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Donald Rutherford II gazed upon the bronze idol in front of him, it was oddly captivating.. as he stared, his surroundings seemed to melt away and a voice entered his mind: “I am Xaabbex… you will do my bidding…”

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Lovecraftian horror is now a staple of many fantasy and weird fiction adventures. The horrific, otherworldly entities one finds in such stories are the source of endless captivation for readers and players alike.

Good Lovecraftian Names

Good Lovecraftian names are epitomized by their completely alien nature, they should be terrifying, hard to comprehend, and even harder to pronounce.

  • v’old’ka
  • ghroghig
  • gothrhelb
  • cthoxhiss
  • bhoudra
  • aitiogho
  • uz’ocnol
  • otrazherh
  • unexhisz


Iabriogex is a lesser deity of little fame, who has a secret temple deep in the rainforest where a cult is said to still perform human sacrifices to this day.

  • vh’obhi
  • z’ar’molb
  • vulk’then
  • kuizo
  • cxul’dran
  • yatraggd’thash
  • iathiobrih
  • uc’thorvoxr
  • udaagdag
  • iakthelko
  • goxhasz


Khouthr’xolb is a depraved creature who serves as a messenger to some of the higher powers of the Outer Realms. Its black wings and skeletal appearance are enough to reduce men to shrieks of fear.

  • talu
  • xaabbex
  • mlilu
  • ykaari
  • iactuidhu
  • uv’ithrhosh
  • edaoz’gnexz
  • iaubridreth
  • v’adhog
  • v’aagg’zhu


Traodhexz is the best approximation of a translation of a name found on an ancient stone tablet. The tablet also mentions that the entity may still be sleeping deep beneath the ground.

  • gaiorvast
  • z’alpeh
  • iactactug
  • ocxaiondorh
  • iunaoctirh
  • yihuixotl
  • ebhugalbh
  • nexih
  • kyghalb
  • zhiodh’endi


What is known about Z’uctus comes from the raving diaries of a linguistic professor stationed at an archaeological dig apparently visited by visions of the creature. She described it as a humming, formless mass of eyes and green sludge.

  • mh’obbirc
  • octhald’korh
  • yokhegnn’rig
  • inguztud
  • aiuec’thaalke
  • aiuemlalth’ma
  • tazasz
  • shoztil
  • zaalp’dras
  • dojhu


Thombr’dra is a outer alien of staggering power and proportion, able to influence the minds of mortals from across the universe with the intention of heralding it’s eventual arrival to this world.

  • aiuethorv’drelbh
  • od’aojhol
  • ecxaiodr’mil
  • iaugaabh’enda
  • iauzubr’gnud
  • z’ethlu
  • d’aalk’li
  • mloru
  • tambr’zhorh


Mhindeg is a scheming and dastardly creature that was once human. Transformed by its dark masters, it now stalks the caverns off this world waiting to drag unsuspecting victims off to their doom.

  • ezhizh’gni
  • icnouthl’thost
  • ecxaiond’zhaxr
  • athydhr’misz
  • ukodrrasz
  • gudh’vharh
  • vhaagda
  • ghiogu
  • d’oudrruss
  • cxegg’ithon

That completes our list of Lovecraftian names, we hope you found something suitably spine-chilling here for your own stories and games. Why not comment your favorite name in the comments below and share the article with fellow horror fans if you found it helpful?

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