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“Yes, my name is Conor McLeod. No, don’t give me none of that bollocks about the movies or the show from the telly. I’ve heard it all, I promise you, and none of it is funny. It’s not even spelled the same!”

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Scotland is a small nation on the northern end of the Island of Britain. It features a long and proud history, and has several traditional cultural elements that are well known throughout the world, such as the kilt and the bagpipes.

Scottish names, to some degree, are similar to British names because they are a part of that island group of nations. There are some cultural signifiers that are more identifiable Scottish, however, such as the use of Mc or Mac to begin Scottish surnames.

Good Scottish Names

Good Scottish names can be found in many places, including Scottish history and folklore.

  • Ryan MacKay
  • Mack Cook
  • Struan White
  • Archie Stuart
  • Colton Sinclair
  • Miller Thompson
  • Jake McGowan
  • Lyle Fleming
  • Charlie Main

Noel McKenzie

Noel works as a tour guide for her local whiskey distillery. There’s not much else to do in her small town. Jobs are hard to come by. But if she wants to stay close to her aging mother, she doesn’t have much choice.

  • Olly McKenna
  • George Middleton
  • Stephen Roberts
  • William Little
  • Ashton Campbell
  • Scott Barr
  • Hugh Donnelly
  • Tom Morgan
  • Hayden McCabe

Albert Devlin

Don’t let it be said that Albert Devlin ever refused a reasonable request! He was a musician. It was his job to take requests. But in all honesty, the next person that asks him to play Amazing Grace is going to get a boot to the face.

  • Lochlan McLaughlin
  • Leon Jackson
  • Steven Boyd
  • Maxwell Stevenson
  • James Allison

Female Scottish Names

Female Scottish names have a slight tendency to end in vowels or soft sounds.

  • Leah McGregor
  • Ellie Buchanan
  • Olivia MacKay
  • Liliana Currie
  • Riley Cunningham
  • Skye Lawson
  • Blair Kerr
  • Hanna Jackson
  • Maisie Smart

Rebecca Patterson

Rebecca loves teaching history. And there’s so much of it in her little corner of Scotland. She loves exploring local ruins and takes long walks along the coast regularly. She almost feels like she’s searching for something, but she has no idea what that might be.

  • Alisha Paton
  • Margot Baxter
  • Zoey Cochrane
  • Hallie Adams
  • Sophia Khan
  • Ariah Law
  • Ella Kelly
  • Callie Johnson
  • Lottie Morton

Ariana Reynolds

It’s the drunks that are the worst, and there are so many drunks. But what else is there to do when it’s so dark and so cold for so long each year? It doesn’t make being a police officer easy, especially as a woman, but Ariana rather likes busting a few heads, so it’s not all bad.

  • Caoimhe Innes
  • Zoe Adamson
  • Summer MacGregor
  • Edie McAllister
  • Millie Murdoch

Male Scottish Names

Male Scottish names have a large overlap with British forenames, though the names of Scottish heroes and patriots often repeat as well.

  • Killian McCann
  • Henry Cochrane
  • David MacDonald
  • Bradley Lawson
  • Austin Gardner
  • Elliot Taylor
  • Ruairi O’Neill
  • Fergus Law
  • Lachlan McPherson

Cody Miller

Cody would die if it weren’t for the internet. His steam isn’t big yet, but he’s sure if he keeps at it, he’ll eventually get famous. Then he’ll have enough money to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants! No more shifts down the pub.

  • Adam Turnbull
  • Harley Todd
  • Nico Nelson
  • Calvin Cairns
  • Rory Mason
  • David Patterson
  • Euan Johnson
  • Haris Gallagher
  • Billy McMillan

Zayn Gunn

Zayn is a blacksmith, of all things in this day and age. The streaming renaissance has been a total blessing, with fantasy epics needing endless props. And he’s happy to forge them. Though it is getting a bit old.

  • Levi Cassidy
  • Lennox Barr
  • Kieran MacGregor
  • Luca Middleton
  • Hunter Lynch

What do you like best about Scottish names? How often do you set games in Scotland? Are there other fantasy lands or people that you often use Scottish names for? Let us know in the comments!

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