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“What did you think, Domev? That you could blow up a warehouse halfway across the planet, that I’d go running, and you could sneak in here and rob me blind? No. That was a mistake. And it’s going to cost you your life.”

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The Orions originated on the planet Orion in the Alpha Quadrant. As a species they had green skin and dark hair, while culturally they had a history of both great civilisation and ruthless trade syndicates. Some Orions even engaged in piracy and the slave trade.

Orion names tend to be simple and strong, predominantly using a two-syllable structure (though names with one or three syllables do also occur). Family or clan names don’t have much place in current Orion culture, so most individuals are known by title or a single name alone.

Good Orion Names

Good Orion names have a strong two-beat rhythm and often use repeated sounds or letters.

  • Ralloh
  • Tiyceh
  • Vattam
  • Jazal
  • Thegik
  • Jomiz
  • Niyciz
  • Thikev
  • Rizzer


Orion females have a reputation for spying and manipulation. Haaycor puts paid to that stereotype. She’s strong, ruthless, and completely upfront about her barbarity. It’s made her a strong pirate captain, but there are still those that want to take her down a peg.

  • Lizzor
  • Jigguv
  • Messor
  • Gossol
  • Nammuh
  • Thittod
  • Garrod
  • Voycil
  • Littol


If you want a little something to ease your day, Memaz has got you covered. If you want something to make the nights exciting, Memaz has got you covered. You want to skip out on your tab, though? Then the only thing covering you will be the ground.

  • Hammirc
  • Daaycev
  • Laage
  • Mezzak
  • Geycar

Female Orion Names

Female Orion names make greater use of sibilants than their male counterparts.

  • Shaddous
  • Zhagou
  • Dallu
  • Heero
  • Vanouloush
  • Merrollo
  • Tidusoss
  • Shayrivu
  • Hessusou


Thashonni was betrayed, sold off into slavery while she slept by someone she trusted. Now, she’s stuck on a junker of a space station serving drinks. Or at least she is until she can escape, make her way back home, and gut the dog that double-crossed her.

  • Mivnoushu
  • Zhagilou
  • Ganesas
  • Thissa
  • Vaylluss
  • Sishki
  • Shelevish
  • Hisulaa
  • Seggaa


Machines are clean. Machines are simple. So are regulations. You always know what you need to do and how. So Daira loves StarFleet, even if she;s still a lowly ensign. Now she just needs to make her way high enough up the ranks that if her family comes looking for her she has enough connections to stay.

  • Liddaas
  • Dadi
  • Zhadoss
  • Veeshessaa
  • Shegga

Male Orion Names

Male Orion names make strong use of harsher or more guttural sounds, as compared to their female counterparts.

  • Diggir
  • Thourrerc
  • Herral
  • Ngarriz
  • Rossuz
  • Toumad
  • Nagum
  • Raammen
  • Ngaggek


Rising in the Orion Trade Syndicates isn’t easy. You have to be smart, and ruthless, and possess a keen eye for value. Leycuz is on the rise, but he didn’t realise quite how many enemies he’d have to deal with to get to the top. There are almost too many ofthem. Almost.

  • Geker
  • Ngaallad
  • Laggo
  • Tegev
  • Gaimmur
  • Ngollad
  • Lattev
  • Hollerc
  • Raggum


Volluz has made a mint off his face. It’s beautiful and everyone wants it, wants him. Fortunately, he’s a very talented artist and holo-programmer, so for the right price, anyone can have what they want! And he doesn’t get too tired in the process.

  • Laatav
  • Thimmok
  • Haallek
  • Ngillah
  • Daazun

What appeals to you most about Orions? What do you think of their depiction as a criminal element in Star Trek society? Do you enjoy playing them for that reason? How do you come up with Orion names? Let us know in the comments!

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