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Clarence Staff impacted the wall with a dull thud, and looked down to see blood dripping onto the cobblestones below. No matter, he thought, the thieves would not get to his master’s quarters. He readied his cane and prepared a counter-charge.

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Aurelia Stanway

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Clarence Staff

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Adaline Credge

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The Victorian age is a space of boundless inspiration, with its images of steam engines, cobblestones, big hats and silly mustaches. Here’s a list of Victorian-inspired names to try out in your own games.

Good Victorian Names

Good victorian names take their major derivations from the various trades and employments that were available during the time period, as well as representing the various different cultures represented in Victorian England.

  • Theo Thorebourne
  • Oda McAbe
  • Velva Seddon
  • Vernie McAbe
  • Lela Middlemiss
  • Lovina Clark
  • Zelda King
  • Nena Clarke
  • Lonnie King
  • Aurelia Stanway
  • Warren Butler

Crawford Cheyne

Crawford Cheyne was world renowned for running the world’s most successful supernatural detective agency ever established.

  • Mathew Conray
  • Grady Marsden
  • Adolphus McNamara
  • Ambrose Kildare
  • Randall McLachlan
  • Jonathan Coulston
  • Webster Cameron
  • Willard Hoddle

Female Victorian Names

What makes a good Victorian woman? Think noble ladies, cunning street thieves, and those women fighting for representation that was only afforded to men – something that gives them an extra burning passion.

  • Adaline Credge
  • Electa Carbey
  • Joan Pandy
  • Alva Callan
  • Myrl Gibb
  • Lorene Shapter
  • Matie Graham
  • Alma Tow
  • Henrietta Broderib
  • Camilla Douglas
  • Berdie Wilson

Lella McKerras

Lella McKerras was the widow of the famous Lord McKerras, who inherited his fortune after his mysterious and untimely death…

  • Catharine Thompkins
  • Albertha McGhee
  • Hassie Head
  • Ramona Hawdon
  • Christine Knight
  • Eleanora Ames
  • Zoe Keogh
  • Jeanette Winn

Male Victorian Names

Proud, discerning gentleman, wacky scientists, ruthless lawmen, all make up some of the archetypal Victorian characters, try out these names for yours:

  • Justin Thorebourne
  • Alonzo Learmonth
  • Randolph Graham
  • Keith McGuire
  • Morris Thomas
  • Elisha Paterson
  • Rube Atkins
  • Hobson Sullivan
  • Glen Raycraft
  • Clay Wigram
  • Sampson Wareham

Burton Penn

Burton Penn made a name for himself as a prodigal chemist, before turning his talents with explosive reactions to safe-cracking for organized crime.

  • Bradford Coghill
  • Hezekiah Murphy
  • Lionel Walsh
  • Newell Edwards
  • Hayward Aubert
  • Clarence Staff
  • Squire Simpson
  • Andres Shapter

Victorian Last Names

A great quirk for a character is to have them known only by their surname. With that in mind, here are some great last names to nail that monymous icon.

  • Dwyer
  • Butler
  • Leaby
  • Butlin
  • Miller
  • Lyness
  • Teague
  • Gibb
  • Staff
  • Hunniford
  • Crowle


The Halpine family represent a long-line of prestigious wine-makers, whose bottles are some of the rarest vintages on the market.

  • Head
  • Campbell
  • Hays
  • Cook
  • Tabiner
  • Monaghan
  • Hughes
  • McDonaugh
  • Roan

That about sums up our list of Victorian character name suggestions! If you found something here that you’ll take into your own stories then why not comment it below, and be sure to share this article on social media!

Cassidy Ferrari
Cassidy Ferrari
D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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