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ESO Nord Name Generator & Guide

“I told you already.” – the big burly man mumbled through his long dark beard – “We’re going to see Urlvar the Unbroken and join him in his next raid. Trust me, when we get back, we’ll all have more than a story to tell.” “You mean *if* we come back.” – the other man smirked. “Exactly”- the leader answered – “Sovngarde awaits.”

Generate Names

Bodihvir Whitemane

Urlaami the Tall

Sorsine Mjorarnedottir

Lamny Ghost-Smasher

Greyuki Outlaw

Gerdtte Gold-Drums

Katlinna Green-Torn

Jayrdur Grey-Nail

Areianus Troll-Breaker

Knurkir Torberdottir

Ylgager Law-Plank

Gromrreid Green-Hunter

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Nords are tall, strong people living in cold places. They are Viking-like in nature, and they love fighting, raiding, and making a name for themselves. Earning a place in Sovngarde, their afterlife, is what awaits any Nord who dies gloriously in battle.

Two things Nords like the most are mead and music, and they are rather religious and superstitions, giving importance to omens where they see them. Living mostly in huts and wooden houses, they build them in a way they can withstand cold with ease.

Nords make for excellent warriors, mercenaries, guards, and soldiers. They can be disciplined when needed, though their fury often gets on display in any fight. Some good Nord names are Raloldr Mjorenson, Evete Farseer, and Rigmrir the Fearsome.

Nord Last Names

Nords can have surnames, while some of them use a given nickname, a name based on their deeds.

  • Woodcutter
  • Windrime
  • Ahlaeldssen
  • Djaldssen
  • Torbahriksen
  • Iron-Anvil
  • Winter-Winter
  • Flat-Wish
  • Stout-Champion
  • Crow
  • Merkiller
  • Ingmikson
  • Jargervonssen
  • Torvorkessen
  • Head-Nail
  • Flat-Bane
  • Star-Gobler
  • Fiery-Breeks
  • the Braggart
  • Ehrersson

Female Nord Names

Female Nords can be as fearsome as any other Nord, sometimes with even more to prove.

  • Erdritte Gray-Drums
  • Beihvir the Maulhand
  • Finja the Fair
  • Ernaalla the Greycloak
  • Haemarte Bjoahrsdottir

Rigelver Mjorarnedottir

Also known as the Red, she’s been the talk of the village for weeks now, ever since she came back from a hunt all covered in blood. There are many different stories on what happened that day, but the real truth remains to be a secret that only she knows.

  • Greyvild Erensvesdottir
  • Hremir Two-Sung
  • Thrbbi Wind-Free
  • Gislsel Silver-Hewer
  • Fjoren Red-Eyes

Sapfnhild the Unwavering

The first female Jarl to run the village, now a town, in their history. Wise, intelligent, and very capable, she has brought prosperity to her birthplace. Soon, however, everything will come into question as the unknown forces keep closing in from the east.

  • Eydidolyn Curse-Bringer
  • Mereella Bloodmouth
  • Roni Bjahrsdottir
  • Faiine Heraeldsdottir
  • Mettfna Tarbersdottir
  • Yrsdrika Rich-Shield

Matlsa of the River

Ever since she fell in the river and somehow didn’t drown, she actually loves to go for a swim. If you asked most of the people who know her, they would probably tell you she spends more time in the water than staying dry.

  • Mjolrun Flat-Pommel
  • Brejorg Milk-Wave
  • Reyur Lonely-Feet
  • Eldata the Mumbling
  • Hjodur the Tall
  • Hrorphire Mjaroksdottir

Alfhild Battle-Born

Alfhild hails from one of the oldest and most respected clans in Whiterun. Unyielding and fierce, she has spent much of her life seeking out conflict, believing that she can only find her true purpose in the heat of battle. As a Battle-Born, she is innately tied to the ongoing struggles within the Nord society and the broader Tamriel.

  • Ysra the Shieldmaiden
  • Birna Snow-Heart
  • Astrid Frost-Veins
  • Gudrun Iron-Arm

Ingrid Storm-Walker

Born into the harsh climes of Winterhold, honed her resilience early on, navigating through icy blizzards and fending off dangerous creatures. She earned her surname from her unmatched skill in tracking and surviving storms, utilizing them to confuse her enemies. Now, Ingrid employs her survival skills as a guide, aiding travelers through treacherous terrain and harsh weather conditions in the land of Skyrim.


Male Nord Names

Only a few use magic as most of them prefer to prove themselves in battle the old fashion way with cold steel in hand. They like musicians and bards, preferring to have one at their side so their exploits are well remembered.

  • Yngoael Merkiller
  • Maltrenor Ingmikson
  • Assuers Jargervonssen
  • Stagar Torvorkessen
  • Jeeksmar Head-Nail
  • Hulund Flat-Bane

Bjadhmund Star-Gobler

As it was for generations in his family, his father taught him how to read the stars which provided much more information than some thought. Sometimes ridiculed, and sometimes admired, he always learns something from the stars that soon proves to be true.

  • Hadrbjof Fiery-Breeks
  • Nelsan the Walker
  • Narfvard the Braggart
  • Garimar Windrime
  • Vipigen Ehrersson
  • Ylgager Asgenson

Hrungvir Jarganssen

Son of the famous warrior, he has much to prove. He’s been taking all sorts of jobs that involve killing, but the feeling of belonging somewhere still eludes him. Sovngarde is everything for him, though he is not in the hurry to see it just yet.

  • Ysmidgeir Doom-Fang
  • Mojgi Secret-Robber
  • Girgff Cabbage-Breaker
  • Vidiad Strong-Breeks
  • Miraom Smith

Balgferth Nightingale

Known for his rather incredible imitation of birds, something which he uses as signals before an ambush, he’s also well respected by his fellow warriors. As a skilled fighter himself, he’s a natural-born leader and an honest ally and friend.

  • Higers the Unmentioned
  • Hlanon Asgenssson
  • Kjorlnar Asgenrson
  • Dagric Sararikson
  • Hednunn Cloud-Pierced

Torvald Ice-Eye

A former member of the Stormcloak rebellion, Torvald, also known as “Ice-Eye” due to his piercing blue gaze, ventured out to explore all of Tamriel after the tumultuous civil war in Skyrim. His skills as a warrior are only matched by his talent for negotiating the harsh colds of his homeland, making him a formidable adventurer.

  • Rorik the Bear
  • Halvar Wind-Speaker
  • Agnar the Mountain
  • Helgi War-Fist
  • Bjorn Storm-Wolf
  • Sven Dragonsbane

Tall, powerful, and resistant to cold, Nords are very experienced fighters known for their resilience. Preferring mostly melee combat, while sometimes wearing heavy armor, most wear fur and leather and rely on their own skills and physical abilities. With swords and axes, they like to prove themselves wherever they go. The day they fall in battle, all is well for them, as they are going to Sovngarde in which they feast and fight for eternity. Give your Nord a name and earn your place in the afterlife.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Nord name.

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