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ESO Dunmer Name Generator & Guide

“Those filthy lizards need to go or we need to make them go.” – the old Dunmer told his apprentice as he searched for a vial. “And it’s going to be me, Irvedur Thirethyl, who’s going to make certain of that.” – he continued smugly as he poured the green liquid in, making the other Dunmer grin excitingly in agreement.

Generate Names

Odropar Derothran

Vonostar Matdu

Fomyana Omayryon

Vatmis Rathhandus

Fothanos Moraara

Enavas Herathril

Goriredh Bavalnor

Mithdrose Sarvothren

Danslyne Ienemalvel

Manaram Elaalor

Cyllam Anduothril

Fadadamea Turthas

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Table of Contents

Dunmer, also known as Dark Elves, have gloomy personalities, and ill-fated origins. They are intelligent, agile, and skillful elven-like creatures. They are known to use magic and weapons with equal expertise.

They are a very proud race, quite cruel, ruthless, and with a bully-like mentality at times. While they distrust most other races, the feeling is mutual.

Dunmer live as families, Houses, where each of them has their own greedy interests which they try to achieve any way they can. They all have elven-like names. Some good examples are Revdyn Neleravel, Eriira Menadar, and Drertheru Drorralen.

Dunmer Last Names

Families are called Houses and the House name is usually the Dunmer’s last name as well, giving them a sense of belonging and pride.

  • Rendlis
  • Elarrar
  • Arysdyn
  • Bethno
  • Lonaoro
  • Iratalor
  • Drelri
  • Retni
  • Saroem
  • Doralan
  • Ryovyn
  • Krenules
  • Uvulbruk
  • Damoram
  • Herangi
  • Baruaren
  • Favilnith
  • Datthri
  • Aretrano
  • Athevani

Female Dunmer Names

Females can be just as vile and dangerous as males. When they are set on vengeance, there’s not much you can do about it except fight or flee.

  • Nerivese Avelones
  • Feldore Alaaram
  • Demrayni Urvyn
  • Ninansi Hlaslno
  • Goreiri Alvlian

Ridehesi Raleman

A mage in the making, she doesn’t have that much talent as one might expect from a Dunmer but her deception and spying skills are top-notch. If she finds out what she’s after, nothing will be the same again.

  • Iduvona Githul
  • Tavrara Omayar
  • Seviuise Radndil
  • Sondme Mareharian
  • Tuniviso Nasyador

Dranie Elvuvi

A member of an elite assassin group, deadly with a dagger and a bow. Only half a dozen make the group, but they are worth more than a whole army if used properly.

  • Fadadamea Turthas
  • Hlevlayne Sedhendis
  • Orermera Rilhelas
  • Talahise T’rizal
  • Mevuilia Tistrobar
  • Nalaahran Orelrvi

Ververi Sathvi

Having been born outside of Morrowind, she was always curious about her race’s origins and so she makes her way towards it. The road is long and dangerous and it’ll be a small miracle to get there alive and well.

  • Tunsa Matravel
  • Drevthyne Heloth
  • Lliryani Nilhalor
  • Teluvala Suran
  • Tiraonu Uvayilo
  • Ridlasa Releromo

Male Dunmer Names

Dangerous enemies and often uncertain allies, you can’t really rely on most, even when you’re on good terms with them so don’t turn your back for too long.

  • Talaenc Samaro
  • Daloes Eledyn
  • Alnala Inlinith
  • Tadrane Dulneth
  • Llavis Doraeth
  • Beldynis Beldhandus

Vonostar Matdu

An academy mage by day, a necromancer by night. While he doesn’t need to hide it per se, he likes to keep it a secret until he feels powerful enough to make his move.

  • Vendryne Balys
  • Goriredh Bavalnor
  • Falddyn Tunain
  • Sodrius Omaral
  • Dovopar Hlarvaren

Malsesu Fadaai

An adventurer through and through. He likes to go where his heart and mind lead him and that might be just anywhere.

  • Milselen Avanelas
  • Femeuse Uvelalu
  • Dandhorpa Madvilo
  • Gilvmir Avanvu
  • Edradel Adasthas
  • Ireilo Hlereloth

Benarer Gorvrani

He’s been tracking his target for a few days now, following him around the city. He’s still not sure what would be the best move to make, as the target seems to be guarded far better than he anticipated.

  • Rervmon Uvieleth
  • Vavaron Barulor
  • Nelyyna Renirelas
  • Daresi Urvoothril
  • Thoraredhel Vavarvu

Vengeful, vicious, cunning, and keen on revenge, they use all their abilities to achieve their goals. They are somewhat more tolerant of other races if they are born outside their original homeland, but they still encounter prejudice and hold their own grudges as well. Dunmer make for good travelers and adventurers, so having a name is one thing to have even if it’s not their real one.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Dunmer name.

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