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The letters whirred past on the starship’s monitor as the cultural attaché translated furiously. Finally they formed something vaguely resembling a word, and she pushed the intercom button. “Come in captain. I think I have it. This alien is trying to communicate his name: Prarthax.”

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Exploring new galaxies and meeting new species has been humanity’s ambition for the longest time. Aliens fill our imaginations and embody our greatest dreams of interplanetary prosperity.

An alien name is going to sound weird to a human, since not only would they be in different languages, but how an alien produces sounds might be totally different too.

Good Alien Names

Aliens would not share our grammar, so look for weird mashups of syllables that would never work in human languages. This will help the alien name sound more, well, alien.

  • Zaldan
  • Ocah
  • Theetull
  • Kheku
  • Stroz’iek
  • Oczak
  • Brek
  • Undroi


The warlord king of the Cruphx Empire who conquered dozens of star systems before being murdered by his lead general.

  • Veillean
  • Aalot
  • Magrak
  • Ugmoin
  • Rasu
  • Krur


An avid xenophile who collected artifacts from other intergalactic species in a huge archive near the Alpha Centauri system.

  • Giks
  • Yudae
  • Nurer
  • Oldi

Female Alien Names

The names of female aliens might lean towards lilting consonants and vowels to give them a lighter, airy quality.

  • Khovrud
  • Scruuleok
  • Threvul
  • Guv’a
  • Ilni
  • Harzor
  • Onkeot
  • Auzik


The scientist who developed the Stardust Plague as a biological weapon before it was accidentally deployed on her home planet.

  • Vrolziel
  • Iegoi
  • Yiellaith
  • Gheekzieds
  • Umphi
  • Scakvik
  • Qhuls


Born to a noble family, she rose to become a famous interstellar diplomat, making first contact with many species.

  • Caqrin
  • Zen
  • Briscud

Male Alien Names

For male aliens, a name might include hard consonants and guttural sounds to communicate their toughness and strength.

  • Necon
  • Staknul
  • Hempher
  • Khan
  • Zunphot
  • Shehur
  • Dokir
  • Emphoid


Stranded on Oloq-8, he survived in the frigid climate for years before finally being saved by a passing star frigate.

  • Dhiphoroth
  • Massar
  • Scrunkruin
  • Fasser
  • Dhurkel
  • Troqrik
  • Shuphin


An engineer who specialized in space stations, he was the designer of the popular Skeever satellite schematic.

  • Erzi
  • Olzaeth
  • Dringriel

Funny Alien Names

Aliens are so different to us, some of their language is going to sound just plain silly, and names are no exception.

  • Yonnis
  • Ohur
  • Salval
  • Threngraid
  • Rogas
  • Buqair
  • Ettid
  • Scork


Host of a highly-rated game show on her homeworld, she went on tour only to find she was universally reviled by other species.

  • Crur’ix
  • Thuhlin
  • Aegell
  • Sterai
  • Traimar
  • Erain
  • Corrut


Founder of the Galactic Heart movement dedicated to universal peace and love, at least before it became a fanatical militant group.

  • Scoxiel
  • Thisted
  • Urnaeh

It might seem obvious, but an alien name needs to sound completely otherworldly, like a totally different language. Hopefully this article gave you some good ideas for names that achieve just that. If you liked the article, drop us a comment and share it with your friends!

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