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“Ladies and gentlemen, next on to the stage, all the way from the other side of the world, the last year’s runner-up and the former two-time Rap God Battle champion, the one and only, please welcome Bone Star!”

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Hugz Smoke

50 Clique

Rhyme Ghost

O.G. Mathematics

Hott Biggie

D Venom

Tone Mystik

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Tru 2

Mushroom Ninja

Princess MC

Bad Diamond

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Being a rapper requires certain skills and the name that they choose is often just as important as it’s the one thing people immediately recognize and associate with the performance and all the lyrical abilities the rapper has shown to possess.

Fueled by the skills the rapper displays, the name carries a powerful message, whether it’s simply telling others where and when they are performing or letting the other contestants know they too will participate, so they better watch out.

When it’s all said and done, the best rappers will make certain their performances speak for themselves and this further serves to validate the quality their names promise, names such as Princess MC, ILL Diamond, Rej3ct, and Moon Mobb.

Good Rapper Names

There are many ways of coming up with a valid rapper name, though most will contain words related to illegal things, riches, material wealth, and anything else that might be street-related as some would say.

  • Lady Solomon
  • Mantis Dragon
  • Slick Hurricane
  • Boom Glocc
  • Venom Bass
  • Dead Juice
  • Gambler Note
  • Immortal Angel

Hugz Smoke

His love for tobacco and certain other herbs has influenced his whole life, from the name he chose to the lyrics found in his songs, and his whole debut heavily alluded to such things being a major part of his everyday life.

  • Smoke Law
  • Rude Assassin
  • Mob Flava
  • Rhyme Ghost
  • Drugz Bamboo

Bad Diamond

Being shunned at the start, it seemed her skills were simply not good enough for most people. While she considered herself a diamond in the rough, others kept telling her she was bad, and the name kinda stuck on its own despite having two successful albums by this time.

  • Kid Clue
  • Street Arrogant
  • Ice Dollar
  • Free Street
  • Prodigal Wrekka

Funny Rapper Names

Sometimes it’s the laughter and smiles we are after, and creating a funny rapper name can be just the thing that will set the tone and the mood in the right direction.

  • Drunken Wasp
  • Scrappy Sparklez
  • Immortal Pony
  • Lunch Money Overlord
  • Bubblegun
  • Oh Em Gee
  • Falafel
  • Lil Big

Bus Driver

Talents often appear in the most unexpected places, and this bus driver’s skills were discovered accidentally after he performed at a house party, only to be heard by an agent living upstairs. He was never fond of fame and public, however, so all he did was record songs and albums in studios, and never set a foot on any stage.

  • Blue Tang Fan
  • Autocorrekt
  • Lukrativ
  • Dirtee Britchz
  • Lil Dicky

MC Speechless

While his name suggests he can’t rap even if his life depended on it, he’s actually so good he managed to leave some first-timers speechless, only to quit right afterward as they couldn’t match his skills in a rap duel.

  • Poop Dogg
  • Stage Crier
  • High Rhyme Rate
  • Accidentally Rapping
  • Complex Napoleon

Weird Rapper Names

Being weird on purpose certainly has its place within our social circles, and the better you know the people the crazier the name you come up with can be.

  • Shorty Shitstain
  • Candyman
  • Dolla $ign
  • Snow Tha Product
  • Uncle Murda
  • Sugar Tongue Slim
  • Pooh-Man
  • Snow Blow

Lil ugly man

This six-foot-nine guy could be mistaken for a professional athlete or even a model, and his raspy voice is really pleasing to the ears but his lyrics are atrocious, to say the least, and it’s no wonder the number of visitors has been falling down with each following performance.

  • Lil Atlanta
  • King Latifa
  • Tity Boi
  • Mr. Cheeks
  • Young Nudy


While some would point out the obvious, mixing a real weapon name and using the strongly-alluding number 69, others will simply say the rapper must have been very drunk when coming up with a name that will probably follow him for the rest of the career.

  • Algebro
  • Lil poopy
  • Just Five
  • Scoob Luva
  • Slim Jesus

Female Rapper Names

Women have long been a part of the rapping game and some of them find themselves at the very top, a place that can all but guarantee their names will be remembered for years to come.

  • Smoothie
  • Thug Wife
  • Little Bean
  • Sweet Time
  • Art Deco
  • Merciful
  • Curls
  • Slim Rhymes

Flow Ridah

With excellent writing abilities, creativity, and a rich past from which she can draw inspiration, each of her songs ended up being a hit, and her first album was heavily praised for her natural rapping flow.

  • Persia Blue
  • Holly War
  • Weird Wendy
  • Doll Slayer
  • Vicious Sphinx

Little Pen

Even before she started her career for real, she kept notes of all the lyrics she could think of, regardless of where she was at the time, and the small pencil she kept also served to inspire her official name.

  • Flawless
  • Light Love
  • Cruella Crawford
  • Expressionless
  • Yum Yum

It’s not so simple to tell an effective story but some rappers make it seem easy. They convey messages by rhyming on musical beats in the background and their songs entertain a vast number of fans across the globe. Whether they specialize in lyrics or the act of performance, they all capture the hearts and minds of the onlookers and provide continuous inspiration to numerous people all over the world. Think about what kind of a person the rapper is, how was their past, did they have to struggle in life or not, how did they start rapping, and create a name worthy of being mentioned by millions of fans and media across the whole wide world.

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