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Pirate Crew Name Generator & Backstories

As the bar erupted into chaos, one particular group moved with extreme precision. Brawls and mayhem exploded around them, but The Sea Devils had come here with one target in mind, and a bar fight was the perfect cover to take him out.

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The Crossbone Raiders

The Raiders of the East Coast

The Black Skulls

The Golden Cannon Rovers

The Lost Pirates

The Broken bones

The Rusty Rustlers

The Rattail Bandits

The Blue Whale Buccaneers

The Rovers of the Black Fog

The Landlocked

The Buccaneers of the Shores

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What makes a good pirate story? The camaraderie between the loveable pirates themselves and the crew that they comprise. Having a strong sense of crew identity starts with picking a great name.

Good Pirate Crew Names

Good Pirate Crew names will tell a reader or player almost everything they need to know about the type of people involved, check out these examples:

  • The Red Hair Rovers        
  • The Specter Plunderers        
  • The Poseidon Bandits        
  • The Crossbone Raiders        
  • The Corsairs of the Maelstrom        
  • The Pillagers of the Silver Wave        
  • The Raiders of the Frozen Ocean        
  • The Black Skulls        
  • The Sea Devils        
  • The Rusty Rustlers        
  • The Land Shark Buccaneers        
  • The Hydra Plunderers        
  • The Filthy Frigate Rovers        
  • The Rusty Plunderers        

The Buccaneers of the North        

The Buccaneers of the North are a group of pirates who were once explorers of the arctic polar seas. Upon finding themselves out of rations, and surrounded by foreign ships, they turned to piracy to survive.

  • The Pillagers of the Lost Mermaid        
  • The Raiders of the Black Hydra        
  • The Landlocked        
  • The Lost Souls        
  • The Hired Swords        
  • The East Sea Pillagers        
  • The One Eyed Buccaneers        
  • The Gilded Plunderers        
  • The Defiant Pirates        
  • The Buccaneers of the Black Sea

One Piece Pirate Crew Names

One Piece Pirate Crew Names can be fantastical and mythical, drawing inspiration from the world’s memorable locations or creatures.        

  • The Pirates of the Silver Moon        
  • The Buccaneers of the Silver Eye        
  • The Sea Sharks        
  • The Red Sails        
  • The Silver Eyes        
  • The West Sea Pillagers        
  • The Sharktooth Pirates        
  • The Golden Cannon Buccaneers        
  • The Masked Pirates        
  • The Buccaneers of the East Coast        
  • The Rovers of the Shores        

The Pillagers of the New Horizon

The Pillagers of the New Horizon scour the seas for any hint of ships transporting devil fruit, in the hopes of securing some for themselves and gaining the powers necessary to find the One Piece for themselves.        

  • The Dividers        
  • The Sea Angels        
  • The Siren’s Song        
  • The Leviathan Plunderers        
  • The Neptune Buccaneers        
  • The West Sea Buccaneers        
  • The Hydra Pirates        
  • The Buccaneers of the Shade        
  • The Plunderers of the Cursed Doubloon        
  • The Pirates of the Plank        
  • The Red Raiders        
  • The Barnacles        
  • The Sons of the Sea        

Space Pirate Crew Names

Space Pirates are about as cool as it gets, their crew names combine traditional piracy themes with the endless void of space itself.

  • The Albatross Bandits        
  • The Brass Knuckle Pillagers        
  • The Blackspace Bandits        
  • The Crossbone Pirates        
  • The Rovers of the Galaxy        
  • The Bandits of the Silver Cannon        
  • The Rovers of the Hollow Void        
  • The Black Bandanna Buccaneers        
  • The Bloody Bandits        
  • The Broken bones        
  • The Dreamspace Corsairs        
  • The Hyperfin Pillagers        
  • The Poseidon Pirates        

The Specter Corsairs        

The Specter Corsairs have fitted their ship with the latest in transdimensional magic, allowing them to phase in and out of reality at will as they prey on lesser vessels.

  • The Buccaneers of the Curse        
  • The Bandits of the Golden Banner        
  • The Pillagers of the Coin        
  • The Phaserifles        
  • The Sons of the Sea        
  • The Broken Bandits        
  • The Black Skull Raiders        
  • The Black Tooth Buccaneers        
  • The Hydra Pirates        
  • The Space Whale Rovers        
  • The Rovers of the Hidden Monster        

That concludes the list we have for Pirate Crew names. Why not comment your favorite down below and see if anyone shares your choice? If you found this article interesting then we would really appreciate it if you could share it with a friend.

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