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The squire knocked frantically on the hut’s door. “Is the witch Areca home? My master needs her help!” At that, the door cracked open, and a raspy voice said, “I can offer help, but what will your master pay me in return, eh?

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Probably best known for turning their enemies into toads and flying away on broomsticks, witches vary from wise sages living in the wilderness to unstoppable mages with a thirst for power.

A witch’s name can take several forms. It could be the person’s given name, or it might be a chosen name adopted from something magical. Some witches may even take the name of a famous witch who they hope to emulate.

Good Witch Names

Witches are known for tapping into hidden magical arts, or relying on home-grown potion ingredients to work their spells. A good witch name should sound old-fashioned and might even be borrowed from an archaic plant name.

  • Zelda
  • Cormac
  • Finn
  • Allegra
  • Phineas
  • Fontayne
  • Ciaran
  • Kay


A prolific poisoner who would trade lethal potions for first-born children or for a limb of the bargainer’s choice.

  • Ophelia
  • Sybil
  • Nissa
  • Agravain


Many sick and wounded found themselves mysteriously washed up on the riverbank near Freya’s house, where she would tend to them with her healing magic.

  • Kingsley
  • Lohengrin
  • Cordelia
  • Pellam
  • Cassandra
  • Diana

Evil Witch Names

Witches aren’t just goody-two-shoes spellcasters. They can get nasty, and at their worst might even dip into dark magic to achieve their goals.

  • Reagan
  • Callum
  • Gaian
  • Loki
  • Geneir
  • Vesta
  • Samara
  • Nyx


When the princess of Calaphe went into hiding, it was Ryence who tracked her down using his magic to guide him.

  • Maleagant
  • Lamia
  • Baymorda
  • Xavier
  • Frewin
  • Caden


Sometimes taking the shape of a crow, this witch enjoyed spying on nobles from their windowsills, gathering their secrets.

  • Jadis
  • Hilda
  • Evanora
  • Blaise

Celtic Witch Names

For witches living in a swamp hut, whispering secrets to ravens, and tending gardens of magic herbs, Celtic names are a natural fit thanks to their rich mythology full of witches.

  • Gwydion
  • Dilwyn
  • Myrddin
  • Llamrei
  • Ywain
  • Viviane
  • Iseult
  • Hueil


Originally from a small forest hamlet, he rose to be a famed advisor in court, teaching his king about magic.

  • Taliesin
  • Ailen
  • Gorlois
  • Amr


An enchantress who lived on a secluded island hidden by a wall of magical mist, her only visitors those who made the journey to ask a boon of her.

  • Eliwlow
  • Geneir
  • Feirefiz
  • Cador
  • Vortigern
  • Gwyn

Famous Witch Names

Mythology has always been bursting with witches, and now they appear all over modern fantasy stories too. Many famous witches have recognizable names.

  • Hermione
  • Bellatrix
  • Glinda
  • Remus
  • Ursula
  • Circe
  • Morgana
  • Oberon


Revered as the witch who first harnessed magic, Hecate was really just a powerful mage who violently obliterated any competition.

  • Nimue
  • Elphaba
  • Luna
  • Sybil
  • Theadora


A wandering witch, accompanied by her familiar in the form of a cat, who worked to solve the problems of any good-hearted people she met.

  • Alastor
  • Minerva
  • Charon
  • Draco
  • Herne

We hope this article has helped you pick out the perfect witch name. Finding a name with the right balance of eldritch and arcane can lend a lot of flavor to a witch. If you enjoyed the article, let us know in the comments, and be sure to share it!

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