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Cowgirl Name Generator & Backstories

Rose Mosley rode up to the barn and un-holstered her revolver. Peering inside, she ducked instinctively as a round whizzed by her ear, before firing two shots of her own. There was a brief pause before a body thumped to the ground inside. The thief was taken care of.

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Ina ‘Whiplash’ Pace

Callie ‘Virtue’ Gaines

Mayme ‘Quick Finger’ O’Connor

Mattie ‘Gold Tooth’ Stone

Esther ‘Painkiller’ Burns

Eunice ‘Shootout’ Lott

Winnie ‘Dynamite’ Page

Celia ‘Sureshot’ Carr

Sophie ‘Quick Gun’ Murray

Eliza ‘Bloodlust’ Blevins

Nettie ‘Lawful’ Page

Sally ‘Feather’ Cole

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It’s not just cowboys that have all the fun in the old west settings, cowgirls also need representation. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a great list of cowgirl name suggestions for you to browse right here:

Good Cowgirl Names

Good cowgirl names tell a story, by focussing on a fun nickname that has been bestowed upon the cowgirl in question. This gives endless scope for coming up with the backstory behind what makes the character most memorable.

  • Thelma ‘Dawn Rider’ Nolan
  • Sally ‘Long Shot’ Callahan
  • Rachel ‘Crimson’ Gilliam
  • Dollie ‘Rustler’ Herman
  • Edna ‘Big Gun’ Bruce
  • Anna ‘Railroad’ Hayes
  • Nina ‘Have Mercy’ Maxwell
  • Rose ‘Tracker’ Mosley
  • Eula ‘Bullseye’ Eaton
  • Bertha ‘Miracle’ McDaniel
  • Charlotte ‘Painkiller’ Christian
  • Mollie ‘Trapper’ Gibson
  • Bessie ‘Dust Devil’ Barton

Sally ‘Feather’ Cole

Sally Cole earned her nickname on account of how her daddy would tell her she was so petite that she was “light as a feather”. Don’t let her short stature deceive though, she was as ferocious as a wolverine.

  • Eliza ‘Bloodlust’ Blevins
  • Rosa ‘Blowhard’ West
  • Mayme ‘Quick Finger’ O’Connor
  • Sophie ‘Quick Gun’ Murray
  • Thelma ‘Backfire’ Abbott
  • Kate ‘Demon Eyes’ Ellison

Badass Cowgirl Names

Badass cowgirl names take the same naming practices but amp up the danger and the seriousness of the nicknames to give them a hardened, badass edge.

  • Erma ‘Blood’ Shields
  • Jane ‘the Devil’ Small
  • Esther ‘Horse Whisperer’ Hendrix
  • Jessie ‘Smokes’ Cohen
  • Mamie ‘the Merciful’ Nolan
  • Rosie ‘Poker Face’ Bonner
  • Amy ‘Bulldozer’ Crane
  • Bessie ‘Bloodlust’ French
  • Lola ‘Truth’ Norman

Ina ‘Whiplash’ Pace

Ina Pace earned her moniker for two reasons: she had a temper as quick as a whiplash, and she was a sure hand with a whip, stripping the flesh from many a cattle thief’s back.

  • Marjorie ‘Odd Stick’ Sheppard
  • Estelle ‘the Friendly’ Cleveland
  • Dorothy ‘Raven’ Mason
  • Rose ‘the Devil’ Terry
  • Maud ‘Happy’ Robbins
  • Abbie ‘the Snake’ Bruce
  • Eunice ‘Shootout’ Lott
  • Evelyn ‘Brawn’ Wilkins
  • Mattie ‘Sly’ Cleveland
  • Josie ‘Trapper’ Edwards

Funny Cowgirl Names

It’s not all doom, gloom, and seriousness in the old west, some nicknames can be rather humorous or ironic in reality. Here are a few suggestions for some funny cowgirl names.

  • Selma ‘Moral’ Hudson
  • Amanda ‘the Merciful’ Sharpe
  • Celia ‘Wager’ Mason
  • Marjorie ‘Crimson’ Farrell
  • Edith ‘Doc’ Boyd
  • Nettie ‘Lawful’ Page
  • Celia ‘Sureshot’ Carr
  • Hattie ‘Ace High’ Jarvis

Esther ‘Painkiller’ Burns

Esther Burns went by the name of painkiller ever since a trouble-causing ruffneck at her bar, who went by the name “Old pain-in-the-neck Eddie”, met his end due to her skills with a rifle.

  • Lou ‘Noose’ Rogers
  • Elizabeth ‘Annex’ Hartman
  • Julia ‘Miracle’ Hopper
  • Mayme ‘Moral’ Glenn
  • Viola ‘Tracker’ Baxter
  • Fern ‘Muscles’ Adkins
  • Catherine ‘Arizona’ Elliott
  • Rebecca ‘the Friendly’ Marks
  • Callie ‘Virtue’ Gaines
  • Eunice ‘the Predator’ Reynolds
  • Rosa ‘Fluke’ Sexton

Cute Cowgirl Names

Sometimes cowgirls can be cute, and the names they carry reflect that. Here are a few suggestions to add a little sugar to your outback stories.

  • Ethel ‘Gold Tooth’ McKee
  • Josephine ‘the Demon’ Woodward
  • Louisa ‘Naughty’ Moore
  • Harriet ‘the Sweet’ Horton
  • Marian ‘the Blind’ Carson
  • Beatrice ‘Prancer’ Higgins
  • Mae ‘the Con’ Osborne
  • Etta ‘Fluke’ Bauer
  • Gertrude ‘Lawless’ Manning

Hazel ‘Songbird’ Carney

Hazel Carney, otherwise known as the songbird, was known for miles around for having the most beautiful voice in all of the state.

  • Catherine ‘Bad’ Adams
  • Mollie ‘One Eye’ Chambers
  • Maggie ‘the Stalker’ Wilkinson
  • Henrietta ‘Trustworthy’ Petersen
  • Eliza ‘Croaker’ Tucker
  • Rhoda ‘Hollow’ Knox
  • Maggie ‘Have Mercy’ Clements
  • Lela ‘the Con’ Rodgers
  • Iva ‘Second Life’ Clayton
  • Lou ‘Lawless’ McLeod

That’s it for our list of Cowgirl names, did you see one here that you liked? If you did then let us know down in the comments and share this article around with your friends to see if they pick the same one!

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