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“Oh, you don’t want to mess with them folks, I can tell you that much. They are doing all sorts of experiments on animals and people, and those who join them are never seen or heard from again.

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Cult of Atonement

Not Fast But Furious

Cult of the King

Black Earth

Chosen Ones of Dissolution

The Macabre Paragons

Band of Dlumunity

Creed of Ougrunis

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Messengers of Illumination

The Mighty Chosen

Wanderers of Balance

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A cult is a social group that usually follows a certain philosophical, religious, or spiritual belief that is the very core of that society, and the term has negative connotations when mentioned by anyone other than the members themselves.

These groups range from secret societies that are used to gain friends in powerful places from all over the world, to obscure organizations that perform forbidden rituals, and while the member’s goals might differ, the common goal is the same.

Using cults in stories and games can be a powerful weapon, and their names can invoke many emotions from the readers and players depending on how you use them, names like Emissaries of Vajaci, Children of Eternity, and Order of Clani.

Good Cult Names

A good Cult name can provide insight into what it might be about but it can also offer incorrect information, which can then lead others to believe one thing while the truth is something completely else, and this adds to its overall mystery.

  • Cult of Shadows
  • Order of Water
  • Messengers of Fatality
  • Messengers of Strytism
  • The Defiant Paragons
  • Cult of Loocism
  • Paragons of Oeflasm
  • Harbingers of Bydlathy

The Marked Children

While some commoners believe they are nothing more than a safe harbor for orphans and unwanted children in general, the reality is that all sorts of unsavory characters are now members of this organization, mostly smallfolk, ones who cling to hatred and are ready to do what is necessary for the end goal of the cult as a whole.

  • Angels of Klygisy
  • Wanderers of the Undying
  • Divinity of Radiance
  • Cult of the Inferno
  • The Humble Harbingers
  • The Eternal Divine
  • The Dead Creed

The Lucky Order

It is said that if you’re a part of this organization, you can consider yourself lucky, and this very well may be true as almost all members have highly influential jobs, from nobles and politicians to merchants and underground kingpins who can wave their hands and get any job done. This allows the members to mutually benefit from each other regardless of what the deal might be about.

  • Followers of Systrully
  • Harbingers of Grefis
  • Band of Dlumunity
  • Angels of Perfection
  • Order of Purgatory
  • Divinity of our New Lord
  • The Impure Oracles
  • The Humble Chosen

Funny Cult Names

When the story at hand demands it, or just as something that can lighten the mood, a funny Cult name can break the tension and remind everyone involved that as much as the narrative might be serious, there’s always room for some light-hearted entertainment.

  • In Bacon We Trust
  • Glitter and Prayers
  • The Dude’s Cult
  • The Descendants Of The Deviant Eye
  • The Gathering of Idiots
  • Band of Broccoli
  • Followers of Forrest Gump
  • Join for Free Hugs

We Never Finish Anyth

This cult is one of the more mysterious ones, although some rather damning evidence has surfaced in the past week or two. However, in response to these vile accusations, they provided an explanation behind their reasoning for all their actions, and it is as follows:

  • Not Bob, But the Builders
  • Cult of The Talent Pool
  • The Has-beens and Never Were
  • The Humble Followers of the Greatest
  • Wave for Free Loot
  • Not Fast But Furious
  • Disciples of Saltless Fry

Ignorant Scholars

This large group is full of people who are determined but also sometimes desperate to learn and improve in all aspects of life. However, regardless of how hard they try, pretty much all of them continue to fail their attempts and those who don’t are almost as equally doomed as they tend to cling to familiar solutions only.

  • The Pretty Committee
  • The Modern Family
  • The Weekenders
  • Divinity Of Shortness
  • The Sour Milk Patrons
  • Group of Individuals
  • Fat Free Lard Lovers
  • Toothless Sugar Cravers

D&D Cult Names

We could argue that having a Cult in a D&D game is all but mandatory, and while it might not be in the center of the story all the time, it always adds depth and multiple opportunities to introduce conflicts that can help shape the direction in which the game can go.

  • The Court of the Four Winds
  • The Eyeless Visioners
  • Black Earth
  • The Redeemed
  • Disciples of the Foreboding Wind
  • The Final Dawn
  • Children of The End
  • The Brotherhood of Drowned Men

Voiceless Listeners

These mysterious masked individuals tend to spend their time standing peacefully in public as if they were silently protesting, and there are sometimes dozens of them doing the same thing. Some people believe they are connected to a deity that demands they listen to other people’s problems, without judging them, while others feel there is a more sinister plan behind all of the daily theatricality.

  • The Arcane Angels
  • The Eternal Pact
  • The Stone Speakers
  • The Unshackled
  • The Illuminated Preachers
  • Brothers of the Night
  • The Last Speakers

Thousand Silent Voices

The main thing they do, at least in public, is to walk around the city, whispering their prayers, and paying no mind to anyone or anything else. In fact, they are completely entranced in the walking prayer that just yesterday a man was killed on the street, in front of a couple of members, and none of them veered off of their predetermined course, stopping for nothing, not even when the victim cried for help.

  • The Anointed
  • Candles of Hope
  • The Bearers of the Eternal Flame
  • Order of the Dark Flame
  • Howling Hatred
  • The Boiling Coven
  • Crushing Wave
  • Prophets of The One Lord

Cults, as social groups following certain unconventional beliefs, are an excellent way of adding mystery, politics, danger, and conflicts to the table, and they are mostly viewed as unwanted secrets of the world where all the members are shady individuals at best. Think of what you want to achieve with the cult, what would be the main beliefs, their main goal, what kind of people would be found among the members, and create a name worthy of the secrecy that will surround it.

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word Cult? Do you feel they deserve the notoriety surrounding such organizations, or can they have noble goals as well? Share your thoughts and the Cult names you used before by leaving a comment below.

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