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Trying to plan a meet-up with Gallopina is no easy feat, since she’s most often seen dashing through the town on some errand or other. When she does stop by, she talks at a mile a minute too – a lifetime of racing will do that to a pony!

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Sunny Beams


Silly Filly


Cherry Bubbles

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Phoney Pony

Forge Your Own Name: Discover Our Name Suggestions & Backstories

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The world of Equestria is a magical place to set a story, with ponies getting up to high jinks and horseplay around every corner, but always coming back to the things that matter at the end of the day. Whether you’re planning an alternate ending for the MLP gang or daydreaming about your pony alter ego, choosing a good name is a fun place to start.

Good My Little Pony Names

Many names in the MLP universe are packed with colorful descriptors, wordplay, and plenty of horse-related terms. To come up with the perfect mix for your character, consider whether you want to highlight something about their nature or appearance, and be sure to make it fun!

  • Falabella        
  • Serendipity        
  • Buckie Belle        
  • Sabino Sparkle        
  • Persepony        
  • Pinto Beanie        
  • Gallopina        
  • Sorrel Sunset        


Moxie has a reputation for digging in her hooves and never backing down, which can make her a difficult friend at times, but a trustworthy ally in the face of injustice.

  • Smoky Black        
  • Pony Baloney        
  • Starlight Steed        
  • Mahogany Bay        
  • Buckskin Rogers        
  • Blaize Saddles        
  • Pudding Pop        
  • Milly the Filly        
  • Cherry Roan        


Always sporting the latest complicated mane styles, Palomina may seem like a posh pony but there’s a heart of gold beneath her glossy coat.

  • Appaloosy        
  • Tiger Eye        
  • Jet Middler        
  • Overo Hero        
  • Foaley Artist        
  • Snowflake        
  • Puissance        
  • Rainbow Charger        
  • Tobiano Toby        


While many ponies found dressage lessons interminably dull, Foxtrotter had spent every spare moment perfecting the steps in the school gym. You’ll find him wherever music plays, showing off moves to anyone who’ll watch.

  • Poppy Perlino        
  • Dynamite        
  • Revelry        
  • Mane Character        
  • Sunny Beams        
  • Mellow Cremello        
  • Cherish        
  • Honey Bunny        
  • Beau         

Rose Grey

Rose Grey may have put the lively escapades of youth behind her, but her door is always open for ponies in need of withers to cry on or a little sage advice.

  • Felicity        
  • Silly Filly        
  • Cutie Piebald        
  • Jewel Roan        
  • Skychaser        
  • Bay Blade        
  • Fairy Wings        
  • Flashfire        
  • Arabesque        

Night Eye

When Night Eye first heard the legend of a pony’s chestnut allowing them to see through darkness, he’d become obsessed with activating the power. Even though the top scientists of Equestria have found no evidence of the claim, he never gives up on the dream.

  • Isabelline        
  • The Chevalier        
  • Pepper Pinto        
  • Twirly Girl        
  • Baby Belle        
  • Sooty Snoot        
  • Caballus Rex        
  • Pearlglow        
  • Night Eye        
  • Gallopina        
  • Brumby Belle        
  • Pirouette        

Knight Mare

All but the bravest ponies took the path past Knight Mare’s tower at a full gallop. She rarely showed her face in the town, but everyone knew to look out for the ominous storm clouds that signaled her presence at the tower.

  • Bubble Beam        
  • Pony Macaroni        
  • Champagne        
  • Twinklehooves        
  • Speed Steed        
  • Mane Man        
  • Dapple Pie        
  • Penelope Pearl        
  • Flaxamillion        
  • Vivacity        
  • Pepper Flame        
  • Clarity Bell

I’ve had great fun coming up with these My Little Pony names, they all bring a little light-hearted joy. Which one of these colorful characters did you like best? If you’re planning your own Equestrian adventure, let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear what your ponies will be getting up to.

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D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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  1. gave birth three months ago to a beautiful baby girl. me and my husband are big mlp fans so we wanted to name her my little pony themed. we saw this website and saw horseshoeliette, when we were searching for name ideas, and just knew it was the one.

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