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RWBY Team Name Generator

“Alright, the fun is over, let’s get back to business. The monsters are acting up again but this time we are going to stop them, and we are not going to be working alone. Yes, I know, we aren’t that fond of anyone from PALE but we’re going to do this professionally.”

Generate Names

SMOK (Smoke)

GRZL (Grizzly)

FCHS (Fuchsia)

MAUV (Mauve)

LMON (Lemon)

BRAS (Brass)

SFRE (Sapphire)

VRDN (Viridian)

SLMY (Slimy Green)

LCTR (Electric Blue)

BGND (Burgundy)

PRPL (Purple)

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The world of Remnant hangs on the brink of war while the monsters known as Grimm continue to terrorize and threaten the whole population. Using a mysterious element called Dust, mankind defeated the monsters once but has to do so again.

Today, the Dust is used to power various abilities and weapons that the so-called Hunters and Huntresses have. These people train in one of the academies across the world, after which they end up in a team of four well-trained monster slayers.

There’s a lot of competition between the teams but also a lot of tension outside the academy world, and with the Grimm posing a threat once more, team names get known, names such as LEMN (Lemon), BSQE (Bisque), and SCLT (Scarlet).

Good RWBY Team Names

The team names follow a somewhat strict set of rules, where the team name has to be four letters long. The character names, especially first names, are directly related to words associated with colors, though this part is less strict, so using words that only sound like color is usually fine as well.

  • KOBE (Kobe)
  • PHLX (Phlox)
  • CRLN (Carnelian)
  • BLGR (Blue-Green)
  • CTTN (Cotton)
  • SPHR (Sapphire)
  • VOLT (Volt)
  • TEAL (Teal)
  • IVRY (Ivory)
  • TGRN (Tangerine)
  • MRNT (Amaranth)
  • FLAX (Flax)
  • IDGO (Indigo)
  • ROZE (Rose)
  • SLME (Slimy Green)
  • BRBI (Barbie Pink)
  • CRML (Caramel)
  • RLQN (Harlequin)
  • DDLN (Dandelion)
  • SMRK (Shamrock Green)
  • TSTL (Thistle)
  • SKBL (Sky Blue)
  • SMWK (Smoke)
  • CFLT (Cafe Au Lait)
  • SAGE (Sage)
  • SNGR (Sangria)
  • MTLL (Metal Grey)
  • LVND (Lavender)
  • BARB (Barbie Pink)
  • GNDY (Burgundy)
  • LMRK (Limerick)
  • CCBR (Cocoa Brown)
  • LUST (Lust Red)
  • SFRE (Sapphire)
  • BZAR (Bazaar)
  • CHLC (Silver Chalice)
  • LETR (Leather)
  • JNGL (Jungle Green)
  • MAUV (Mauve)
  • TPAZ (Topaz)
  • TOPE (Taupe)
  • CPPR (Copper)
  • AQMR (Aquamarine)
  • CRMN (Carmine)
  • SPIA (Sepia)
  • MOVE (Mauve)
  • BLZZ (Blizzard Blue)
  • DRAB (Drab)
  • CRIS (Cerise)
  • CSNT (Chestnut)
  • DUST (Dust Storm)
  • WEAT (Wheat)
  • SHDW (Shadow)
  • BLBN (Black Bean)
  • LZRD (Green Lizard)
  • FSIA (Fuchsia)
  • BBBL (Baby Blue)
  • MGNO (Magnolia)
  • BRWN (Brown)
  • BSDN (Obsidian)
  • MLTE (Malachite)
  • GRZL (Grizzly)
  • LTER (Leather)
  • METL (Metal Grey)
  • ASUR (Azure)
  • LTHR (Leather)
  • BZTM (Byzantium)
  • BLJN (Blue Jeans)
  • BBGM (Bubble Gum)
  • TRSE (Tea Rose)
  • SSHL (Seashell)
  • GREY (Grey)
  • ONYX (Onyx)
  • CORL (Coral)
  • VRDN (Veridian)

Using the mysterious element called Dust, the Hunters and Huntresses use it to power up their abilities and hi-tech weapons, and to fight the Grimm, monsters that once again threaten the world. Think about the four characters who make the team, their abilities, and their names that can guide you toward the final team name that encompasses them all. You can also start by thinking of a four-letter word associated with a color, and then work on the character names from there. Of course, you can also use our name generator to get the feeling for the names and to get some initial ideas that will spark your imagination and lead you toward the team name you want.

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