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The Elder Scrolls Name Generators

“No need to hide stranger.” – the man on the horse said, looking at a girl hiding behind a large stone. “It’s ok, we won’t hurt you.” – he continued trying to reassure her – “Are you ok? Where do you come from?”. Seeing the girl still hesitating to talk, he added – “Tell us your name and we’ll help you, I promise.”

Generate Names

Chrysthna Stobenitte

Tuleeus Periclesh

Deeul Cassar

Sapbi Night-Sword

Weebam-Ei Theogulus

Valmldilnen Gaeaerith

Tuinrmend Thramkaender

Tsrashi Sajstee

Ravnande Aelsonoth

Nirni Givynil

Rigmanna Fenrensdottir

Oldgvild Cairn-Outlaw

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Elder Scrolls Online is a game with rich lore and although not all of it is actual cannon, it still offers us a wide variety of content, from magnificent locations to famous heroes and notorious villains. Adventure awaits you at every corner.

It is easy to get lost in the stories that are going on in the world and one quickly feels apart of them, in one way or another. By playing a character, no matter what race we choose, we allow ourselves to experience those stories first hand.

Choosing a name you’ll be happy with opens up endless possibilities where all your actions can bring wealth, fame, and glory.

Choosing a Name You Like is Important

There are many ways to approach and experience the game and its world, all depending on which race you start as. In any case, you will visit numerous interesting places, meet strangers, and make friends and enemies as you go.

As everyone else has their own goals, aspirations, skills, and predispositions, they also have their own unique identity among which the most important part is their name. Character deeds are often something that speaks louder than words.

Having your own name, one that portrays your character in the exact kind of light you want, allows you to fully immerse yourself into the world knowing your actions elevate the importance of who your character is. Best to choose one wisely.

Needless drama aside, choosing a name for your ESO character is probably one of the more important decisions you make as it’ll follow you for the rest of the game. Use the name generator for some inspiration but try to think of your own as well.

If you can’t seem to find an appropriate name, take a break as there’s no need to rush. Think about it some more, even sleep on it if necessary. After all, it’s something that sticks with you as your character is the very center of all experience that awaits.

It’s your turn!

Whether you choose to play an Imperial, a Breton, or some arguably more diverse race like Dunmer or Orsimer, creating a unique name is more than worth it. As you make your way through the world itself, you leave your mark and if others know your name they are well on their way to get inspired by your actions. So choose a name worth commemorating, create your character, and go find your place in history.

Let us know your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with an Elder Scrolls character name.

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As DM and a Storyteller, I very much enjoy all of the aspects of D&D. Creating characters, dialogues, plots, and stories are some of my passions and I'm very happy being able to share some of them here, at Codex Nomina.

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  1. I chose a middle name for my character with two options. First, I started out with 2 names my family and I are debating on for my new middle name 🏳️‍⚧️. I have Raen, my name when I was purely nonbinary, and Allen :/, my late grandfather’s name. Fortunately, they are both prefixes in Bosmer names. I looked at the suffixes in this generator and chose -vir and -goth. So, I now have Raenvir and Alengoth. If my friends and family like Raenvir for Eithan Softvale, then my middle name will be Raen. If they choose Alengoth, it’ll be Allen :/. (I live vicariously through my character, so yeah)

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