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Dwarven City Name Generator & Short Stories

When a skirmish came a little too close for comfort, or treks across harsh climates wore patience thin, the promise of Øxrúm and its roaring hearths had kept many a dwarf from throwing in the towel.

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Dwarves appear in fantasy settings of many kinds, with their appealing hearty attitudes and unique links to mountainous regions. When choosing a name for their settlements, it should always be kept in mind that a dwarf should be proud to yell the name as they charge into battle.

Good Dwarven City Names

Our contemporary imagining of dwarves is indelibly tied to the heady battles and romance of Norse mythology, which makes their language ideal for creating good place names. They often used geographical features to form part of the name, and these can be combined with more lively details that describe the nature of your city to create an unforgettable name.

  • Dvallinshǫrgr        
  • Mount Mótsognir        
  • Øxrúm        
  • Jagafell        
  • Tyrendel        
  • Fjalltindrrun        
  • Vættfanggur        


When the hill clans first conquered this city, they rejoiced with many feasts and dances. However, the celebrations were soon soured by the haunting presence of Draugrborg’s former inhabitants.

  • Erfihelm        
  • Helgefjell        
  • Karak-Var        
  • Halr Halls        
  • Falgrholt        


When dwarves reach a certain age, no matter their allegience, they make pilgrimage to Frodefell. Here, a wise council holds court, reserving their insights only for respected elders.

  • Dvallinholr        
  • Efjaheim        
  • Haugrdun        
  • Magnussdur        
  • Heillborg        
  • Kvennaheim

Small Dwarven City Names

Due to the warring nature of many dwarven clans, small cities are bound to pop up across any fantasy landscape. A good name for your city could hint at its founding, perhaps it’s recently appeared after a defection from a nearby capital, or maybe it’s remained small for centuries, thanks to the unwelcoming front its inhabitants put up against newcomers.

  • Nādhirgarðr        
  • Hyllihelm        
  • Revnarrun        
  • Eyrrlundr        
  • Dvallinstanda        

Kveldsǫngr Passage

A valley city formed over centuries, with churches to every god carved into the jagged rock at impossible angles. When dusk falls, the glorious sound of a hundred choirs rings through the gulley.

  • Ulfhús        
  • Anganför        
  • Kerlinghelm        
  • Mosifell        
  • Thorntoft        
  • Happholt        


Located deep within a mountain, the city of Huldafell remains shrouded in mystery to all above ground. The winding passages to its gates have only become more treachorous as the years go by.

  • Erfiskáli        
  • Falgr Woods        
  • Apalholm        
  • Harrhǫrgr        
  • Gørsimihellir        
  • Ekkevik        
  • Haugrheim        

Large Dwarven City Names

Whether they tower over the land on a mighty mountain top, or take up every crevice to be found within, large dwarven cities deserve a name befitting of their size and standing. If you’ve already named geographical features in the area, you can use these as the base for your name. Sprinkle in a little mythology or local history and you’ve got a city any dwarven clan would flock to.

  • Jǫtunnbjorg        
  • Espenduhr        
  • Skadi Pass        
  • Terrandel        
  • Frodemount        
  • Mikkilríki        
  • Atallvǫllr        
  • Mount Gunnar        


Himminholt came to be during a rare era of peace between kingdoms. Though the harmony was brief, this great mountaintop city has remained an abundant sanctuary on high, taking no sides in territorial disputes.

  • Hárför        
  • Solveiggr        
  • Kazad-Thir        
  • Kappifeld        
  • Runehold        


When dwarven shieldmaidens became sick of dismissal from their brothers-in-arms, they founded Jarahagi. While the city is dedicated to training women warriors, men may still find home here if they’re willing to take up a broom.

  • Dvallinborg        
  • Mount Kra        
  • Estabad        
  • Fjallborgg        
  • Skot Passage        
  • Mjöllheim

Arctic Dwarven City Names

While many famous dwarven settlements are located in warmer climates, the glaciers and harsh landscapes of the Arctic are an ideal setting for heartier clans. To choose a name for a city in the cold North, you can take inspiration from the many words for icy conditions used across Nordic countries. Iceland famously has 100 words for snow to choose from!

  • Snærósgar        
  • Izazdun        
  • Jǫkullheim        
  • Skaregar        
  • Upplegalundr        

Mount Snörök

A city atop a peak of such height should be simple for even the most inexperienced traveler to find, but for much of the year Mount Snörök is shrouded in the misty snows for which it’s named.

  • Dagsmejan        
  • Qinoqqun        
  • Aputsiakk        
  • Karizaz        
  • Snöhagellar        
  • Bylur Dur        

Snæbjörn Pass

Shifting ice and falling shelves of snow aren’t the only dangers surrounding this city, as the area is home to a vast pack of armored bears.

  • Essemjöll        
  • Snærósumar        
  • Kazad-Eis        
  • Nysnögata        
  • Kafaldor        

Coming up with these dwarven city names has led me to imagine all kinds of mighty civilisations and settlements. Let me know in the comments if you’ve used any of these ones in your own fantasy settings, or if they’ve inspired some entirely new creations. Please do share this article with any other fantasy fans too!

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