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Orc City Name Generator & Short Stories

The orcs of Burzum grew more comfortable with each step into its shady depths, and relied on the fact that human visitors would have precisely the opposite reaction.

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Choosing creative names for orc characters and settlements will add depth and quality to your fantasy setting, whether they’re battling brutes who meet all of the traditional stereotypes, or you’re experimenting with a more subtle characterization. Either way, establishing an interesting city for them will keep your world intriguing.

Good Orc City Names

Though they may not have been given as much attention as other fantasy races, there have still been enough experiments with orcish languages to inspire our name creation. Alongside the guttural sounds and unusual punctuation, a good orc city name can use these invented tongues to convey what mysteries lie within its walls.

  • Gankulskam        
  • Omsham        
  • Lug’ghâsh        
  • Otodzur        
  • Bagronk        
  • Mag’harmar        
  • Shada        
  • Gor’gaz        
  • Kaffamsked        

The citadel of Awad’Doladum is home to a unique orc custom, which sees battle-orphaned children are taken to be raised and trained as clanless intermediaries.

  • Malwan Ukrypt        
  • Ulorkhedrash        
  • Burzum        
  • Kosh’harg’kur        
  • Nagrand        
  • Ankuboregad        
  • Thrakhadduwam        
  • Hezsadsked        
  • Gar’mak’var        
  • Dursnaga        


Even the most nomadic clan will find themselves wandering back to the sprawling swamp of Volar. In this homely paradise, orcs may recover wounds or make merry with friends, away from prying eyes.

  • Lugbúbhosh        
  • Abbadax        
  • Lohn’goron        
  • Zuwar Ukrypt        
  • Oshu’Gun        
  • Orkazmikafk        
  • Morthkrundul        
  • Garad’kra’kur        
  • Ulorknaethul        
  • Abssulrax        


If the fire pits of Ghâshabgur should ever be quelled, the spirit of orc-kind would dwindle with them, so the legend goes. No storm nor enemy had affected the dancing flames yet.

  • Dra’gora        
  • Grunbekduwam        
  • Búrzronk        
  • Wor’Gol        
  • Durbhai        
  • Illska Kitot         
  • Lok-Regar’Mar        
  • Rulmalifox        
  • Nothok Ukrypt        
  • Lugbúrz        


While some clans fit the stereotype of brutish orc warriors, the families of Nelghor’Gol had a different specialty. For generations they had tended the breeding grounds of fantastic beasts, training loyal companions for orcs the world over.

  • Tolork’Siatul        
  • Waragnaethul        
  • Faelorodan
  • Grombolar        
  • Lak’tukvar        
  • Nothokari Ukrypt        
  • Oto’Ilamusk        
  • Zeth’Gor        
  • Kaffamsiatul        
  • Borskaed        


The founders of Ransarax were simple folk, naming it for the first thing they saw upon entering its cavernous halls: Treasure!

  • Morthduwam        
  • Otoshashnax        
  • Batrandul        
  • Sabatam’Dur        
  • Grom’gol        
  • Djuniporegam        
  • Agniz        
  • Tolork-Kannar        
  • Lugsnaga        
  • Hezsakkimbulad        
  • Kazaht Ukrypt        


Many orcs rely upon the earth, whether as holy gardeners or warlords hell-bent on tearing through its resources. Each must seek the approval of the famed courts of Duskulmerad.

  • Batwugadzam        
  • Eduadduwam        
  • Pushdug        
  • Grommash        
  • Otoklizmad        
  • Zoram’gar        
  • Grelidz        
  • Mak’gora’Mar        

It’s been a fun challenge coming up with these orc city names, particularly compared with elves, who have more than one complete language to draw from. However, that does mean that the world of orcish names has yet to be fully explored! So please let me know in the comments how you use any of these names, I’d love to hear your ideas. Share this article with friends too, so we can spread some love for orcish lore!

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D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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