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Ryphorian Name Generator & Backstories

“I am Vachoc Balturim, Herald of the Shifting Seasons! I come to you to urge you to throw off the cold and binding restraints of winter and embrace the sowing summer! Change is upon us, my friends! Change!”

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Yumril Ogwen

Clarnikmollod Kodrith

Prerjushkmur Jarfarn

Tamrishkmik Draghull

Crecesh Kofaeth

Yothtakmeal Zofrina

Thucash Lorjurn

Shexar Calusashi

Prinxastish Shaghull

Gencalec Goraqull

Pronxaxurgaash Bamorn

Nuarnarith Nardhall

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Rhyphorians are people with close ties to the dragons that share their home world of Triaxus. A planet in the Pact Worlds system, summers and winters there last centuries, and being born to a specific season has cultural and physiological effects on Rhyphorians.

Due to their close association with dragons and the peculiarities of the seasons of their homeworld, Rhyphorian names can be quite complex to outside ears. Keep that in mind when coming up with your own!

Good Ryphorian Names

Good Ryphorian names take into account both the season the bearer was born in and their cultural ties to dragons.

  • Nyeldraak Tazlin
  • Docestal Xargrax
  • Mirthindurdoth Kilxiros
  • Prildaath Vrakkul
  • Ipul Zofxiris
  • Nyeammic Quilrinn
  • Cuancelath Haxiris
  • Gastel Valmyse
  • Gordikec Drysbirith

Cluacal Irlyhymm

Cluacal is the one most likely to be left in charge of the young. She loves them, she really does, though you might not always realize that from her reaction. It’s just that she would really like some of her own, and she has not yet managed to have any.

  • Thuchil Gurlyassa
  • Klenxeandruudash Mirann
  • Valthisirron Jowophyl
  • Lestol Eshyassa
  • Shepujines Tomash
  • Fiamrir Worhadur
  • Estar Dograx
  • Driacashtes Jinkax
  • Oldricejes Yorwarum

Gencalec Goraqull

Those Rhyphorians that bond with dragons gain prestige, position, honor, and a companion for life. Gencalec wants that more than anything. Maybe he wants it too much and that is why it hasn’t happened? But what if it did? He has no choice but to hope.

  • Koldreandurdir Yorqiroth
  • Thucash Lorjurn
  • Crolrar Wraxiros
  • Myernanirraak Eraghull
  • Yombaceduth Sorann
  • Timracnoc Griqorel
  • Lildundardil Persaadi
  • Clecad Hinpora
  • Unkid Yrzys

Yothtakmeal Zofrina

Yothtalmeal was born in the deep of winter, and though her magic allows her insight and hints as to what may come, she is miserly with it, rarely sharing it for the benefit of others. If you want to know what she knows, be prepared to pay a heavy price. Usually in meat.

  • Girun Qifyire
  • Cripakajid Bixiris
  • Lilmutath Wrarina
  • Uathtuul Valfaeth
  • Omphud Jinvull
  • Tilthoxallil Urobarum
  • Vernostemar Primash
  • Clerrhecnelis Durziros
  • Vuulden Krivxan

Nelrindrerrin Frovull

When the red dragon came, and burned their village, Nelrindrerrin alone survived. And though he has been forbidden to seek vengeance, as those around him want no part in another war so soon, he doesn’t care. He’ll do whatever it takes to make the damn chromatics pay!

  • Lirrhusorgan Naprax
  • Tamrishkmik Draghull
  • Gaciankon Alirash
  • Yeldraac Hicrath
  • Imbir Rashifaeth
  • Faambilith Jorith
  • Iltak Yamyse
  • Vuanxocerdik Thagwen
  • Cliphel Lorafaeth

Mildric Iriemyse

Mildric doesn’t care who she fights for. Chromatic, metallic, dragons are dragons and war is profitable. So long as she can line her pockets she’ll work for the highest bidder. If you hire her, understand that she may not stay bought.

  • Nuumphoshtinil Kaliann
  • Dricuk Ushiriel
  • Praltiluad Thafyire
  • Myechethac Rashiriel
  • Fopestaath Krivbor
  • Sheldrishkmojol Faerythas
  • Fithtanshtamec Medsashi
  • Cliltacas Jarqrin
  • Timbad Medvarax

Krinkar Udoqiroth

There is music and joy to be had in the summer, and summer born Krinkar is determined to become the greatest bard of the season. An honor that takes on more weight when one realizes just how long seasons last on Triaxus!

  • Linxos Alizire
  • Eldruc Durturim
  • Eracadik Otijhan
  • Uthtejirdul Lumiskan
  • Eldriar Priseth

What do you like most about Rhyphorians? Do you have any fun strategies for coming up with Rhyphorian names? When was the last time they featured in a campaign you ran or played in? Let us know in the comments!

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