • VioletVixen
  • ScarletRed
  • WickedWitch
  • BlackWidow
  • VoodooDoll


This mage is a powerful wielder of magic, where fire seems to be the element that gets the most of her attention. Finishing the academy with top results, she is now leading one, in the capital, where her position is one of great influence and power, something she uses rarely but with utmost proficiency.

  • ShadowEnigma
  • QuinnBee
  • AngelicDeath
  • RoyalRosie
  • CrystalMyth


If you need something stolen, and you can’t get to it, you need her, and if you need a well-guarded person killed, she’ll get the job done. Whatever dirty deed is needed, she will do it for the right price, and she has never failed her task, a fact that brings in some of the richest clients available to her side.

  • SweetnSpicy
  • CrimsonKill
  • CrystalBunny
  • CherrySakura
  • PhoenixRise

Male Lost Ark Names

Whatever their line of profession is, most found a way to muster enough courage to face any and all obstacles thrown their way, and all of them know that doing what they know, as best as they can, is the path to any future success they might have.

  • LightSnake
  • GhostMark
  • KillBeast
  • BulletShot
  • LethalStroke
  • PhantomOne
  • SecretViper
  • SilentWhisper


While some call him a monk, and others a ninja, he’s both and much more. Capable of great physical feats, something that a mere commoner can’t even dream about, he roams the land in search of the next challenge, constantly looking to improve both physically and mentally.

  • SteelSword
  • UnmaskedAngel
  • LethalSnake
  • GhostBlade
  • CrazyGhost


Honor and duty are what fuel all of his decisions, though practicality is often close behind, and this knight knows the power of mercy but also retribution, something that justice often sorely needs. He continues to travel the road and protects those in need, from whatever danger might have befallen them.

  • Thunderlord
  • FocusEye
  • PoisonViper
  • BlueSpyder
  • GhostStrike

Funny Lost Ark Names

Let your creativity go wild when trying to come up with a funny name, and don’t let anything stop you from writing them down as rereading them will further spark your imagination and sense of humor, allowing you to come up with an even better funny name.

  • LaudWhispah
  • PoisonCure
  • LuckyLoozer
  • LoseWenwin
  • MildlyStrong
  • AlwaysNever
  • NotFunny
  • IdieWhy


Whatever or whoever you mention, he’s seen it, or done it, one way or another, and there’s nothing he won’t have an opinion about, especially when he stands to gain something by offering such information, despite more than half of it being a lie.

  • YurraMoron
  • VahnmoBeer
  • YesmayBenou
  • WottsmaNeym
  • HurriSlouw


Whatever the situation he may be in, he always states there is a chance he will die, and no matter how safe it may seem to others, he’s a life-long reverse optimist, almost as if he wanted something to happen to him so that he could be right. Whatever the case may be, sometimes it’s really hard to know what outcome he truly desires.

  • HottIce
  • AyeetBoogerz
  • SylentBangg
  • HyasFak
  • VeteranNewb

While you can certainly have almost any name you want, it’s still more meaningful to guide yourself with the world’s lore by thinking about the character you’re creating and their future, and what type of a name would suit them the best. Think of what you’re trying to achieve with the character and the name, is there any message you’re trying to allude to, would it be something that endures the test of time, think of a name worthy of a reaction you’re hoping to get from others.

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