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Outlaw Name Generator & Backstories

A round of gunshots cracked through the town square as a gang of riders galloped through the crowd. “On yer knees, all of y’all!” one cried, yanking down his mask to reveal a sore red burn over his mouth, “or you’ll be facing ol’ Brimstone Rick!”

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Lillian Smith

Tom Bell

Levi Richardson

Dink Wilson

Cyrus Skinner

Leroy Cougar

Cole Younger

Milt Yarberry

Dynamite Clifton

Felipe Espinosa

Howard French

Ab Saunders

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The scourge of law and order, outlaws are those who have turned to crime to pay off their debts, amass a fortune, or just sate their bloodlust. They rely on their wits and their fast-draw skills to keep one step ahead of the law.

Outlaws often slowly descend into crime, so many are known by their real names, but there are also some who adopt a new name for their crime sprees or who are given a nickname by friends or foes.

Good Outlaw Names

While an outlaw will have a full name, they are often referred to by just their last name or a nickname, so look for names that have enough punch to make an impact on their own.

  • Mary Fields
  • Longhair Courtright
  • Gregory Parrott
  • Lottie Deno
  • Perry Owens
  • Wild Bill Longley
  • Pancho Daniel
  • Micah Bell

Dutch van der Linde

An expert chemist who was able to use salvaged materials to create his own grenades, which he used to stage several bank heists.

  • Connie Reeves
  • Paula de Vere
  • Zack Miller
  • Raymond Knight
  • Dangerous Dan Tucker
  • Earnest St. Leon

Ned Christie

Riding through the desert looking for ranches, this criminal enjoyed setting cattle loose to rile up the ranch owner before shooting them dead for sport.

  • Ellen Liddy Watson
  • Rufus Buck
  • Sandra Day O’Connor
  • Joaquin Botellier

Famous Outlaw Names

When you picture an outlaw in your head, you probably see one of several historical outlaws, either from real life, western novels, or film. Many of their names live on even today.

  • Sam Bass
  • Felipe Espinosa
  • Virgil Earp
  • Capehart O’Kelley
  • Kitty Leroy
  • Little Bill Raidler
  • Belle Star
  • Jesse James

Tom Bell

A former sheriff-turned-bounty hunter who put his skills at tracking criminals towards hunting the political rivals of his clients.

  • Robert Clay
  • John Wesley Hardin
  • Burt Alvord
  • Seaborn Barnes
  • Deacon Jim
  • Butch Cassidy
  • Tulsa Jack Blake

Juan Corita

A traveler from Mexico who joined up with the Tijuana Gang to raid frontier towns for the better part of two decades.

  • Uncle Tom Starr
  • Bronco Bill Waters
  • Olivier Yantis

Western Outlaw Names

The Wild West is the birthplace of the classic outlaw archetype. Those who traveled west chasing new opportunities sometimes found them by turning to crime.

  • Yginio Salazar
  • Rose Dunn
  • Cyrus Skinner
  • Pearl Hart
  • Abel Shanghai
  • Pawnee Bill
  • Hosea Matthews
  • José Vermillion

Angelo Siringo

After deserting from the army, he was hounded by lawmen, and eventually turned to holding families hostage to hideout in their homes.

  • Calamity Jane
  • Red Buck Weightman
  • Sal Brown
  • Tim Carberry
  • Gregorio Cortez
  • Wyatt Ekes
  • Howard French
  • Nate Ware

Lynell Gardner

A crack shot at 500 yards, few ever got close enough to see his face before a bullet was planted between their eyes.

  • Sylvestro Morales
  • Doc Scurlock

Funny Outlaw Names

Criminals can have a twisted sense of humor, and some outlaws would give each other teasing or embarrassing nicknames as a running joke.

  • Grab McNab
  • Leroy Cougar
  • Dink Wilson
  • Tall Texan Kilpatrick
  • Soapy Smith
  • Hairlip Charlie
  • Burton Mossman
  • Lucas George

Turkey Creek Johnson

Though nobody would say it to his face, many laughed at him for once having his rifle stolen by an especially angry goose.

  • Hol Horse
  • Nikki Smokes
  • Big Nose Kate
  • Goldie Griffith
  • Laura Bullion
  • Shindig Shaun
  • Black Jack Ketchum

Flatnose Curry

This stagecoach bandit got her name after losing a game of chicken with a falling piano, turning the mocking comments into her moniker.

  • Dynamite Clifton
  • Rattlesnake Dick
  • Hoodoo Brown

Did you find the right outlaw name for you? Make sure it looks good on a wanted poster hanging up in a saloon. If you found this article helpful, be sure to share it with your friends, and let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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