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Dragonkin Name Generator & Backstories

“Trestha! Trestha! Where are you? You know I can’t fly. Get your tail back here. Is this any way to treat your bonded partner? Come on! It’s not fair that you can fly and I can’t. Trestha? Trestha!”

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Dragonkin are humanoid-looking dragons hailing from the planet Triaxus. They have a near-magical ability to permanently bond with a non-Dragonkin partner which allows them constant telepathic contact and has extensive social and cultural corollaries.

Though they are humanoid to some degree, Dragonkin are still closely related to dragons and that has implications for the names they choose and how they pronounce many syllables. Sibilants and gutturals are common, though not overpowering.

Good Dragonkin Names

A good Dragonkin name comes with a sense of power about it. Strong syllables and resonant vowels are useful.

  • Kretgiaph
  • Asgegg
  • Sruktiax
  • Macnuz
  • Griulshilaez
  • Dreshkushaph
  • Grudasthax
  • Seojolgrin
  • Trardrog


Usge is on the verge of being old enough to potentially select a partner with whom to bond with permanently. He’s very excited, perhaps too excited. His kin caution him that the bond is permanent, and not to be rushed into, but how can he wait?

  • Roshkas
  • Morphiu
  • Sarshig
  • Zuktith
  • Rucdiki
  • Kretrusha
  • Sregaldris
  • Tribodkreoc
  • Nuzeph


With her ground assault days behind her due to an unfortunate wing injury, Zirzrex now commands battles, using her bonded partner as a scout and unparalleled set of eyes in the midst of the action. She hates exposing her partner to danger, but it’s the last taste of battle she has and she just can’t give it up.

  • Tiuldrok
  • Nidgo
  • Huleth
  • Riudguzas
  • Drezzioken

Female Dragonkin Names

Female Dragonkin names use slightly more sibilants than those of their male counterparts.

  • Tholkhu
  • Hurshie
  • Zhadno
  • Estho
  • Thuktheh
  • Zhaildesiah
  • Seirzuzieth
  • Tratasgex
  • Exadho


Smaller species have such an easy time of it! If Methne could, she’d happily change bodies with her bonded partner every time it came to do some more ship maintenance. The constricting sense of enclosure when you have wings is intolerable. But she does love being an engineer.

  • Chanso
  • Strizath
  • Arshi
  • Insha
  • Gonhex
  • Akosha
  • Ekthuzes
  • Orainhi
  • Ishainshe


Dragonkin are natural pilots because they come equipped with their own wings, their own set of flying instincts. Zosesh firmly believes this, though she has yet to earn herself a commission. When she does, will her beliefs stand up to the test?

  • Ilgrah
  • Usthe
  • Cholkosh
  • Truldu
  • Bhandhishi

Male Dragonkin Names

Male Dragonkin names are a bit more staccato and percussive than their female counterparts.

  • Vaenaks
  • Drodkik
  • Vaktac
  • Krandez
  • Tandrax
  • Idgix
  • Strulishig
  • Gojusioks
  • Kadirdrend


Metallic, chromatic, Acgioz doesn’t care which side of the war he fights on, so long as he earns gold and glory for both himself and his partner. Though recently he has begun to wonder if his partner feels the same, or if there might be something more to measure success by.

  • Bulgrogg
  • Stretruc
  • Edrias
  • Driltos
  • Vaistheph
  • Hacduji
  • Grurgagiph
  • Hibakund
  • Srinazod


Drotges is obsessed with firepower. True dragons have such magnificent breath weapons. There has to be a better way to achieve such power and more for his fellow Dragonkin! Can you imagine leashing the power of a starship engine to that of the breath?

  • Kenud
  • Hotruz
  • Askuk
  • Bocrin
  • Stricnenaz

What appeals to you most about playing Dragonkin? Do you like using them in your games? What sets them apart from dragons in your eyes? Do you have any good naming strategies? Let us know in the comments!

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