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Star Trek Name Generator & Backstories

“Ensign Lachlan Blackford, reporting for duty ma’am!” “You don’t need to announce yourself every time you report for galley duty, Lachlan. We all know you here. Now grab a tray and start collecting those empties.”

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Patoti D’ghorn


Bizrud Neren

Iazu Rorug


Naggu Mulnige

Othiniass Ch’erhihriss

Esex D’ghozacti


Iria Basset

Nujos Rork

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Star Trek is an expansive universe with a wide variety of sentient species inhabiting planets across and within multiple quadrants of space. These differences are physical, cultural, and technological as well!

When choosing names for Star Trek characters you should take into account the culture the individual was raised in, as well as their species and political affiliation.

Good Star Trek Names

Good Star Trek names reflect the culture and backstory of the individual possessing it.

  • Zared Nylund
  • Liam Haught
  • Xavier Thoran
  • Benedict Armiger
  • Walker Bucanan
  • Rory Lavigne
  • Zivven Vasser
  • Odessa Frakes
  • Skye Tronstad

Winona Bucanan

Winona has recently graduated from Starfleet Academy and is working toward the position of ship’s counsellor. She excels in the academic setting, but will she manage to maintain the high standards she requires of herself when faced with the messy reality of fieldwork?

  • Karina Irani
  • Eloise Vanlith
  • Zorina Kader
  • Iria Basset
  • Yvone Castillon
  • Grisoan th’Main
  • Yevak th’Rressa
  • Thelev ch’Shishria
  • Kenga ch’Arhin

Thisoan ch’Vrothi

Thisoan is fascinated with Federation technology. It was the reason he joined StarFleet. The first time he saw a starship? Revelatory. Though sometimes he feels a bit betrayed at how hard he has to work to understand it all.

  • Tura ch’Mais
  • Aror
  • Kora
  • Tora
  • Tseda

Female Star Trek Names

Female naming conventions usually vary with culture, so be sure to do some research for ideas!

  • Elyssa Holtz
  • Bianca Graydon
  • Yvone Hames
  • Felicia Carthen
  • Karla Rhyne
  • Luna Bentzen
  • Regine Linkovich
  • Jala Faulknen
  • Heather Kingston

Shavand zh’Koria

Shavand loves the hands on possibilities of being a science officer on an exploratory vessel. There always seems to be a good fight on away missions to new places, either against local flora and fauna or the elements. She enjoys it a bit too much, perhaps.

  • Krani sh’Egdas
  • Yevak sh’Resa
  • Kori sh’Vressa
  • Thoria zh’Fochi
  • Makbar Mosesk
  • Tima Tania
  • Ular Ghemarr
  • Siana Telle
  • Mala Ejak

Kora Eltal

Junior Communications Officer Kora Eltal talks too fast. She always has. But how else is she supposed to fit in learning all of the languages in the Federation? There’s so little time and so much to do! And say!

  • Nasian Zara
  • Gila Heele
  • Vana
  • Nethen
  • Syna

Male Star Trek Names

Male naming conventions usually vary with culture, so be sure to do some research for ideas!

  • Jet Forgrave
  • Valen Kader
  • Hawk Rackham
  • Newton Wyrick
  • Baen Galven
  • Ewan Haught
  • Vaughn Hewett
  • Flynn Avison
  • Anleth ch’Faire

Owen Bechtel

Owen dreams of having his own command one day. He’s still an ensign, still working the lower decks, but he says yes to everything and takes every opportunity to stand out. It’s caused some interesting situations, to say the least, but he’s not discouraged yet!

  • Thani th’Vrosia
  • Shaalim ch’Regda
  • Mara ch’Irias
  • Shrallev th’Kerria
  • Maken Toro
  • Kovat Tajak
  • Tekov Darhem
  • R’Kasa
  • Kozak


R’Tara was not prepared for the realities of life in cetacean ops, but working on navigation was what she loved and what she lives for, so she’s adapted. She still hopes one day to sit at the helm proper, so until that happens she’s happy to keep working in the depths of the ship.

  • Ka’Klaa
  • Tora
  • Kora
  • Ri’To
  • Ka’Ka

What is your favorite thing about Star Trek? Which series was the first one you ever watched? Who is your favorite character? What made you want to play in the universe? Let us know in the comments below!

Robert Berg
Robert Berg
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