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Elven City Name Generator & Short Stories

Mírëlondë was such a precious haven that its whereabouts were known only to The Keepers. Their duty was to heed any call for sanctuary, instantly transporting the endangered elf to Mírëlondë’s impregnable citadel.

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Elves are such a persistent character type in fantasy settings that full languages have been created for them. Tolkien’s extensive attempts are most well known, but unique words and concepts appear elsewhere too, such as the Dungeons and Dragons extended world. All of these provide excellent inspiration for your Elven city name.

Good Elven City Names

Like many fantasy place names, an Elven city will often give clues to its important features or attractions in the title. By using any of the languages created by other authors, or coming up with your own, you can add a layer of mystery to this kind of name. The city’s true nature won’t be revealed to anyone who hasn’t yet studied the Elven tongue.

  • Mírëlondë        
  • Myth Nilaa        
  • Siannodel        
  • Orthelian        
  • Relthwin        
  • Yst Falas        
  • Gilgalad        
  • Za Wealdath        

Minas Ithil

As the moon crested above Minas Ithil each night, its light refracted through the glass of the city’s soaring watchtower. As long as the streets were bathed in its comforting glow, they were safe.

  • Sharr Sigen        
  • Tarminas Sindë        
  • Aeglir Anc        
  • Canas Fanui        
  • Akhiilor        
  • Ren Lurleath        
  • Ostirion        
  • Srendaen Rum        
  • Everantha        

Mista Menelmen

When the ground had become too overrun to build new housing, the forest elves had taken to the canopy. The markets and homes of Mista Menelmen soon spread across the treetops for miles around.

  • Y’Landrothiel        
  • Taras Varna        
  • Ost Ivor        
  • Caras Dath        
  • Holimion        
  • Myth Avae        
  • Tiru’Tel’Vael        
  • Níquetil        
  • Sharr Syolkiir        


The raging wildfire pool at the center of Ruivëailin had long been an object of arcane study, and what started as a ramshackle camp for researchers had blossomed into a great center for elven scholars.

  • Arta Angulócë        
  • Myth Kerym        
  • Y’Tellarien        
  • Calca Tirion        
  • Minais Lothren        
  • Gadordîn        
  • Thimae Tiru        
  • Mindon Anna        
  • Caladuinë        

Ost Imloth

To enter the wild tundras of the North, travelers must first pass through Ost Imloth. The city’s elves saw themselves as protectors of the icy landscape, permitting only the worthiest to venture beyond.

  • Sharr Teuvel        
  • Tiru’Tel’Quor        
  • Taras Angaina        
  • Myth Arivae        
  • Canais Guldur        
  • Alcarduinë        
  • Minas Fân        
  • Veluuthra        
  • Osta Coimas        

Myth Srinna

When elves first landed on these shores, they remained close to the coast for centuries. The first explorer to risk heading further inland was rewarded with a city named in his honor, Myth Srinna.

  • Thilrûn        
  • Rua Rum        
  • Ost Ovras        
  • Evereska        
  • Minas Lorn        
  • Sharr Trunalor        
  • Myth Lalala        
  • Canas Calan        
  • Arta Alalvëa        

Tirian Andúnë

Not all cities can be found on a map. Tirian Andúnë must be located by scanning the horizon at sunset, when the city’s central tower becomes visible for less than a minute.

  • Ettelëmarda        
  • Taras Taurina        
  • Minas Aear        
  • Surin        
  • Sharr Thimaer        
  • Cerais Gochel        
  • Myth Mista        


Lilótëandor’s stone walls were as impenetrable as the mightiest fortress, but it was named for the cloak of ethereal flowers and vines that hid them from view.

  • Tirian Amal        
  • Tarminas Otornassë        
  • Ost Tinnu        
  • Raer Rum        
  • Tiru’Tel’Shee        
  • Myth Quor        
  • Taras Umbas        
  • Arve Arta

I’ve loved looking through all of the Elven languages to produce these magical city names, fit for any civilization. If you’ve used any of these names for inspiration, let me know in the comments! Please also share this article with others who enjoy a bit of Elven linguistics and city planning.

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